I’m not serious!

Hey folks!
It’s a long weekend again, something always to be cherished! I’ve been celebrating with some games, which is unsurprising to long-time readers – Arkham Horror and Lord of the Rings LCG have both made an appearance thus far, and I don’t doubt that many others will join them before the weekend is over!

May has otherwise been a pretty sparse month for gaming, I think due to other commitments that have engulfed me – namely, the degree. Yesterday, however, I had a day off, and after getting a new tire for the car (I know how to live), I popped along to the local games store for a couple of games.

First up, I’d been asked to give a demo of Android: Netrunner, which appeared on my blog not too long ago, and was utterly decimated by my opponent in his very first game! I played as the Runner (as per), with my classic Shaper deck, while I gave him a Haas/Bioroid deck that was basically the list from Creation and Control, with a couple of other cards added in. We played with open hands, and all his cards were played face-up so as to explain the game as it went along, but yeah… decimated!

I suppose that shows the beauty of how this game works. The deck is really well-made, so pretty much runs itself: a lot of ice, and just enough agenda points, and I just couldn’t get in. That said, I did have some pretty bad draws, only ever drawing two icebreaker programs (despite using two Diesel cards). I’ve only ever played against Weyland Consortium, so it was interesting to see how another corp plays. He liked it, anyway, and hopefully we’ll get some more plays in.


Following that, I had two games of X-Wing, the first using the squad above that centred around Vader. It’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while now, since I started on this X-Wing rediscovery and all! My usual strategy, of ‘just fly around and shoot stuff’, worked really poorly, as I couldn’t do anything to stop Matt’s usual reliance on Biggs. I lost, but it took time to lose!

That was followed by an impromptu game where I made the following squad up on the fly:


Luckily, there were some other X-Wing players in the store, one of whom suggested Fel and loaned me some upgrades to use. It ended wonderfully badly, as the interceptors were picked off quickly, and Echo, while doing some damage, still didn’t do enough before following them. My Obsidian Squadron Pilot, however, turned into something of a star turn – at one point, he managed to score three critical hits when targeting Horton Salm at range 1, the Y-Wing only evading one! However, it still wasn’t meant to be, and he followed his fellows into the cold void.

Looking back over previous games in general, a trend emerges of me doing really badly. These two X-Wing games in particular have just served to highlight that. Being at the store however, with other folks there offering me advice and stuff, it occurred to me that my poor track record doesn’t actually bother me in the slightest. And I think the pep-talk before that second game really underlined the fact that I’m just not a serious gamer.

I’ve probably mentioned, dozens of times now, that I’m not a very strategic player of games. I will usually attempt to put some sort of strategy together in card games like Lord of the Rings or Android Netrunner, but my past experiences have shown that it is so very rare that any kind of strategy will actually come together, so nowadays I tend not to bother with those sorts of things. Part of me feels that card games like these have a much higher luck aspect than most people give them credit for – while you can build a deck that looks perfect, you’re still going to shuffle that deck before you begin, so there’s no way you can reliably get those cards that you need into your hand to allow your chosen strategy to unfold. While many such games will include cards that let you search portions of (or even your whole) deck for cards, you’re usually limited to the number of specific cards you can include in your deck, so if you don’t draw any such “scrying” cards, you’re going to be hampered.

I read a lot about people who have unmitigated success with games like Lord of the Rings, who espouse their chosen strategy as The One etc, but I often wonder how many games they’ve actually abandoned before the first turn is over, because their opening hand (and mulligan) didn’t contain those key cards. Personally, I never mulligan in card games – maybe it’s something I should start thinking about…

Returning to the X-Wing example, the upgrades I was loaned for Soontir Fel were clearly designed to do some pretty awesome strategy, but that guy was shot out of the sky on the second turn due to poor dice rolling on my part. Dice hate me anyway, of course, but that’s by-the-by. There was a look of some horror as my fighter ace was shot out right from under me, almost like I had betrayed that upgrade combo I’d been given. Or worse, that I just didn’t get the game enough to play it properly. Whatever. I actually had more fun playing with my Obsidian Squadron Pilot than I did with that strategically-perfect Fel, because it gave me the chance for some role-playing, as I told the story of a pilot, fresh from the academy (so he remembered all of the lessons because they were still fresh), wanting to make a name for himself by flying alongside the legendary Fel but, when he was shot down, decided to go out for revenge and show that he was a legitimate part of the Empire’s finest. He rolled those three crits on his first attack after going in for revenge, which really just fueled the story.

