The Devastation of Baal

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Well folks, it took me long enough, but I’ve finally made it to the end of this book! That’s not to say that I wasn’t enjoying my time on the Blood Angels’ homeworld during a Tyranid attack – the book is actually really good, with some tremendous action scenes, as well as being quite thought-provoking.

I think the main reason I found this heavy-going at times was just how arduous those action scenes can be. We get about 200 pages of space marines fighting Tyranids, and it did become a bit much after a while. There is enough peppered throughout to keep interest, don’t get me wrong, but I just found it difficult to want to return to that melee day after day.

Another reason why I found this to be quite heavy-going is the simple fact that I’m not that big of a Blood Angels fan. For sure, I enjoy the sons of Sanguinius as much as any other casual space marine fan, but I’m not overly interested in them to the exclusion of all else. And I think this is a major point for this book – if you’re a Blood Angels fan, you’ll absolutely love it. There’s nothing but wall-to-wall red armour where everything is named something to do with blood. We get a lot of Commander Dante, and learn what it’s like to be the oldest-living space marine of the Imperium.

So, the story is basically the attack on Baal from Hive Fleet Leviathan, in what often feels like a follow-up to the Shield of Baal series from 2014. Oddly, though, while it does feel like a follow-up, a lot of what is referenced comes from the campaign books, and not another novel, which just feels a little disjointed to me! Anyway, after a long preamble where the various successor chapters of the Blood Angels gather to accept Dante’s leadership, the Shadow in the Warp descends and the Tyranids begin their attack. After a gruelling battle, where Baal and its moons is basically devastated (well, it’s in the title…) the xenos are beaten back and Guilliman shows up with loads of new Primaris Space Marines.

A lot of people have already been talking about how Guilliman saves the day yet again, and have voiced their complaints that the novel falls down because of the over-use of this device. However, I have to say that I don’t really share this view. True, the Tyranid attack stops and the Indomitus Crusade shows up, but it doesn’t truly feel like Guilliman actually defeats them. Dante and his combined Blood Angels forces do the vast majority of the fighting, and Guilliman himself actually ascribes the victory to Dante. Instead, Guilliman really only shows up for the clean-up. The main turning point comes when Cadia falls, light-years from Baal, and the Cicatrix Maledictum basically destroys the Hive Mind’s synapse long enough for the Tyranids to actually be beaten back.

Leaving entire chapters-worth of Primaris marines behind does feel a bit like a forced ending, of course, as we essentially have the Blood Angels updated for 8th Edition. Now you too can field countless droves of Primaris marines in your Blood Angels army, because Guy Haley told you it’s what happens! Seriously, it’s not the worst way of bringing this development into canon. There is an interesting scene near the end between Dante and Gabriel Seth of the Flesh Tearers, where Seth calls the Primaris replacements for the marines, and their lack of the genetic flaws of the Blood Angels means that, while they may wear the colours, they will never be true sons of Sanguinius. Which is an interesting way of looking at things, to be sure.

Dante’s reaction is similarly thought-provoking, as he seems to have a bit of an epiphany whereby his attempts to preserve the Chapter almost cause Baal to be lost to the xenos. It makes the reader question whether space marines are too caught-up in their own past glories, and whether they really are willing to lay down their lives in service of preserving the Imperium. It’s a subtle point, but I really found it intriguing.

Of course, fans have been endlessly discussing the scene between Dante and Seth, and whether there will be a civil war between the old marines and the new. While we’ve been seeing fractures already like this, I don’t think GW is going to go down this route too much, as I can see it causing further problems with the integration of the product line. People already hate them, it seems, so why encourage that divide? Doubtless, it would be interesting, but I don’t foresee anything too much just now.

Anyway, overall this was a good book, and fans of the Blood Angels will of course love it more than anyone!

Genestealer Cult progress!

