Warhammer Conquest Store Championship 2016

Hey everybody!
This weekend, I took part in the Warhammer 40k: Conquest Store Championship at my local games store, primarily to make the numbers up (and also ensure I got to play a few more games of this fantastic LCG!) so thought I’d ramble on here about it! This is the second time I’ve gone to a card game tournament, having taken part in the Netrunner Summer 15 championship last year – you can check out my blog on that one here. If you’ve read my blog in the past, you may well know that I’m really not a competitive player, which may make it a little odd to see me attending tournaments like this but, as I said, I go simply to get some games in, see some different decks, and meet people who love these games as much as I do.

I’ll not keep you in suspense any longer – I lost. I mean, five people turned up, and I came fifth. It’s no surprise, really, because I was taking my Space Marines deck up against some powerhouses of the game. Of the five, three of us were playing Marines – two of us had Cato Sicarius as warlord! – with the other decks on offer being Tau and Dark Eldar/Eldar. Let’s talk about the games for a moment.

My first game was a Sicarius vs Sicarius matchup, and my opponent was a chatty chap called Rob who had traveled almost an hour to attend. We are both Necron fanatics, and love 40k in general, so our game almost went to time as we were taking so long just chatting about the game. The planets we had were a bit of a nightmare though, as the colour spread meant that we’d have to win five planets to get a set of three! I think the game eventually lost when my warlord died, actually. But it was really fun to meet someone who also loves the theme and the game as much as I do!

My next match was against a Hungarian chap called Tamás, who had sat the first round out due to the odd number of attendees. He was playing the Dark Eldar/Eldar deck, with Packmaster Kith as his warlord. This deck was just nightmarish to play against, and all of us had been a bit concerned due to how effective a Kith deck can be. To be fair, Tamás was clearly a master at working his deck, and it looked like a well-oiled, beautiful machine. Unfortunately, it was a massacre for me, and came down to the point where we had all of our guys at the first planet, and his army took up most of the table there! Jeez. But so great to go up against and see how these things work!

The third and final match was against Tom, who had traveled with Rob to be here, and was also playing Space Marines, however using Ragnar Blackmane as his warlord. I decided to just go balls-out on this, and dropped my Ultramarines Dreadnought at the first planet on turn one, which allowed me to win the planet – my first of the tournament! But it swiftly degenerated and, having managed to bloody my warlord through a mis-play by me, Sicarius was swiftly dispatched with not one but two Crushing Blows on the subsequent turn. The game was quick and brutal, and Tom went on to win the tournament on extended strength of schedule. He was pleased, as it gave him a bye in the first round of the Regionals (which I think he said is taking place in Nottingham) – he actually wrote up an account of his games, which you can check out here.

It was a fun day, getting to see these other decks and all, and I kept laughing when people were acting all concerned that I had lost – I eventually gave up saying “I’m just here to play some cards” and went with it, but overall, it’s just good to play some games! If I’d known so many Space Marines would turn up, I might have tried to build a different deck, but that doesn’t really matter. All in all, fun was had, and that’s all I wanted from the day!

Warhammer Conquest 2016 Store Championship

I’m probably going to go back and look at my deck, get some things changed around in there, and I also want to see about making maybe a Tyranid deck, or perhaps a Chaos deck. Or maybe both! Legions of Death should be due out sometime soon, of course – the Regionals swag is Necron-themed, after all – and I’m definitely going to be making a Necron deck when that hits!

How about you guys, anyone here win their Store Championship? Hopefully you all did better than me, but I also hope you had as much fun as I did!

Tournament Time!

Hey everybody!

It’s time for something a little different for today’s game day. On Saturday, I took part at the Summer 15 Netrunner Tournament at my local game shop, having apparently gotten a good number of people into the game locally.

All of you beautiful, long-time readers will no doubt know that I am not a competitive player in the slightest – which kinda makes it strange that I would even enter a tournament, but I’m trying out some new things, and aside from being a great way to play more games and meet people, it’s kinda nice to see what these things are all about, you know?

For those of you who don’t know the game, first of all I’d like to direct you to my previous blog!

Read that? It was great, wasn’t it? Right. So in a tournament, you basically play both Corp and Runner against the same person in 65 minutes, and score points for a victory – 2 for outright victory, 1 for a timed victory if your game takes too long. There were six people (including me) in the tournament, so we each got to play three games.

