The Necron Codex – tactical thoughts

Hey everybody!
It’s been almost five months since I wrote a load of stuff about the new Necron Codex, so I thought I’d come back (given my recently reanimated love for the undead space robots) and have some more rambling thoughts about what the book has to offer. I should warn you now – this blog is most assuredly a rambling one, and runs to around 4000 words. So be prepared!

While I still have yet to play a game with the Codex Necrons, I wanted to talk about it here because the book has rarely left my side over the past couple of weeks, as I’ve been looking at ways of building an army that is diverse and interesting to play, both with and against. This has actually proven to be more difficult than I’d first imagined, due to the fact that a lot of the Necron models appear to be more expensive than I remember.

Necron Codex

I think, on the whole, that the book for 8th edition is a wonderful addition for the army. I feel that a lot is indeed expensive these days, and while it is perhaps irrelevant to talk about the points costs compared with 7th, it does intrigue me to see just how much more expensive a lot of the units are now. I think I worked out that my first Necron army I fielded in 7th would cost around 100 points more now in 8th…

I suppose this has led me to feel that Necrons are a lot more of an elite army than perhaps I’d been thinking up to this point. While a lot of 8th seems to involve horde armies, the Necron ability to return slain models to surviving units can help to counteract the need for a lot of models on the board at the start of the game. Indeed, it would likely be overpowering to have an army of 60+ models, all of whom can potentially keep coming back when they’ve been killed off! Instead, then, I need to try to focus my game plan on keeping my dudes alive, and actually strategize

When I wrote up this blog last weekend, I was planning a 1200-point list around a bunch of units that I’ve already got painted up (or will have painted in short order), and briefly talked about having to re-evaluate my strategy of throwing myself into the face of the enemy when I play games. This has been a tactic for me for a long time now, and sometimes it does seem to work – going balls-out can have its place, especially when it might not be what an opponent is expecting. I’ve noticed this in particular with my Dark Eldar army, where people will be expecting me to hold back and try to shoot my way out of the battle, whereas I often end up charging with Venoms and throwing wave after wave of Wracks into close combat. (I’ve also talked previously about how this slightly-crazy way of playing games can perhaps be to the detriment of the overall play experience).


I’m not by any means planning to become some sort of power gamer. I’m also not intending to become some sort of tournament player. But I do want to try to get better as a gamer, and see if I can’t up my game a bit in the attempt to make for a better gaming experience overall. So I’ve been turning over this idea in my mind as I’ve been writing and re-writing my ideas for a Necron list, and I think I’ve finally come up with something that should be good – both to play, and to play against. There’s still something of the core of the list I mentioned last time within this one, but it has already begun to morph into something a whole lot more…

So yeah!

List Construction
First off, I want to talk about how I went about building this list, as I feel like this has been a major departure for me. So often with my 8th Edition lists, I’ve started with the premise of, “I need to build a battalion”, and have ended up with having some units in the list that I might not necessarily want to be in there. Or, I’ve tried to forge my army out of as many detachments as I can, in order to gain as many command points as I can. While it’s true that command points and stratagems are a key part of the game now, the cornerstone of any army needs to be just that, the army itself.

So, rather than looking at what unit slots I needed to fill, instead I looked at the units on a case-by-case basis, seeing what they did and looking for synergies, and once I’d collected them all together, looked at how I could fashion that group into a detachment. As it happens, I’ve managed to end up with three detachments, which will net me a total of 10 command points to start the game with. Not bad, considering!

Unit selection
So I decided which units I wanted to take based on what they were up to, and how they could work together, rather than looking at what I needed to fill a certain detachment. However, every list needs to start somewhere, so I took as my starting point the Catacomb Command Barge, a model that I had finished painting just yesterday. The Command Barge has the Wave of Command ability, which lets you add 1 to the hit rolls of nearby infantry (among other things). This ability works extremely well with tesla-wielding infantry, of course – tesla weaponry has the exploding dice rule of turning hit rolls of 6 into three successes, so with the +1 from Wave of Command, tesla will be triggering on 5s as well as 6s. Splendid! Let’s get a max squad of 10 Immortals with tesla carbines in there, right away.