Well, folks, I’ve managed to do some painting! Not a great deal, to be sure, and they’re hardly the best I’ve ever turned out, but I’m glad to have them at this point so quickly. I mean, the bases still need to be done, and I think I might go back and tidy up a lot of things soon enough, but still!

I’m painting the Cult of the Bladed Cog, which has an interesting backstory that is linked to the Adeptus Mechanicus. The story goes that the cult began on Feinminster Gamma and rose up when the Mechanicus arrived to harvest the planet’s bioelectricity – at least, that’s what the old painting guide for the Genestealer Cults had to say on the matter. The 7th Edition Codex explains that the cult apparently infiltrated the Mechanicus’ operations on Feinminster Gamma, which better explains the close relationship that appears to exist between the two – the red on the cultist armour and so on is evocative of the Skitarii of Mars.

I’m really enjoying painting these gribblies, I have to say. I think the Dark Eldar from last year kinda got in the way of my Genestealer Cult progress, as I’d been building up a bit of a force before moving over to the dark kin. But the cultists have always been there, much like their in-universe incarnation, biding their time and waiting to strike!

I’ve got a fair amount of Genestealer Cult models built up and ready for the paint to be splashed upon them, but as detailed last time, I’m trying to focus on just the small 500-point list to get somewhere first. My Astra Militarum detachment (to say nothing of the Tyranid detachment!) can wait for a while yet, I think…

Building and painting isn’t all that I’ve been up to though, as I’ve been living in the Cult through this bad boy, also:

This book was released back during the autumn festival of Genestealer Cults in 2016, and I’ve been wanting to get around to it for a long time. I managed to read through it in the run up to Christmas, and I actually really enjoyed it! It tells the story of a group of “pilgrims” on their way through the galaxy, seeking religious solitude of the planet Redemption, which was the scene of a massacre of Sisters of Battle in the distant past. The pilgrims arrive, but are immediately drafted into the Imperial Guard regiment to help defend the planet against some vague, nebulous threat.

There is an air of mystery about the planet as the story unfolds, and we learn of the not-quite-human denizens who live in the civilian town near to the garrison. The story is pretty decent as it shares its secrets, before an explosive finale that sees the Cult of the Spiral Dawn rise up, even within the ranks of the military.

While I did enjoy the book, a cynical part of me was struck by just how closely it manages to tie itself into the Genestealer Cult range of miniatures, from the cultist models of the Magos and Primus (and even the Patriarch), to the Astra Militarum tie-ins like the Sentinel. Of course, the book was released in order to continue the hype, and whatnot, but it does exist as a decent enough read in and of itself. It’s coming out soon in paperback, as well (as Cult of the Spiral Dawn, fyi), so well worth investigating!

New stuff from Games Workshop!

Oh, wow! It’s been quite the few days for new stuff arriving from Games Workshop, and I am one happy geek right now! I don’t even know where to begin, but I suppose it makes the most sense to start with the most exciting thing right now: the next Codexes coming up:

new codexes

Not only are we getting three xenos codexes, but the next one coming (after the Thousand Sons) is my very own Dark Eldar! Okay, so they’re Drukhari now, so I suppose I should start to call them that, but it’s a very exciting time for this! We don’t know when precisely it’s due, of course, but it’s coming, and that’s alright for now.

No new models have been announced for the Drukhari, but my other army, the Necrons, are also getting a book – which, apparently, will deviate significantly from their Index presence, so that’s exciting – and a plastic Cryptek, which is something that has been talked about for quite some time now!

This chap looks both immense and hilarious, and I will definitely be picking one up for my dynasty. I’m not really into the Tau chaps, though it is still very cool to have more xenos in book form now, I must say!

Of course, we’re still currently in thrall to the Boys in Gold, although I am excited about getting a Thousand Sons codex next weekend. I’ve been planning a joint Thousand Sons-Death Guard army for a while, so I think it will be good to get moving with that sometime. I also like the look of the Thousand Sons for allowing big monsters into the army, such as the Mutalith Vortex Beast. I suppose that’s something that attracts me to Tyranids in 40k, having big monsters on the board in addition to the grim-dark feel of the gothic far future. Anyway, I’m rambling here!

