The Warhammer Preview! and some rumours

Hey everybody!
So across both last weekend and this one, Games Workshop have treated us to some previews for upcoming miniatures across all of their main lines!

Warhammer Online Preview

I must admit, I thought we’d get some more interesting stuff than this in the first Preview, but I fully understand that a lot of these miniatures are coming out for lines or systems that I have no interest in. There are some interesting behemoth models for the new High Elves faction in Age of Sigmar, which look like massive Hindu-style deities, that do look pretty great if I were going to be collecting those models!

Lion el’Jonson is coming – but it’s for Horus Heresy, which felt like a bit of a let-down. We still need more loyalist Primarchs in 40k! The Scions of the Flame warband for Warcry don’t really float my boat as much as I was hoping they would, either!

There is an interesting bit of news in the next (seventh) Psychic Awakening book, War of the Spider, which features Talons of the Emperor, Assassins, Death Guard, and a new Heretic Astartes faction that centres around Fabius Bile, who is getting a new mini (at last!)

This one should be interesting, though we still don’t have Necrons!

Fabius Bile looks pretty amazing though – I’m probably not going to branch out any further into Chaos, but I do love that model!

The second Preview took place yesterday, and if I’m being totally honest, I was pretty unimpressed with this one, as well! There was some more info on the upcoming High Elves – they’re getting a similar release to that for the new Sisters back in November, only with full multi-part kits and fancy dice. I’m expecting another sell-out situation, if I’m honest! Blood Bowl is getting some Treemen, and there have been a couple of new Praetors shown off for the Word Bearers – very sexy, they look, as well!



The biggest thing, as far as I’m concerned, though, was the VIII Psychic Awakening book, Pariah, which will involve Ephrael Stern of Daemonifuge fame! I should get round to featuring that graphic novel here on the blog at some point! The miniature looks lovely, and the fact that the book is called Pariah has set the Necron community alight with speculation!

However, I am pretty disappointed to see that Deathwatch and Harlequins are getting their particular updates via White Dwarf, and not a campaign book…

Psychic Awakening has been fairly uneven, to me, at this point. While we’ve had some wonderful updates models for Drahzar, Mephiston and Shadowsun, and the boxset for the Mechanicus that we’re expecting soon is just fabulous! But I feel a little like the boxsets have maybe overshadowed the other releases. I think getting new, plastic Aspect Warriors and Incubi almost set us up for subsequent disappointments, as the following books had a massiv focus on marines above all else, and gave us just one new model. Will we see plastic Pariahs for the Necrons? Who knows. But I wouldn’t bet on it…

I’ve been disappointed, overall, with both of these previews, but all hope isn’t entirely lost, as we have a third one coming along in two weeks’ time! I guess we’ll see if that one will bring more exciting stuff!

I’ve been meaning to talk about the 9th Edition rumours that have been circling for some time, though have never seemed to have the time to get round to it! Back in December, this was published on Faeit 212, which talked about the new edition coming in the summer, and is a “polish / clean-up” of 8th edition, reworking some keywords as well as the Psychic phase. Psychic Awakening was seen as the lead-up to the new edition, much as The Gathering Storm served as the bridge between 7th and 8th editions, but there isn’t a great deal more to go on here. That said – fluff-wise, the Emperor apparently wakes up, though is still bound to the Golden Throne. Interesting…

The rumours have re-appeared in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown, in terms of how the pushed-back release schedule from GW will impact that summer 2020 release date, and the general consensus from the comments is that it probably wouldn’t – something this huge will already be produced, and the subsequent releases further in the year will depend on the summer date being adhered to as far as possible. It makes sense, right?

That said, I find myself feeling a little jaded by the whole thing. I am fairly sure that 8th edition was touted as being as close to a living edition as is possible, kept alive through Chapter Approved each year. Part of me doesn’t want it to be true, for sure, as I’m already fairly heavily invested in the current edition, and I think it would be a kick to the figurative balls if I had to buy a bunch more books for the armies that I collect. (In reality, I’d use this as the excuse that I need to actively thin out most of those armies, and just keep a core handful from there on out).

I could see this as being almost some kind of 8.5 edition, as GW releases a consolidated, revised rulebook that takes account all of the changes that have happened since 2017, and uses that event as the chance to tinker with the Psychic phase, perhaps. We’ve already seen second editions of some codexes now – I think it’s entirely possible that they will put out a bunch of new codexes for the other armies, updating their rules with the Psychic Awakening stuff, and then continue on with the practice of using Chapter Approved to then give out more missions and the like, and address any issues thereafter.

In fact, I could see this as being some kind of major release and them giving all of the armies updated codexes over, say, a two week or maybe month-long release window. Kind of like how 8th edition launched with the Indexes for all factions on day one.

The Indexes do bring me to a sort of interesting point, though. Chapter Approved 2019 came in two parts – the scenarios and missions and new rules, and a pamphlet of all the points changes. I wonder if the Codexes could adopt this approach, and come with a pamphlet that presents all of the datasheets, Index-style, that could be dealt with independently of the codex? So that we have the fluff and the crunch separately? I’m honestly not sure whether I would go for that, as I do like having all of my stuff in just one book, but who knows where we could be going?

I’ve read some fairly intriguing comments about the possible new edition, and I think a lot of people make the valid point that the majority of sales upon launch of a new edition are from the books. People (like myself) who have an army already will only want the rules with which to play that army, and possibly supplement out from there. A great example could be Tomb Blades for the Necrons, which turned into something of a bestseller when the Necron Codex dropped in 7th edition. People already have all the troops they could possibly want – although 8th edition was quite sneaky in how it updated the old force org chart from 2 troops and 1 HQ to 3 troops and 2 HQs to make the staple Battalion formation. While the launch of a new Codex might well bring in a few people who decide they want to start that army – such as myself with Tau a couple of years ago – in the main, the people buying that book already have the models to go along with it.

