Age of Sigmar Open Day!

Yesterday was the Age of Sigmar Open Day over at Warhammer World, and perhaps unsurprisingly, the main focus was on Warcry, which is due out in a scant fortnight.

There were demo games, the beautiful models were on display, and folks were getting to paint up Iron Golems left and right.

I wasn’t jealous at all…

At any rate, Warcry wasn’t the only thing going on over in Nottingham…

The next two Battletomes were announced, one of which I really didn’t think we’d ever see! The Orc factions getting amalgamated into their own book was a nice touch for sure, as it’s good to see the formerly-splintered armies finally coming back together in a sensible and cohesive way. This is especially true of the old Empire faction, which was hacked apart, much like the old elves, into several tiny factions which, overall, it seems was done simply to then eliminate portions from stock. Cities of Sigmar is promised as more than just the Empire re-imagined, however, as it instead re-forges the Empire, the Elves and the Dwarves into a single book!

Cries of “Soup!” might well be warranted, but I’m hoping there will be solid plans in place to allow for an intelligent combination of these forces into a single cohesive army.

each City of Sigmar can enlist units from Battletome: Stormcast Eternals into their main force, while Tempest’s Eye and The Living City can draw on aid from the Kharadron Overlords and Sylvaneth, respectively, as full members of your army that share your allegiance abilities.

This has gotten me really quite excited, as I’ve been thinking for some time about trying to combine some of the old Warhammer Fantasy units with some of the new Age of Sigmar kits. Come back tomorrow for some of my thoughts on this!

Legendary Slayer Gotrik Gurnnisson is finally getting the model that he deserves, standing atop a pile of dead Skaven. Nice.

Speaking of new models…

I did not expect this to ever happen! A plastic Ogre Tyrant kit?! He looks wonderfully menacing, as well, which is really good. Alas, I’ve cleared out all of my Ogres, so don’t have any need to buy this one, but if I were still collecting the fat dudes, I’d definitely be picking this chap up!

Exactly how he’s going to be packaged, though – I’m guessing it’s going to be something along the lines of Looncurse and Carrion Empire from a couple of months ago. Bring out a new Leader for a faction, bundle it up with a bunch of older kits, and watch the money come rolling in!

Feast of Bones – the new battle box coming for Age of Sigmar! Maybe…

Meanwhile, Warhammer Underworlds is gearing up for season three, and I still haven’t played a single game! I’ve got stuff all over the place for this (I blame moving house, but still) so I think it really is time I tried the game out sometime soon. It seems to have a good following at my local store, at least, so that’s a good start!

Centaurs? Could we be seeing entirely new factions for Age of Sigmar here, or simply new models for existing factions? Who the hell knows!

It’s definitely time that I got my act together and tried this game out…

Finally – just what the hell is this all about? The Tithe of Bones? I’ve seen some speculation out there that the Tomb Kings will be coming back as a re-imagined AoS-style army, which would be incredible! Others think it could be Vlad coming back, or Krell. I’m not so sure, as I don’t think GW will be bringing back named characters anytime soon like this. So far, at least, it seems to have been mostly about creating new characters where possible, and the only named folks we’re seeing are the major players who came across at the very beginning anyway.

Re-imagined Tomb Kings would be so awesome. Death has got ghosts and it’s got zombies, and then there are the other bits within Legions of Nagash; it’d be really nice, in my mind, to have a faction of skeletons that forms a proper skeleton horde. Of course, TKs weren’t all about the skeletons and nothing but – rather, there were all of those constructs like the Necrosphynx and Ushabti. A skeleton army that features golem-like creatures could be really cool, and would allow for stuff like the Morghasts and Mortarchs to slot into the force quite easily.

Would it be too much to ask for a proper Deathrattle / Skeleton Horde? Possibly. I suppose only time will tell!

So there we go! I suppose for me, filtering out the Warcry stuff that was clearly the main focus of this event, the most exciting thing is this Tithe of Bones. I hope it’s basically a new faction release, and not the other half of that Ogres boxset that people have been speculating about!

Hobby Progress: week 15

Fifteen weeks in, and my laziness has returned! I’ve been pretty organised with my time over the last week, unfortunately that time-management didn’t make much room for painting! As a result, I have a pretty short blog for this week’s progress…

Hobby Progress 14

First of all, the Treeman Ancient is now finished, and looks absolutely beautiful, even if I do say so myself. He’s since been primed black, and stands proudly among a whole host of other things that have also been primed black but are awaiting further work. I absolutely love this model, however, and have been pondering getting a second, though I think I’m going to get this one sorted properly first. Super fun to put together, though – and as I said, it looks incredible!