But that’s not all – let’s talk about some Age of Sigmar for the first time in ages! I was really into this game when it launched, and while I’ve not really done much with any of the fantasy models I have for what feels like an age, I’m still interested in the new stuff that comes along. New and updated armies seem to be the thing for this game, as the old fantasy races are reimagined for the new setting, and while I was sorely tempted by last year’s Kharadron Overlords, I’m once more feeling the love for the new Daughters of Khaine faction that seems to be updating the Dark Elf race:

This looks amazing. If anything could tempt me into the mortal realms right now, I think it would be snake-ladies with Greek-style face masks and a Medusa vibe. I can definitely see myself picking some of these guys up this year, despite the huge backlog of projects I already have on the go! People have been talking about them for possible Wych Cult conversions, but I think I’d be getting some purely to have for their own merits. As I said earlier, I enjoy having huge monsters in an army, and there is one very big snake-person teased in this video, which looks like it would be incredibly cool! I’ll have to think carefully about this one!

Intriguingly, this has also whetted my appetite more than I thought would be possible! I’ve not paid much attention to the actual game of Shadespire, as I’ve been on my 40k kick for so long that I haven’t really had the time, but I’ve noticed the new factions for Skeletons and Orcs, so was aware of the whole thing. But then this thing cropped up, and I find myself thinking, “yeah, they look cool!”. I have previously been tempted by the Fyreslayers, and had bought some kits that I eventually off-loaded, but having just four guys could well be the way to go!

I should try to be much more careful with cash, as I’m fixing up my house and paying for a wedding this year, but I’m sure a couple of kits here and there can’t hurt…

Cult Uprising!

Hey everybody!
I’ve been back and forth on this subject for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve finally found the time to sit down and work out just what I’m doing with my Tyranid/Genestealer Cult army. Remember this?

Tyranids are an army that has appealed to me almost from the start, but I’ve always had something else going on. For 2018, however, I decided to throw my lot in with the bugs, and finally set about creating a Tyranid army. However, I’ve already found myself losing interest in such an enterprise, despite having bought so many of the blighters! I’ve had some bad experiences in assembling a carnifex and a tyrannocite, so thought it might be better to start where this really all began for me, with the Genestealer Cult.

Genestealer Cult

Cultist models have really caught my imagination since their release in the Deathwatch: Overkill boxed game a couple of years back. I picked up the game, of course, and when the range was introduced I did get myself a couple of extra bits, though I’ve been really slow at building them up. Well, no more! I’ve worked out a small, 500-point list to start with, and will be working on that for the next month or so as a foundation to a larger Cult force.

Genestealer Cults list


It’s probably not going to be the most competitive list out there, but who cares – I’m excited to put it together and get it painted, which I think, in this specific instance, is the most important thing right now! It uses the models from the Overkill box as a basis, though the Acolyte Hybrids are from the separate squad box released afterwards. In my Ambush! blog, I talked about how good a basis Overkill is for a Cultist army, though I’ve since gone through all of the models in there and notice that the squad sizes are a bit weird: two squads of six Acolytes (which are a minimum of 5 per squad in 8th Edition), and two squads of eight Neophytes (which are a minimum of 10 per squad). I’ll probably be raiding the bitz websites to see if I can bulk these out soon!

The Neophytes are probably my favourite kit in the whole range, and I think I’ll likely be looking at doing more of these in time. For now, I’m mainly using the Overkill miniatures as I already have them built, and eight of them have actually been painted to some degree. However, this list may well change soon as I decide to add in models from the Neophyte kit in due course.