So I don’t think that Codexes will be going away – and while there are plenty of vocal folks out there who insist on getting digital rules by default, there are plenty of us who also like to have a physical hardback book to use.

I think a new edition is probably inevitable at some point, and it is true that – especially with Psychic Awakening – the rules have gotten too bloated when you’re trying to play the game. However, I would much prefer to see a consolidation of the rules, rather than some kind of overhaul just for the sake of a new edition coming out. I hope that common sense is maintained, though, whatever happens!

Labyrinth of the Necrons

Well! This is certainly an interesting idea! Chapter Master Valrak has just posted up this video showing off some pictures of what looks like a new boardgame coming in the vein of Shadespire. I’m not entirely convinced on that one, but it’s still interesting to see something like this come out!

Labyrinth of the Necrons

We have an Overlord, four warriors, two immortals and a lychguard, which is a nice warband of troops, better troops, a leader and his bodyguard. Looks like it’s card-based to some extent – those with the egg timer on them at the front there could be event-style cards? – and it’s either a tile based system, or else that’s a punchboard of tokens. I think the former, but anyway!

There’s also what looks like a Wraith on the box art, and it seems that space marines of the Salamanders variety will be involved, as well! Primaris or not, that would be very cool.

The reason why I don’t think it’s going to be like Shadespire is simply the name: it’s too specific. I mean, Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower refers very specifically to the Silver Tower of Tzeentch, so you’ll always be going up against the Lord of Change whenever you play that game. Shadespire, on the other hand, is a much more generic battleground where anyone can fight anyone else. Labyrinth of the Necrons can’t really be expanded to allow for Ultramarines to fight T’au, or Genestealer Cults to fight Skitarii. It implies the game will always see you going up against the Necrons.

As such, I think it’s much more likely this game will be more like last year’s Gangs of Commorragh, and will be a standalone box.

Which is great – I’m all for it, as I love this idea of Games Workshop being a real workshop of games!

40k rumourmill!

Hey everybody!
It’s been a glorious day off for me today, and while I was ostensibly working on my degree, I’ve unsurprisingly found the time to go trawling the internet for the usual round of gaming news and the like! (I have actually been working on the degree, so there is that!) There seems to be a lot of 40k rumours doing the rounds right now, though, and I’ve been getting very excited reading some of these things on the usual sites, so thought I’d ramble here for a bit!

Magnus the Red

While we all know about Magnus coming back as a demon primarch, it hasn’t been particularly clear as to when he will be coming out. Well, it turns out that the upcoming (and much-anticipated) part two of Warzone Fenris will be showcasing the demon prince Magnus, alongside his psyker sons at the end of November. Seems like there was possibly an element of irony in having this year’s Horus Heresy boxed game having the Burning of Prospero storyline, then?

(As a side note, I really hope I can say “this year’s Horus Heresy boxed game” for a long time to come!)

I didn’t actually get the first Fenris supplement, as I really have no interest in the Space Wolves. I’m now feeling a bit gutted by that error, of course, but not enough to attempt to scour ebay for a copy yet, anyway!

I’m not particularly excited for the demon primarchs coming out, insofar as I’m not chomping at the bit to get any of them. Except maybe Fulgrim, depending on how that one turns out…

Abaddon the Despoiler

It looks like it might not be just the demon primarchs who are on their way, however, as Traitor’s Hate is just the tip of the iceberg for what is to come with the Warhammer 40k storyline! In the run-up to the much-reported 8th edition, currently rumoured for release April-June next year, the 13th Black Crusade of Abaddon the Despoiler will be cutting a bloody swath towards Terra, presumably resplendent in new miniature format. His current mini, while suitably imposing, is nevertheless going to be left behind really quickly in these new developments…

Alongside the demons, loyalist primarchs will also be turning up, which will be an interesting development, I’m sure! I’ll look forward to Roboute Guilliman healing himself, of course, and I may even pick up Lion el’Johnson once he wakes up, but I don’t know about any of the others yet. Of course, this talk of returning primarchs doesn’t make everyone entirely happy, as some of the primogenitors are well and truly dead. No Sanguinius, no Horus, no Ferrus Manus… I wonder if they have plans to get around that somehow…

The other big news coming in the run-up to 8th edition is that there will be more Imperial sub-factions, which is exciting to hear as it should be spear-headed by the plastic Sisters of Battle that everybody is so keen to have in the game! Well, nearly everybody… I’ve read other ideas that include the Adeptus Arbites, which could be really exciting if we get the Judge Dredd vibe on the tabletop! Of course, the Arbites are more like the police than the army, so their place in a formal battleground seems a bit wonky to me.

However, if 8th edition puts more emphasis on narrative games, then I can totally see a purpose to creating this army. I’d also like to hope it might mean a focus on small-scale games that could develop on from Kill Team, but I suppose that could be more of a wishlist-type thing. I’m all for diversity in the game, though, and would love to have a group of Arbites allies for my space marines!

Imperial sub-factions are great, but how about seeing more non-Imperial stuff? Small-scale xenos releases would no doubt be more difficult to pull off, of course – unless in a manner of an extension to things like the Kroot, making them allies to pre-existing races. Will we ever see a huge explosion of a new race like the Tau into the game? Only time will tell, I suppose.

In the middle of all of this, of course, I’m quietly waiting for an update to the Necron Warriors sculpt, which is just awfully dated in comparison with the rest of the line…

So anyway, it looks like a lot of exciting things are happening in the 40k universe, and I can’t wait to see what happens in 2017! In the meantime, however, I’m going to head over to the new Warhammer Community website, which has gone live today and, at first glance, looks totally great!