But you know what? When the game was over, the one thing we were all talking about was how that nameless pilot managed to survive for round after round, trying to avenge Fel – not the wonderful upgrade combo that should have let Fel last longer than just two rounds.

This is why I’m not interested in power-gaming. This is why I will always play the theme decks over the power decks. The opportunity to create epic storytelling adventures will always appeal to me over the opportunity to win. I may not be classed as a serious gamer, but I definitely have fun with these things. And I think my opponents do, too.

New Star Wars stuff!

Hey everybody!

After the heady excitement of my Birthday Week, and the exploration of the Indiana Jones franchise, it’s back to Star Wars, my original true love, and some exciting news for gaming, following the Anaheim shenanigans last weekend!

X-Wing Wave 7

Let’s start with Wave 7 for X-Wing! Releases for this game continue apace, as we get new ships for all three of the current factions. The K-Wing makes an appearance for the rebels, something I’ve been particularly pleased about since I’m a big fan of the Black Fleet Crisis trilogy. It also gets a new move, SLAM, which basically allows it to move twice, so long as both movements are at the same speed. The Imperials get the TIE Punisher, though most people will probably know it better as the TIE Interdictor from the Galactic Battlegrounds game. It’s basically an advanced version of the TIE Bomber (from Wave 3), and both this and the K-Wing have some pretty snazzy ordnance they bring to the table. Very useful is the Advanced Ordnance card, which lets you use missiles and bombs twice, so that’ll most likely become a staple!

Scum takes up half of this wave, which makes sense, given they’re still quite far behind the other factions so far. Black Sun’s Kihraxz fighter makes its appearance, which has got me excited to build a Black Sun squadron, and Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk’s ship Hound’s Tooth rounds out the experience. He has the ability to escape his destroyed ship in the headhunter Nashtah Pup, which is a nice addition – I was surprised at first that we don’t actually get a headhunter model, but it would most likely drive the price of the expansion up to include it and, as was pointed out to me, most Scum players will have Most Wanted anyway.

So it’s a pretty exciting release, and since I’ve started to play this game, I’m really looking forward to it!

X Wing Imperial Raider

Speaking of X-Wing, we’ve also had a more in-depth look at the Imperial Raider, which I feel has been on the horizon for months already!

Announced back in December (I think – it seems longer!), it’s something that I’m pretty excited to get my hands on, even though I don’t foresee any epic play on the cards anytime soon. There are some interesting bits and pieces there, though – and who knows, now that the Imperials have a big ship as well, maybe we’ll see more epic play games…

Imperial Assault reinforcements

More reinforcements have been announced for Imperial Assault, too. As someone mentioned on facebook, this is where the skirmish game really begins, and I can definitely see that. Up to now, we seem to have been having the lieutenant-like expansions similar to the Descent model, which basically replace tokens from the base game with actual miniatures, but with new chaps that we can bring to the table, it begins to feel much more like a miniatures battle game, much like the previous Star Wars Miniatures games from Wizards of the Coast and West End Games. Even though I haven’t been able to play with the base game yet, I’m hoping I can sell the idea to Tony with the skirmish side, then hook him in with the scenario-driven game. We shall see!

Imperial Assault Reinforcements

The miniatures do look great, though I’m not going to paint them – the manager at the local store has done his store copy, and that looks fantastic, but they’re too small and detailed for me!