Necron Immortals

So I’ve got some shooting synergies going on here. Let’s look for some more. Hello, Triarch Stalker! This is a unit that I’ve never really thought a great deal about, other than to dismiss it as too expensive. Well, I’m building a list with the idea that all the units are expensive, so it’s not down to how many I can cram into my list anymore. The Stalker has the Targeting Relay rule that allows all friendly Necron units to re-roll hit rolls of 1 when targeting the same model the Stalker has targeted in that phase. Doesn’t matter if the Stalker actually hit the unit, it only needs to target it. Of course, this might be a double-edged sword, as the Stalker may well kill that unit before its rule can have any benefit for the rest of the army.

I’ve already got one built with a heat ray, but have decided to go here for the twin heavy gauss cannon because of the S9 AP-4, which should be really handy overall. The two weapons are the same cost, anyway, so it doesn’t make a great deal of difference.

The Stalker packs a punch, but I wanted to include a few other choice bits in the list during my first sweep through the Codex. The Annihilation Barge is a nice kit that should do some decent work, with a total of eleven tesla shots coming from both the twin tesla destructor and the underslung tesla cannon. While it won’t benefit from Wave of Command, weight of fire should account for at least a few 6s – even from someone like me!

Finally, I’ve included yet more tesla in the form of three Tomb Blades. The models are notoriously fiddly to put together, but I bought a few boxes back in 7th edition and have recently been thinking about them since finding them again. Having two tesla carbines on each of them will give me twelve tesla shots this time, so I’m again hoping for some successes with the exploding dice. I’ve equipped them all with nebuloscopes to allow them to target models in cover as well – I’ve never really had to deal with cover in my meta so far, but the upgrades for tomb blades are really cheap enough that you might as well go for them!

First thoughts
So my first thoughts were as follows: having an HQ slot buffing an infantry squad to get the most out of their shooting, while being a pretty tanky unit in and of itself; a support unit that will allow the rest of the army to re-roll hit rolls of 1, and a couple of fancy units that would take advantage of that while presenting their own kinds of threat – from weight of fire, strength of fire, and sheer speed across the tabletop. So far, everything in the list is posing quite a significant threat – everything is hitting on 3s in the shooting phase except the Barge, which is hitting on 2s, and this collection of units is altogether putting out a startlingly high number of shots: 6 from the Command Barge (assuming we’re in range for the Staff), 2 from the Stalker, 20 from the Immortals, 11 from the Annihilation Barge, and 12 from the Tomb Blades!

But that’s only going to be a core of 792 points, so what else do I want in the army?

Codex Sweep, Round Two
Having built a core of destruction, I next went about looking for units that would have some interesting synergies, but also that would benefit from some use of the stratagems. I have ten command points to play with, and I don’t want to use them all just on the Command Re-Roll.

Returning to the HQ slots, I decided to include an Overlord, to make use of the My Will Be Done rule – basically Wave of Command once again. These two rules don’t stack, so I’ve included another squad of ten Immortals, this time with gauss blasters. Why gauss? Well, I do like variety, and gauss has some AP whereas tesla does not, so it’ll be handy for using against the more resilient units I’m possibly going to be facing. There is a nice 1CP stratagem called The Phaeron’s Will, which allows you to use My Will Be Done on a second infantry unit, so I’ve included a group of five Immortals, and a group of five Lychguard, to give him a choice on who to bestow these riches.


The Lychguard are my favourite kit in the entire Necron range, something I’ve mentioned time and again in my blog. I’m surprised I’ve only included one unit in this army, but they really are quite expensive for including more. I’ve been having vague thoughts about trying out an all-Lychguard elite force sometime in the future, but for now, it remains a dream. Anyway! The reason for choosing the slightly more expensive option of sword-and-board over the meat grinder of the warscythes is that it will allow me to make use of another cool stratagem, the 2CP Dispersion Field Amplification, which gives a 3++ save until the end of the phase, and for every unmodified 6 rolled when making those saves, you bounce the shots back at the attacking unit. This could be a very cool distraction unit, or else a unit that will allow me to move up the board unscathed.