Genestealer Cult

So there we are, 500 points of Genestealer Cult, which forms the bare bones of a Battalion Detachment! In time, I can probably stretch this to 1000 points by incorporating some Tyranid models – I’ve got both Warriors and a Hive Tyrant armed with lashwhips and boneswords, and I think it might be cool to have them in the same army to tie in with the Acolyte leader (and, to a lesser degree, the Primus). Of course, I could equally go the other way and build up the Astra Militarum alliance, having already got some guardsmen and a Leman Russ built and primed…

The important thing, though, is that I start getting this army on the road. So, by the end of February, I intend to have all 531 points fully painted – I may even have gotten in a couple of games with them by then, as well…!

Make sure you come back to check on my progress! And remember, I usually post up what I’m doing over on instagram as well, feel free to check me out there in the meantime!

Eight Games of Eighth, and other thoughts

Well, then! I’m glad to see that the Codex train is still going, and while I’m a bit perplexed that they’re doing a brand new army over an existing one, I suppose it does stretch things out. Of course, everybody wants their Codex, so these releases are bound to aggravate a few. I’m surprised at the amount of hate coming from, specifically, the Dark Eldar facebook group I’m a member of, but I can kinda see their point. There are huge xenos factions like the Orks and the Tau that don’t have a book yet, while the tiny, elite imperium factions are getting more love.

It’s fantastic that there are new factions coming to the game in a really playable way, and I really enjoy seeing these corners of the 41st millennium explored, but I’m getting a bit bored with my Index armies now (specifically, my Necrons…), and feel like it’s becoming almost a chore to play with them.

I’ve specifically avoided playing anybody who can use a Codex so far, but have managed to find myself with a game against Craftworlds later in the month. From what we’ve been talking about, I feel that my Dark Kin are going to be vaporized fairly quickly, even with a fluffy list, so while I’m interested to see what Eldar can do (having never played them before), I’m also not looking forward to it due to the matchup.

It’s a really weird situation right now, to me at least. Chapter Approved was a nice addition, but hasn’t really done anything to even the balance between an Index and a Codex. But then, the only thing that can do that is Codexes for everybody.

At any rate, it’s a bit of a futile argument right now – this is the situation, let’s just get on with it!

I wanted to ramble for a bit today about my most recent game of 40k, another battle between my Dark Eldar and Robin’s Orks at my local store. It was a hilarious battle that took four hours to play just two rounds, due to the ridiculous amount of melee combat going on from Robin’s first turn!

I took the usual load of Warriors in Raiders, as well as Wracks in another Raider. I managed to get three HQs into the list, two Archons and a Haemonculus, the latter riding in his own Venom. The second Venom was given over to five Trueborn, the first time I’ve ever used those chaps, and a squad of Reavers and a Ravager rounded out the list. I will freely admit right now, that I’m not the most tactical of people, but I’ve decided that, from this year, I want to try and have more nous about me in games. I feel like I’ve mentioned this before in respect of playing X-Wing, where my usual tactics of fly around shooting stuff at random probably doesn’t make for a good game for my opponent. It’s a game, we’re supposed to have fun, but I don’t want to be that guy and ruin it for people, you know?

So anyway, faced with a mob of 30 Boyz, all of whom were pretty much on top of the relic we were fighting for, my target priority became that unit, and in my first round of shooting I managed to get rid of 22 of them. Not bad, from two Raiders full of Warriors, and a Venom full of Trueborn! It certainly helped that everybody started within rapid fire range, I have to say.

In the spirit of trying to learn from my games, then, I think I’ll ramble for a bit here whenever I play, and see if I can improve as time goes on! A lot of this is focusing on weight-of-fire as opposed to damage output, as I feel currently that Dark Eldar could be pretty good as a horde army. I mean, you could make a basic squad of ten warriors with no upgrades for 70 points, which can put out 24 shots in rapid fire range and hitting on 3+. I’ve had a lot of experimentation with different builds, but I’m currently thinking I’d like to try a sort of mass swarm of Kabalite Warriors, with occasional support from more combat-orientated units. Covens are a lot of fun to play, but I’m going to try and move away from them a little as I experiment more with Warriors. Wych Cults are going to be a whole other breed of experiment, though, and I think I could write a separate blog on that one!