Again, I’m pretty excited for these guys, even though I’ve yet to play the game. Star Wars Miniatures was one of my favourite games, back in the day – which is surprising, given that it’s got basically no story to it, and you’re just trying to wipe out your opponent before he wipes you out. But I played a lot of that game back in the day, and it’s really exciting to think we might get that sort of experience again, though on a much more sensible scale (as opposed to the blind-buy from Wizards).

And finally…

Making splendid use of my amazon vouchers, I’ve decided to go for the latest novels in hardcover. It seems Del Rey is moving to all their books coming out in hardcover now, so it’ll help to distinguish them from my now-Legends novels.

More Star Wars!

Well, this was unexpected…

So soon after the GAMA Trade Show stuff for Armada and Imperial Assault, we’re given yet more Star Wars goodness from FFG at this weekend’s Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim!

Yes, I still haven’t played Imperial Assault, and while the expansion model of lots of small packs of miniatures is a little worrying for the bank balance, it is nevertheless pretty exciting to see the game expand in this modular way, as you can pick and choose what you want – especially for the skirmish play, but also adding in actual miniatures for the scenario stuff is cool.

Next deluxe for the LCG is, of course, a welcome announcement, and by the looks of it, we’ll be getting Imperials and Smugglers. As a side note, Imperial Entanglements always reminds me more of the West End Games supplement than Obi-Wan’s line in A New Hope, and I always feel happy to see stuff like that 🙂

Wave 7 for X-Wing was a bit of a surprise, though a lot of folks will probably think it’s long overdue. My guess would be we’re getting one rebel, one imperial, and two scum ships, the Kihraxz Assault Fighter being affiliated with Black Sun of course (and already in the LCG, to boot!)

Anyhow, it’s good to see all the lines looking healthy, and the promise of lots more Star Wars games to come!

But wait – that’s not all!

The Lando story sounds like it could be good. Of course, I’m a big fan of AC Crispin’s Han Solo trilogy, and don’t really relish the idea of that being wiped away, but the comic is set sometime between Rebel Dawn and The Empire Strikes Back, so it’s possible that nothing will contradict the Bantam series there.

The Shattered Empire has already been briefly mentioned as part of the run-up to December’s film, and while I’m intrigued to see what Disney have decided to do with the post-Jedi era, the EU fan within me feels a bit insulted that the press release begins:

“The world has been wondering what happened after the fall of the Empire since the credits first rolled on ‘Return of the Jedi’ in 1983,”

We’ve known what has happened since 1990, and Heir to the Empire, thank you very much! Bah! So it’s with a degree of trepidation, and some scepticism, that I’ll most likely be reading this book when it comes out in September.

So while I’m still a bit sad about the loss of the EU as I knew it, the one bright spot on the horizon comes from this article on sw.com about the upcoming novel Aftermath, part of a trilogy that bridges the gap between episodes VI and VII with both new characters and “familiar faces”. Maybe Talon Karrde and Mara Jade live, after all? For all my love of the EU that I’ve just discussed, it’s something that I actually feel Bantam didn’t do all that well – the Empire fell at Endor insofar as the Emperor and Vader died, but what happened to the galaxy at large? Somehow, that epic sweep that the new trailer seems to sum up so nicely in the depiction of a crashed Star Destroyer was lost, and instead we got the X-Wing series, which was basically a set of novels showcasing just how awesome Corran Horn is as a person. But I’ve had that rant before. We do somehow lack that immediate sense of, just what the hell happened next?

Y’know, this may be the first Star Wars novel I buy in hardcover…

Star Wars: Aftermath

Scum & Villainy!

Picked up wave six of this game from the local store today, £75 well spent, possibly…!


So there we have it!

I’m thinking about signing up to an X-Wing league at my local store, can’t really decide if I want to do that yet if I’m honest. But anyway, it’s a thought!

The Feldherr!

Hey everyone!