I’ll be bringing a Lord with the unit, who is equipped with a warscythe simply because it’s an awesome weapon, and the Lord himself has The Lord’s Will, who grants a re-roll to wound rolls of 1 for units within 6″. That is actually quite useful for such a cheap model, and works well with the Stalker giving re-rolls to hit rolls of 1. My plan is to have the Lord move around, and to keep everybody else moving around the board rather than remaining static and open for assaults. With a bit of luck, it’ll be a half-decent strategy that will keep my opponent on his or her toes!

Also in this batch of units, I’ve got a trio of Canoptek Wraiths. Some of my favourite models in the army, Wraiths have gotten expensive, even before adding the wargear. But in compensation for that, they have also gotten really quite decent, with a lot going in their favour between the Wraith Form special rule that allows them to fall back and then shoot and charge, not to mention moving across the board unimpeded. They also have a couple of stratagems that work well with Canoptek units, so it’ll be good to try some of these out. They may be expensive, but for what you can do with them, I think they could well be worth it.

I’ve also been looking to cover more bases in this second sweep through the Codex, and so the Lychguard and Wraiths should give me some fairly decent close combat capability to go alongside my shooting. The Overlord and Lord are good utility HQs that work well enough in either phase, and this batch of units is rounded out with a Cryptek, who is equipped with the Canoptek Cloak to enable him to make the best use of his Technomancer abilities, healing those units with Living Metal while aiding others with their Reanimation Protocols. Just a decent enough utility HQ, but also providing another target for my opponent due to his healing powers. Necrons can already be quite an annoying army to play against due to Reanimation Protocols, so by having a unit that makes these even better will help with the psychological warfare, as well as aiding with target saturation.

This second sweep brought me a further 790 points, so it’s time to fill in the final few hundred points to round things out properly.

Third and Final Sweep
Up to this point, we’re approaching 1600 points, and so it’s time to start picking just a couple more units that would be nice to have in the list. It’s time to have a bit of fun, really, as most of my bases are now covered. I could just max out some more troops slots, or fill the remaining points with Lychguard (I’ve done it before!) But I’m still trying to learn the nuances of the army, and trying to work out what I want to play with, and perhaps more importantly, I’m trying to work out how to play Necrons well.

First up in this section are the Deathmarks. I talked a lot about my own utility HQs, but what about everybody else’s? Or – worse yet – psykers? Necrons famously have next to no psychic defense, but if that psyker is a character, they do have snipers that can try to get rid of any Smite shenanigans, hopefully before they get too out of hand. The Hunters from Hyperspace special rule allows them to deepstrike in, and the synaptic disintegrators they are armed with allow them to target characters, doing additional mortal wounds on 6s. They also have the Ethereal Interception rule, which allows them to pop out of reserves behind an enemy unit that has just arrived as such, and then shoot at it. It is slightly better than it was last edition as you can still shoot in your own subsequent shooting phase, though I don’t know if I’ll ever want to make use of this as well.

The Doomsday Ark is a model that I’m very much looking forward to getting finished and down on the table. In terms of my Great Reanimation project to re-paint my Necron force as Thokt Dynasty, I’ve been holding off this one as I want to try and get troops and other core units painted up first, but since doing the Command Barge, I’m definitely in the mood to try and get more vehicles and war machines in my army! The doomsday cannon, when fired from stationary, is S10 AP-5, which feels like it might be overkill, but seriously, the amount of Knights swanning around the game right now mean we need to have something that can give them a run for their money! If it’s not being weighed down by sheer volume of shots, it needs to have something big thrown at it, and the Doomsday Ark definitely fits that bill. It’s also a really cool looking model, so I suppose there is that going for it, as well!