I really liked the Trueborn. I’d built some for 7th Edition, but had shied away from ever using them in 8th due to the fact I wasn’t convinced about the points cost. The only benefit, to me, was that they can take much more in the way of weapons, but with an almost identical stat line to generic Warriors, were they really worth it? Turns out, I’d been thinking about it the wrong way: the fact that you could have an entire unit of special-weapons-ops, as opposed to just the one, means a lot more in the way of firepower, easily making up for those points differences.

I took a five-man squad, and popped them in a Venom. The squad had two splinter cannons, two shredders, and a Dracon with power sword and blast pistol; the Venom itself had two splinter cannons. That’s 210 points, right there. When I compared it with my ten-man Warrior squad, with splinter cannon alongside a Sybarite wielding a splinter pistol and agoniser, all inside a Raider with a dark lance, the Warrior squad still comes in at 204 points, for almost double the models.

The startling thing, to me, was just how many shots the Trueborn were consistently putting out. At optimum distance for everybody, but assuming the worst for the shredders, five men in a Venom are pumping out 27 shots (with a potential for 31), 24 of which are poison. The ten men in the Raider are capable of 24 shots at optimum distance. It’s not much difference but, when faced with a horde army, I’ll still take it!

Definitely time to build more Trueborn. But not, I think, with dark lances! Even on Trueborn, they just feel too damn fragile on infantry – the weapon is almost double the cost of the model wielding it (which is, admittedly, better than the almost-triple cost of putting one on a Warrior).

I still don’t know what to do with my Ravager though. I prefer the disintegrator cannons for the assault 3 as opposed to the dark lances which, on a vehicle, are only assault 1, even though the dark lance has the greater damage potential. However, I can never decide where to fire the damn thing, and invariably just end up having a mediocre performance, at best. Sad, really.

My Reavers did fairly well – they lasted quite well despite being rammed into a squad of Boyz on turn one, anyway! I don’t play enough Wych Cult units, so had forgotten about combat drugs on my first turn, so turn 2 I gave them adrenalight for the +1 attack (as they were already locked in combat). The arena champion making 4 attacks was pretty good, but at that point it was only the arena champion left, so I think that needs to be looked at anew! I’m considering a bigger squad but, as I said, Wych Cults will be the subject of their own blog soon enough!

So, Trueborn are worth further exploration. I need more splinter cannons in my life, and I need to figure out how to use my Ravager more effectively. I also need to stop charging my Venoms into close combat – hell, I need to stay away from close combat with Kabalite Warriors as much as possible! I keep giving Sybarites agonisers, but that really should be a last-resort thing. At 4 points, the weapon is hardly breaking my bank, after all! I was really pleased that my Haemonculus managed to get off Crucible of Malediction on both the Weirdboyz, killing one and reducing another to 1 wound, so that was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, to do so meant putting him across the board from the Wracks, so they couldn’t benefit from his buff. Wracks in general were quite poor this game, I feel – particularly as I made the decision to charge a Killa Can with one unit, meaning all of their weapons would only hit on 6s!

Target selection and target priority is going to be key, I think…

Hobby Progress 2017

Hey everybody!
Well, it’s the end of another year, and I thought I’d come along here to ramble for a bit about my hobby successes during the course of the year. You know you love it!

2017 has been really quite remarkable in a number of ways. Despite the inherent problems when moving house, I have managed to paint up an entire Dark Eldar army that currently numbers something like 2000 points, as well as building and painting a variety of Imperium stuff, including the beginnings of my AdMech/Tempestus Scions army. So let’s sit back and take a look at some of my hobby highlights!