Today I picked up the Feldherr medium bag for my X-Wing ships – enough storage for 25 ships along with the V-25 Decimator and the Lambda shuttle:

Feldherr medium

It’s not a bad product, I must say, though the foam does feel a little too feeble, if I’m totally honest. The case itself doesn’t seem too bad, like it’s sturdy and will protect the minis just fine, but the foam does worry me slightly.

Feldherr medium

Of course, the custom slots for the Lambda shuttle and the Decimator are really useful, with large slots to fit the bases and whatnot too.

Feldherr medium

I’ve got to admit, I’m not 100% sure whether I’m happy with how I’ve got everything stored right now, but I’m sure I’ve got time to sort it out if need be. For now, anyway, it’s pretty good, and it will definitely fit my needs for transportation (though not for storage – going to think a bit more on that one). All in all, I’m pretty pleased with it, though I think I’d prefer something that carried horizontal rather than vertical.


Asteroids do not concern me…

Had another game of X-Wing today down at the games shop, another awesome time!


I changed up my squad a little from last time – I really wanted to use that TIE Defender, so took Rexler Brath out for a trip, along with Howlrunner and a pair of Black Squadron pilots. For the curious among you, Rexler led the elite Onyx Squadron during the Battle of Endor; Howlrunner (real name Civé Rashon) led Obsidian Squadron in pursuit of the Falcon over Cloud City, and Black Squadron was attached to the first Death Star.


Today’s game went pretty horribly, as I kept miscalculating and flying into asteroids. Rexler lost two of his shields (yes, a TIE with shields!) to one of these, and turned out to be the main target for Matt’s rebels – three A-Wings, Tycho Celchu, Arvel Crynyd and Jake Farrell. First blood was Rexler (nearly half my squad points!), but my three TIEs did a pretty good job sticking it out! However, asteroids…

To be honest, my defense rolls went really well, with lots of evades and whatnot. It was just those damn asteroids! Honestly…

I managed to take out Arvel Crynyd, though I feel it was more out of luck than anything else! Tycho hilariously flew off the board, very much in an attitude of giving up, as Howlrunner was shot down but the remaining TIEs flew into asteroids, causing one to explode. Jake scored a critical hit on my last guy, causing a Console Fire that blew the last guy up!

Hilarious, I must say – I think we worked it out that, of my 12 hull points and 3 shields, 7 hits were caused by the rocks, with an eighth caused by the console fire. Terrible times! But it was a wonderful game, I have to say!


I’m really not one of these people who plays games all for the win, I’m all about playing for the sheer enjoyment of playing. While it was fun for me to win last time, I think this game was much more enjoyable for the hilarity of my continual bad flying, and the fact the dice hate me!

Looking forward to my next game. Got Vader in that squad!


Rexler Brath (TIE Defender) – 37 points
Squad Leader – 2 points
Cluster Missiles – 4 points
Autoblaster – 5 points

Howlrunner (TIE Fighter) – 18 points
Marksmanship – 3 points

Black Squadron Pilot (TIE Fighter) x2 – 14 points each
-Determination – 1 point each



The Galaxy’s Most Wanted

Hey everybody!
After the fun and frolics of post 200, I’m back with more games and stuff for your general enjoyment! (Don’t worry, part two of Pursuit is also well into post-production, I’m merely forced into a short hiatus while I write an essay). I’ve been experimenting with the game-day format over a couple of posts over the past couple of months, and want to continue that here, as I take a look today at the third faction for X-Wing: Scum and Villainy!

X-Wing Scum and Villainy

The third faction was announced at Gen Con last year, and is due to drop anytime now. Consisting of four distinct expansions, with a whole slew of cards and stuff, it brings the nefarious galactic fringe to the game, with such infamous characters as Prince Xizor, Drea Renthal and, of course, Boba Fett.