I was playing my tried and tested Shaper deck as the Runner – tried and tested, but not necessarily successful! Now, I have never played the Corporation, so while I know of the mechanics, I was essentially flying blind. I therefore used a pre-made deck for Haas/Bioroid, that from Creation and Control.

My first match was against a guy who has only been playing about three weeks, so we started with me playing the Corp while he played a Noise Anarch deck. We were pretty matched, as he stole agendas as often as I scored them, but unfortunately I lost as I couldn’t get my economy going and had too many agendas stolen before I could score the last one for the win. Bah! We then switched over, and I played my Shaper deck against his NBN deck. Oh man, I messed up on this one, and despite my Muresh Bodysuit preventing the first, I still took too much meat damage from neglecting my tags and flatlined. Bah!

So I was currently at 0, which was exactly where I expected to be at this point!

Second match, I started as the Corp again, against another Noise Anarch deck, which was one of the worst control decks I’ve ever played against in any card game ever! Imagine the worst kind of blue deck in Magic – it was like that. Of course, for the most part it was a delayed game which I was kinda okay with, as I was really struggling to get any sense of economy on the board, so was using up a lot of clicks to get my credits. For credits, and to purge virus counters, as they were a pain in my butt! Sheesh. Unfortunately, as we got to the late game, I started just leaking agendas, and while I had scored 5 agenda points, and came to within 4 advancement tokens of victory, I just suddenly lost again. Bah!

That game lasted for about 45 minutes – possibly longer, actually – so we had a very quick match where I once again flatlined, despite having again come quite close to victory by stealing agendas. Which was a pretty difficult thing to do, as I was once again up against NBN, this time the Haarpsichord Studios identity, which only allows one agenda to be stolen each turn. Each turn, people! Crikey! My Shaper deck kinda relies on accessing multiple cards from R&D, though obviously it didn’t get set up as my luck just stank on this day!

However, I want to give a shout out to Notoriety. Both matches as the Runner, I drew this in my opening hand, so while there was little to no ice on the board, I could run on Archives, R&D and HQ, then even if I didn’t access any agendas (which, shockingly, I didn’t), I could turn that card into a 1-point agenda. Nice! It really helped me in these games, so even though I didn’t win, I still managed to get a decent number of points on the board. Pretty good, I must say!

My final match was against the guy I introduced to the game back in May. I’ve played him a few times as he got to grips with the game, so was fairly confident in how his Jinteki deck would go after me. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite prepared for just how much meat damage he threw at me with his identity card – having spent out my credits on my opening gambit, I had one card in hand, so he spent his entire turn to flip to The Brewery. Nasty!

I really had no hope of winning from the start, of course, but now things were really just silly! Final game, and it was once again over to the Corp, with my opponent playing a Noise Anarch deck. I had ridiculous bad luck with this game – my opening hand had just one piece of ice, and three agendas, which I hadn’t really thought in great detail. But he just ran on my hand three times and stole all three agendas, winning the necessary seven points to win. Both of these final games lasted just fifteen minutes in total – yep, just fifteen minutes!

We had another game after that, which I basically used as more practice playing the Corp, and which I also lost, but at least it could give me the practice and see what the deck I was playing lacked. Which was economy cards! There were just two different cards – two copies of each, but still just two cards – that allowed me to gain credits out of hand. The rest of them required the runner to make unsuccessful runs, but without enough money to rez all of the expensive ice, I couldn’t make this happen! Bah!

Android Netrunner

A guy from out of town won with a Noise Anarch deck, and Wayland Corp deck. I managed to watch some of his final game – you know, because my last two games ended so quickly – and it was a pretty insane game.

And I think this sums up a lot of the tournament thing for me. I’m not saying there’s anything bad about this sort of thing of course, but everywhere there was playing to win. I mean, it’s obvious, right? But I just don’t play like that. I mean, all of my decks are theme decks that, while good (even if I do say so myself!), they are more built for the theme, for the game to play, and winning is a secondary concern. Something else that kinda surprised me, seven games of Netrunner back-to-back – seven games of anything back-to-back really – were just too much for me. To be perfectly honest, I was done after the second game.

At any rate, it was a fun day, and good to play against other Corporations, but whether I make the effort for more tournaments in the future will remain to be seen!

What about you guys? Any interesting tournament stories? Have you been in this summer’s Netrunner event? Let me know in the comments!