Finally, we have a small Scarab Swarm base to round out the points closer to 2000. Scarabs are just an annoying little unit that have the hilarious Self Destruction strategem for 1CP that allows you to remove the swarm before close combat, and roll a D6 – on a 2+, a unit within 1″ suffers D3 mortal wounds. Spectacular stuff! Could be worth including more Scarabs just for the hilarity factor! Ages ago, I bought a load of Scarabs from a bits seller, so have plenty of them hanging about. They’re a unit that can be fun to build, as you design the look of the base with scarabs scuttling over terrain or space marines…

Necron scarab base

This third tier of units is very much in the vein of just stuff that I’d like to try out, so I’d like to try to keep it flexible enough that I can switch things out as the mood takes me. Of course, there’s nothing to say the rest of the army will survive any future culls, but there are models like the Canoptek Tomb Stalker and the Tesseract Ark that I have and would like to see if I can fit them into the list in the future. But for now, I think I’m going to stick with this list, and with just the Codex models while I truly get to grips with the new book.

Necrons Tesseract Ark

The Fancy Stuff
So that’s the army units that I’ll be using, along with a selection of the stratagems that have caught my eye. What about all the fancy bits?

To start with, I’m sticking with the Sautekh Dynastic Code, which allows me to treat all ranged weapons as Assault weapons if I Advance, and additionally I suffer no penalty for moving and shooting Heavy weapons. That’s why I’ve quite brazenly fitted a transdimensional beamer on one of the Canoptek Wraiths, as I’d like to see what the weapon does, but I don’t have to worry about keeping still. I’ve also got gauss cannons on the Barge and Stalker for the same reason, really.

Sautekh was originally chosen because it seemed like a decent enough code, but also because I was looking at using Orikan the Diviner for my list. I may still include him in the future, but for now I have no other plans for him.

The Sautekh-specific stratagem, Methodical Destruction, allows other units to add 1 to their hit rolls when targeting a unit that has already been wounded this phase. It’s 2CP, so not something you’d consider lightly, but can be quite useful (and again links in nicely with the Stalker’s rule, and the general plan of having a lot of focused fire).

As far as Warlord Traits go, I’ve gone for Hyperlogical Strategist. It’s the Sautekh-specific Trait, and allows for CP refunds on a 5+ (as well as re-rolling a single die once per battle). I’m not overly fussed by this, if I’m honest, and Warlord Traits in general tend to be one of the most likely abilities that I forget during a game. I’d be equally happy with experimenting through all six of the generic Necron traits, as well, as there are some fairly good ones in that bunch – including Immortal Pride, which allows the Warlord to Deny the Witch. Could be interesting! At any rate, my Warlord is probably going to be the Command Barge, just because I’ve always used the Barge in this respect in previous games. Though I could just as easily see myself swapping it to the Overlord on foot.

Finally, relics – or, Artifacts of the Aeons, as they’re known here! I’ve never been amazingly overwhelmed by how powerful these relics are, unfortunately, which often makes it difficult to decide what to take. I’ve previously just gone for Sempiternal Weave to get +1 Toughness and +1 Wound, but I could just as easily go for the Orb of Eternity to get a second round of Reanimation Protocols at +1 for models within 3″ of the bearer. I’m not a fan of the Sautekh-specific relic, the Abyssal Staff, as it changes the Staff of Light from Assault 3 to Assault 1, with mortal wounds available subject to too many confusing conditions. I’d rather just stick with my regular Staff of Light and be done with!

I’ve recently been thinking about re-painting the new plastic Overlord, which would give me access to the Voidreaper, though that Voidscythe is expensive yet fine as it is! So that’ll probably be something for the more distant future.

But there we have it! My new Necron army, finally decided upon!

Necrons Thoky Dynasty

Army Progress
So where am I up to with getting these models done? Well, not quite as near to finished as I’d like, sadly!