But Fett is already in the game! I hear you cry. Well, this is where the first of the new packs, Most Wanted, comes into play. Featuring three ships – two Z95 Headhunters and a Y-Wing – it has new pilot cards for both ship types in the new Scum faction, along with new Scum pilots for the HWK-290 and Firespray-31, so you can repurpose your Mouldy Crow and Slave I however you see fit! Fantastic times! This isn’t just about new pilots, though, as the whole feel of the ship is changed by what upgrades you can now provide – including repurposed astromech droids and goodness-only-knows-what through the illicit upgrade!

X-Wing Scum and Villainy

Heading into the Shadows of the Empire, the StarViper expansion brings us the iconic Prince Xizor and Guri, with the Virago. Most interestingly, however, it also features a new type of manoeuvre, the Segnor’s Loop – effectively a Koiogran Turn but performed on a bank template rather than a straight forward one. Looks like interesting stuff!

This whole expansion looks really good, though, and is making me want to re-read the Steve Perry novel! Soon…soon…

X-Wing Scum and Villainy

The StarViper is the top-tier ship in the faction, while the M3-A Interceptor is definitely on a lower rung. Familiar to fans from the Star Wars: Galaxies video game, it comes with some interesting new upgrade choices, such as the flechette cannon, similar to the ion cannon but gives the attacked ship one stress token. Useful for forcing the position of an opponent next turn, and 1 point cheaper than the ion cannon. Hm.

X-Wing Scum and Villainy

Lastly, we have the very exciting IG-2000! An Aggressor assault fighter modified for its droid owner, the ship comes with all four incarnations of the bounty hunter IG-88. While each comes with an excitingly full upgrade bar, at 36 points they’re among the most expensive pilots in the game! Of course, they come with some pretty exciting skills for that cost, including performing more actions and attacks, and indeed, the choice of using a bank or turn template to complete the Segnor’s Loop manoeuvre! Just…wow!

X-Wing Scum and Villainy

The title IG-2000 also allows your bounty hunters to synchronize their skills, which just makes a scary-looking build even scarier. Or more awesome, depending which side of the table you’re sat at! At 36 points each, of course, you’re only going to get two of these guys into a standard 100-point squad, but when you look at some of the higher-value games some people play, the potential to have all four droids on the table, each able to use the other three skills…sheesh!

IG-88 is the star of the very enjoyable short story Therefore I Am, from the Tales of the Bounty Hunters anthology that I mentioned a whiles back. In fact, this whole wave has had the dual-nature of exciting me for X-Wing, but also for the expanded universe that I so love! There is a whole host of stuff that can be mined for this game now, I look forward to seeing what’s next on the roster, at any rate! Also, what’s with those rebel/imperial/scum icon tokens in the picture above? I wonder if there’s some way of hiring ships on a job, so you can use a bounty hunter’s ship as a rebel, or something? Could be interesting…

X-Wing Scum and Villainy

This is a very exciting development for the game, in my opinion. What with wave six bringing a new faction, and the longed-for Imperial huge ship coming too, 2015 looks to be an immensely enjoyable year for X-Wing!

I’m really, really glad that I’m finally getting to play this game now, though whether my wallet can say the same thing will remain to be seen… because you just know I’m getting two of those IG-2000s!

199, not out!

Hey everyone!
Here we are, on the cusp of post 200 – can you believe it? I certainly can’t. I mean, when I started this blog last year, I hadn’t thought I’d still here now. Probably thought I’d’ve given up or somesuch. Well, anyway, I continue to entertain/inform/annoy you all (delete as appropriate), so why not just carry on!

It’s been a pretty exciting week, of course, starting with this:

I am very excited! Of course, I’ve been to Milan before, and enjoyed it so much I thought I’d go again, take another look around the city, and perhaps head off further into Italy – I’m intending to go to Brescia if nothing else. Cremona & Piacenza have been floating about in my mind as well, but we’ll have to see how it goes. I’m not going until April, so there’s plenty of time to plan.

I also got to play my first game of X-Wing in along time this week, which was very, very enjoyable! I’ve been off-and-on constructing a new squadron for my next game, which is nearly finalised now, so that’s exciting stuff!