First of all, let’s talk about Necrons. My very first army, I started the year determined to re-do most of my miniatures, as I’d been feeling that I could do a much better job with them. Then over the summer I decided that no, I would actually build a whole new Necron army with a different paint scheme, and went for the Thokt Dynasty and its cool blue weaponry. To date, I’ve only got five Immortals (above) and five Lychguard painted in this scheme, so I do have quite a ways to go with them! But I have plenty of kits for the army just waiting in the wings, so I should be able to do something with them in the new year.

I mentioned it earlier, but I’ve also been planning a combined AdMech/Tempestus Scions army for a number of months, and spent rather a lot of time building up waves of Skitarii over the autumn months. I think I have just over 1000 points built, but to date, I only have five Skitarii and two Scions actually painted…

The army is one that I’m really excited for, however, so I’m looking forward to properly getting to grips with them all. A platoon of Scions working alongside waves of cyborgs and their various battle automata should look really good on the tabletop, I’m thinking!

I went for some wildly different paint schemes for these chaps, and have somehow managed to basically invert the usual schemes for each, having my Scions red and my Skitarii blue… At any rate, I’m pleased with the guys that I’ve painted so far, and I’m looking forward to getting more of them painted so that I can start having games with them!

2017 will forever go down in the annals as the year of the Dark Eldar, however. After a short period of casting about for something new to really get my teeth into, I knew from building my very first Kabalite Warrior (that guy with the agoniser, above, in case you were interested), this was going to be an army I would enjoy building and painting.

2017 has also seen me play more games of 40k than ever before, and the majority of those have been with the dark kin. While they are still somewhat new to me, of course, I have never enjoyed playing this game so much as I have when commanding the Haemonculus Covens and the Kabalite Warriors of my collection.

There isn’t really a lot more that I could say, if I’m honest. Dark Eldar are, for me, my favourite army, and I’ve loved getting them all built and painted, and then playing games with them since the release of 8th Edition. They’re an amazing force, and I’ve got no plans to stop adding to the ranks anytime soon!

However, I’d also like to look forwards in this blog, and see what I’d like to accomplish in 2018. These things never go according to plan, of course, but I think it’s good all the same to get some idea of where I’d like to be headed as the new year begins!

If you follow my on instagram, you’re not only a very discerning individual, but you’ll also no doubt be aware that I’ve spent some time building up quite a sizable Tyranid force already. This has developed out of a desire to have a small detachment of big bugs alongside my nascent Genestealer Cult, which has seen barely any work go into it over 2017 – at the most, I’ve managed to get three miniatures painted for them!

Genestealer Cult

In 2018, therefore, I’m planning to get this off the ground in style. I’ve talked somewhat already about my desire to have this kind of force, with Cultists forming a central point around which is built an army including elements of Guard and Tyranids, so I’m hoping that I can very much get this going in the new year! I’m going to start with the Tyranids properly, and may even do a sort of Tale of Four Warlords-style series for it, so we’ll see how that goes!

Alongside this, I want to keep playing my Dark Eldar, and have been planning to start adding Wych Cult units with gusto. I’m also going to get myself a Tantalus in March, so that will be cool! In addition to this, I want to continue to tinker away with the AdMech/Scions list, and see how far I can get with that – probably going to start small and build up. For some light relief, I’m also planning to throw the odd Necron squad in there as well, as I continue to build up my new dynasty. The rumour mill seems to be pointing to Necrons as being one of the next codices after Daemons, so I may find myself with the impetus to finally get going there!

I’m really looking forward to 2018 in terms of the hobby, as I’m feeling like GW are going to be doing some amazing things, and I can’t wait to see what’s coming!!

Another Drukhari catch-up!

Hey everybody!