Hobby Progress 14

I suppose these chaps do look a little misleading for being featured in this blog, as I’ve not really done that much work on them. They’re some of the Ogres/Ogors that I’ve been painting off-and-on for over a year now, and this week has seen me paint… their beards. Don’t get me wrong, I have like twelve of them on the go, so it’s still something of a decent undertaking. But yeah… One day I’m going to have an army of these guys – but that day will not be any day soon!

Hobby Progress 14

Let me take you back to January, for a moment, when I first assembled three of these Electro-Priests. I don’t honestly know why I didn’t assemble all five, but then it isn’t the first time I’ve done this. At any rate, I have been slowly working on the three, which had been primed in white roughly around the time my local GW store had a “Paint it White” event, for which I painted some White Scars. The Priests took a back seat, therefore, and I returned to them this week really for a bit of respite from weeks and weeks of painting Space Marines.

Unfortunately, the white primer had gone on really very grainy, and in painting their robes with Screaming Skull, it became really noticeable. I’ve persevered, but in doing the gold I became really annoyed with how chalky the primer coat is. Yesterday, therefore, I built up the remaining two and primed them black, and so far have done the skin and robes, as you can see. I do think that Chaos Black spray is just superb and wins over the white, even though I want to do the robes really light, so I guess it’ll just be multiple layers to get the tone right! In the picture above, both white-primed and black-primed Priests have had three coats of Screaming Skull on their robes, and I don’t really think there’s a lot of difference between the two. The skin I’ve painted in Eshin Grey, and have shaded it on the white-primed trio with Nuln Oil. In the lore, Electro-Priests are so consumed by the power of the Omnissiah they kinda burn up from the inside, and it has long been my plan to paint them with charcoal-grey skin to signify this process. The scarring I want to do in a lighter grey, and I’m currently undecided over whether to paint the details in red or green, hence the flash of green you can see on one of them.

I really love these models, the level of detailing is superb and, while some of them are a bitch to assemble, they look fantastic so are well worth it. Given how disappointed I am with the white primer, I’m currently weighing up whether I want to get another box, but I think that’ll also have to wait for the moment.

And finally, while we’re on the subject of building…

Hobby Progress 14

I assembled this chap this very day! I picked up some Lizardmen the other week and haven’t done anything with them up to this point, but had been pondering whether I want to get the Start Collecting box, given its insane value, but have so far resisted. I have to say, while I love the Lizardmen, the models are fairly old now, and the mouldlines are just awful, particularly on the torso of this one, which looks like the mould had slipped or something. Hence, for now, he is very much alone as I can’t face putting any more together right now! That said, I do still have two resin Lizardmen sort-of built up from my previous attempt at them…

At any rate, that’s pretty much all I’ve done this week. Work has been ridiculous, but I’ve also been trying to get on with my degree work, so haven’t had much time, as already stated, to get a lot of painting done. I have some time off in the coming week, however, so I hope that I might be able to get some more done by next week – in particular, I want to actually get some more models finished and off the work space (read: dining table) rather than having them scattered around all the time.

Until then, here’s an instagram post I shared yesterday to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Space Marine; a selection of those that are pretty much complete!

What a week!

Hey everyone!

What a week, indeed! Work has been fairly insane, on top of which I’ve been trying to get ahead with the degree. I’ve moved on to the Romans, and have actually spent a pretty interesting afternoon reading up on the political organization of the late Republic! So anyway, yeah!


In game terms, this week has been pretty exciting, too! It’s been all about the Necrons, of course, as we were working up to the Codex release today. Very exciting times!!


So this little bundle of awesome happened…

The army box, The Tomb Awakened, is actually pretty good value. £115 for the box, for six kits that would cost £142.50 to buy separately. And not a hideous Warrior in sight! Fabulous. I’m not entirely sure about that new Overlord, as he does look a little, well, weird. But really, I felt like I couldn’t let this weekend pass without investing in him! Up next at the Harlequins, which I’m not entirely fussed about, so having a couple of quiet weeks will be very welcome!

There are some extra bits in the picture above, of course, including a Toxicrene that I wanted to get back in November upon release, and finally made the jump after reviewing some of the tutorial videos last weekend.

I really love these videos, I have to say, they’ve really helped me over the months since I started painting miniatures. I’d been making some notes to help me with the Ogres I’ve got going on. I’m planning to paint this chap in the colours of Hive Fleet Eumenides, anyway!

I also got my Ogre Ironguts. Basically Ogres with great weapons, these chaps had excited me until I got home today – don’t get me wrong, they’re still pretty awesome-looking, but they’re more an upgrade kit for the Ogres box than an actual separate entity, with four guys on the same sprue-set, but with an additional two-sprue upgrade. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do with them, of course, but I felt like it’d have been better if they were more special.