There has been a new preview of one of the upcoming ships for the new Scum & Villainy faction that is due to arrive anytime now really. IG-2000, featuring all four IG-88s as pilots. This whole faction could be a lot of fun – since my renewed interest in the game, I’m going to look into this more in an upcoming blog.


Something that’s pretty exciting is the new Battlelore expansion for the Uthuk Y’llan: Warband of Scorn. Battlelore is one of these games that I’ve only actually managed to play once, so it’s hardly like I need an expansion for it, but even so, it’s exciting! The Uthuk are my favourite faction in the new Terrinoth, and my go-to folks for Rune Age. The Bloodsisters were new in the Oath and Anvil expansion, of course, but we also get some pretty interesting new units here, including the Grotesques, with their magnificently mutated limbs! Fantastic.



Previews for Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham and Call of Cthulhu: For the Greater Good fade into comparison by the new Lord of the Rings print-on-demand scenario, Fog on the Barrow-downs! Part of the ongoing series of Saga expansions, it follows the GenCon scenario, The Old Forest, the pair of them forming part of the LCG’s ongoing adaptation of the actual Lord of the Rings storyline. Unfortunately, due to the really high postage costs to get these things to the UK, I’ve been waiting for these things to become available at the local store – The Old Forest came over here at the end of the week, so we’re getting there! Slowly…

Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms

The Ogre Kingdoms collection grows! Well, kinda. I’m still no further forward with the Mournfang Cavalry that I showed off last week, but I’ve been fiddling around with the yhetees as the manager of my local GW store has offered to give me some painting lessons with fur and the like, which is very handy, I thought! Sadly, the yhetee kit is finecast (that is, resin), which gives some really excellent detail, but is renowned for having some ridiculously poor casts (hence the internet portmanteau ‘failcast’), and one of mine has a particularly badly-cast face. My sculpting skills are just not up to the challenge of sorting this with greenstuff, so I’m hoping they will replace it! So yeah… The other two look good, however! Indeed, my ever-growing Ogre family is looking nice, I think! Well, anyway…

Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms

While I’m on the subject of Warhammer, this weekend has seen the fourth release in the End Times saga – Thanquol! Of course, I still haven’t read the Khaine novel yet, but anyway…

Warhammer Thanquol

So like I said at the beginning, this is my 199th post. For my 200th blog, I’m planning something I hope you’ll all enjoy 🙂

Until next time!

Making the jump to lightspeed!

Hey folks!

An awesome day was had today, I have to say! Remember this? Well, this afternoon I got to have a game down at the local games shop with a chap called Matt, and it was really pretty excellent!


I was playing Imperials, with exactly 100 points made up from:
Soontir Fel (27 points)
Predator upgrade (3 points)
– Avenger Squadron Pilot x2 (20 points each)
– Night Beast (15 points)
Winged Gundark (15 points)

Have to say, my squadron wasn’t really built with any particular strategy in mind! It’s been over two years since I’d last played, after all, and while I still have some idea of the rules, this was very much a learning experience for me again!

I was playing against a rebel squad of three ships – Biggs Darklighter, Horton Salm, and Airen Cracken. While first blood went to Matt, with Winged Gundark perishing before my eyes, I managed to skew his entire strategy by flying Night Beast into his ships, and took out Cracken between the Interceptors.

Night Beast’s work was then done, so he basically flew around the board while the Interceptors managed to take out Biggs. Night Beast continued to run interference, pulling Salm’s ion fire while the Interceptors followed him around, chipping away at his shields, until a very lucky hit scored a Direct Hit! and it was curtains!


So I’m really pleased! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all about the win, it was actually really great to take the TIEs out for a spin! It was really helpful to have someone who’s played more of the game on hand to help, of course, as well. Overall, a really awesome game! I’m already thinking about another squadron build, possibly involving Darth Vader in his TIE/advanced… hmmm!!