Following on from my last major Dark Eldar update, I thought it would be good to take a look at the rest of those units that I’ve been painting up for the tabletop. That last update only covered the miniatures that I’d been painting specifically for my 1000-point Oath challenge at my local store, so I thought it would be nice to collect together all of the other Dark Eldar miniatures that I’ve managed to finish painting this year. There are actually more than I’d thought…

The Ravager is a model that I had looked forward to getting my hands on, but proved a bit more tricky to get finished than I’d initially expected. However, the finished article looks, to me, great, so I’m really pleased! Disintegrator cannons are perhaps not the best choice of load-out in-game, and I have since built up a second Ravager with dark lances, but I’m very pleased by the look of the model, all the same. Style over substance, every time!

This was actually the first Venom that I’d built back in January, but had somehow just left it while painting the others. Of course, the other two were needed for my original Oath list, as I was using one for the Wracks and another for the Archon and Court, so having a third with Wyches in just seemed a bit of a waste while focusing on the core of the army. It’s finished, however, along with a Succubus, who was an absolute beast in close combat the first time I used her! I think she’d work better with different weapons to those with which she’s modeled, but there’s no denying how incredible that pose is, after all!

I think I mentioned it before, but 8th Edition really hampered my build when it came to the Trueborn, as they could no longer take haywire blasters. I therefore set to work giving the original squad dark lances, and have now added two blasters to the line-up, given how Blasterborn seems to be the new way to go with this unit. I’ve not yet managed to try them, but my next game will likely see them jumping out of a Venom…

Again, 8th Edition caused some problems when I had one Kabalite Warrior wielding a heat lance – now no longer legal for the unit. I find it quite odd to think that my original plans for the army involved a massive core of Kabalite Warriors and associated vehicles, with only small add-ons from the Wych Cults and Covens units. Now, however, I have more Covens units than anything, and only just the three squads of Warriors! I think I’m going to work on building and painting more during next year, as I’d like to see just what a legion of Warriors can bring to a game…

Finally for the July update, I painted up some “Mandrakes”! Of course, these are the Sylvaneth Tree-Revenants that look so cool. I’m no fan of finecast, so had no desire to get myself some actual Mandrake models. Instead, I’ve got these guys, and I think they go really well with the aesthetic of Dark Eldar. The bark bodies are painted along roughly the same lines as the Kabalite armour, meaning that they slip into the overall army quite well. The hair has been shaded blue, which also helps to integrate them, though their weapons have a weird purple glow, which I think goes quite well overall!

Of course, I then moved house in August, and painting opportunities were few and far between as I got settled in and all the rest of it. However, I’ve still managed to get some more units fully painted:

I love Wracks! A lot of DE players will tell you they’re no good in this edition, but I  really enjoy fielding my Covens units with these guys running around. My current tally of them is now at 20, along with a Raider and Venom specific to them, and they just look awesome! Notably, this is the first time I’ve actually used the Blood for the Blood God paint on any miniatures, and I think it really helps add to the slaughterhouse feel of these miniatures.

I really enjoy the fact that Dark Eldar kits have these bits that can be interchanged and whatnot to create a very distinctive army. Having the vehicles crewed by the specific type of unit – be it Kabalite, Wych or Wrack – is something I think is very important, and I love the fact that this model came together so well in the end. Definitely one of my favourites of the whole force, I have to say!

Five more Wracks, which I just absolutely love! I think these are possibly the only kit I’ve built that I enjoy building and painting the regular troops…

Finally, I’ve finished a third regular Raider for the Kabalite Warriors that I have now, but more importantly, I’ve finally gotten round to painting the conversion of my actual kabal’s Archon, Aestra Khromys! I built her in July, before I moved house, so I’m really pleased to finally have her done!


This is something that I was a bit wary of, but I knew I’d messed up with Kabalite Warriors along the way because of building Trueborn and the Archon, so wanted to check exactly what I have.

As it turns out, I have 2,395 points of Dark Eldar fully painted right now, which actually blows my mind right now!

Of course, this doesn’t take account of the amount of stuff I have unpainted/partially painted…