On the subject of Ogre Kingdoms, I’m still going with those two Mournfang Cavalry and the two Ogres I’ve been working on for a while now. This is how they were looking last weekend:

I’m particularly pleased with how well these stone clubs have turned out, which is one of the reasons I’m looking forward to the great weapons, as I’d like to give that a go on a bigger scale! Following all those GW videos I watched, I decided to give the actual Mournfang a try:

I went with a grey scheme, with a basic lighter-belly scheme. While it looked fine at the basecoat stage, I was a bit nervous about doing anything more to it, having never painted fur before. After nearly a week, I finally got round to dry-brushing and shading, and I must say, it’s not actually half bad, even if I do say so myself! Next up, the horns! However, I also built up some more Ogres last week, as we had a nice day for priming – yes, I think I’m well and truly obsessed with this now: when the sun shines, I think of priming models!


Some exciting stuff coming here, I must say!

So I’ve got these guys built up, and I’m again at something of an impasse, as I’m not entirely sure what to do to finish them off. I mean, I’ve got the skin done, I’ve done the hair (I think), and I’ve got the armour painted, but I don’t really know what I want to do with it. To be honest, I almost feel like I’ve got too many options, especially for the weathering and whatnot. Right now, I’m thinking I might just take it one model at a time, rather than all four at once.

In case you’re interested (ah, who am I kidding – of course you’re interested!), here’s a record of my Ogres posts over on my tumblr:

It started with a Mournfang
More Ogres!
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Ogre painting continues!

Ah, the weekend!


Hey everyone!
The first week of the new year back at work is down, and it seems everything is back to normal for another eleven months. Joyous. Well it’s been a pretty slow week, as I’ve been trying to get caught up with the degree, which I finally got to this afternoon. But let’s take a look at some more interesting stuff…

Force and Destiny

Back in 2012, Fantasy Flight Games announced the model for their Star Wars RPG line, which took off the following year with Edge of the Empire, which allowed us to play on the galactic fringe as smugglers and colonists. Last year saw Age of Rebellion, which introduced the good people of the Rebellion to the system. Finally, 2015 will see the third “branch” of the system, Force and Destiny, which allows players to create Force-user characters. As with the previous games, the line is launched with the beginner game that will teach you the rules as you play. Wonderful! Now if I can just find enough people to get a game going…

Visions of Dawn

FFG have also announced a fifth Hero and Monster Collection for Descent, Visions of Dawn. I have nothing to say about this beyond – take a look at that manticore! Though I’m excited to see Nara the Fang enter the fray…


Now this is very exciting. Drakon has been intriguing me for what seems like an age, but has been out of print for just as long, meaning it has been attracting ridiculous prices on the aftermarket. It seems like a really interesting game, though, a little reminiscent of Dungeonquest. With a new edition on the horizon, however, I’m hoping that finally I can investigate this thing!

I’ve played quite a lot of Shadows of Brimstone over the New Year weekend, and it’s really begun to grow on me now. I’ve spent some time in the Targa Plateau, and later exploring the swamps of Jargono with a couple of the characters from both sets, and it’s been a really enjoyable experience! I still think the town could do with some tweaks, but in the main, it’s pretty amazing!

Wonderful times! I’m intending to get some more games in soon, then I’ll feature the game in a full game-day blog!

I follow a tumblr, allthingswarhammer, which features pretty much anything that is tagged with #warhammer on instagram. Last week, I came across the above picture, which started the cogs whirring in my mind!

See, I haven’t painted anything since before Christmas, and have been feeling in something of a painting funk, lacking any sort of motivation to get anywhere. The Necrons have, therefore, been gathering dust in the corner. However, Ogres! These chaps really captured my imagination, along with the Yhetees, of course, so I popped along to the local games shop and got a box of Mounfang Cavalry. Taking pretty much the entire week to build them, I have to say I was very happy with the results!

I don’t know, they just look fun! The best part is that I’ve started painting again, though! Not very much so far, but still! I’m painting them with purple/lilac skin, a sort of Slaaneshi scheme. I think it looks pretty great so far, anyway! I’m glad to be painting again, as it has been very enjoyable, so…yeah…

Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms

And finally, I thought I’d leave you with a book recommendation!

There’s an excellent blog here on WordPress, Geekritique, which featured an upcoming look at the fantasy and sci-fi books of 2015 back on New Year’s Day. I can’t say all 25 of the blighters leapt off the, er, screen, but two of them certainly captured my interest enough to buy the first in the respective series, as shown in the tweet above. Well, I started reading Leviathan Wakes last weekend and have to say it’s been pretty damn awesome so far! What with everything else going on, and my usual snail’s-pace reading, I’m only just about halfway through, but I haven’t felt this energised about a novel for a long time, let me tell you! I’ve actually bought the second in the series already, it’s that promising! I think what I appreciate most about the story is the Philip K Dick-esque feel, a sort of noire-future, almost. It’s highly recommended, at any rate!