I think everything is definitely built, though I’d have to check what I’ve armed the Tomb Blades of yore with. Probably will need to re-do them to be completely correct on the tabletop. The Doomsday Ark is a big issue insofar as it’s in about 20 sub-assemblies, so that couldn’t be fielded right now. But I’m otherwise not too bad on the building side of things. Painting wise, I’ve not gotten very far beyond having the gauss Immortals, the Cryptek and the Command Barge finished, though! I’m about to start work on some tesla Immortals, and have the Annihilation Barge sitting on my desk covered in green spray paint, so will need to do something with that soon.

But the good thing about all of this is, I don’t need to buy any new models just yet!

Looking to the future, I’ve already mentioned the Forge World inclusions I’d like to make – though again, I’ve already got those models. I’m thinking I might make an investment in a second Doomsday Ark, depending on how well the first works for me. Within the many models that are waiting for me to build, I have a second Triarch Stalker as well, which is another model I’m thinking about doubling down on, as I can foresee the Targeting Relay rule making it a high priority for my opponent if it means I’m getting a lot of mileage out of it.

Necron Immortals

Overall, then, I’m really pleased that I’ve finally managed to come up with an army build for the Necrons that I’m actually happy with. It’s been a long process, overall, and I’ve gone through a number of iterations before getting here, but here I finally am! Having spent a lot of time lately reading over the Codex and trying to figure out where I want to go with an army, I think I’m reasonably clear now on what I want to be doing on the table. I’ve gone for bigger blobs of troops in order to maximise on Reanimation Protocols, and have as many buffs and synergies as I can get into the list while still keeping it fun and engaging for me. It should be a really exciting process to finally get the army finished, and I’ll be sure to check in here with both painting updates and news on how well the army performs when I’ve finally started to get some games in with it!

Hopefully I’ll be able to at least play once before Chapter Approved 2018 will no doubt come along and change a lot of the points costs or unit/weapon abilities! At least I can use that as my inspiration…

This blog is definitely running a bit long now, though, so I think I’ll close it up here. Hopefully it’s been interesting, maybe even useful, but you deserve a break now, so go put the kettle on and relax!

Bank Holiday Painting Extravaganza!

Hey everybody!
It’s been a Bank Holiday painting extravaganza for me this weekend! Having two days pretty much to myself, as the other half was in work, I’ve managed to make some amazing progress with clearing the backlog!

Necron Immortals

First up, I’ve added five more Immortals to my new Thokt Dynasty that I was talking about the other day, giving me now two troops choices, an HQ and an Elites slot, along with a dedicated transport. Hooray! I’ve bitten the bullet and listed a lot of my older Necrons on ebay this weekend, in the hope that it prompts me to really make the effort and paint my current batch of unpainted models. If nothing else, I really want to get the Catacomb Command Barge and a third squad of Immortals painted (tesla this time), and then I’ll have the first Battalion ready! That’s also going to be well on the way to my first list finished, so we’ll see how far I can get with that… It only took me five months to get round to painting these, after all!

Dark Eldar Ravager

Much like last weekend, I’ve been painting a mixture of Necrons and Dark Eldar, my true 40k loves! This weekend, I’ve managed to get the second Ravager finished – something that, annoyingly, I’d been very close to for a long time anyway, as I’d done the main hull back in April. The crew are finished, though, along with the crew for the next Raider that I’ll be working on, so that’s a very positive step!

Dark Eldar Kabalites

I’ve also finished off four infantry chaps, in the main because I had a game today and wanted to try out some different things! I’d built up all of these guys back in January, when I was building a lot of Dark Eldar as I was waiting for the Codex to drop, but have finally gotten round to painting them up. I’d picked the two blaster-wielding chaps to finish as I was painting the Ravager crew anyway, but now I need to get moving with another batch of Kabalite Warriors. I have a lot of these guys, as it happens, as I’d originally build up enough to get myself two full Battalions of pure Kabal. Then the Rule of Three came out, and without Drazhar, there aren’t enough HQs to now do this and keep the Kabal Obsession. So I lost interest in the idea, but have now started instead to think of either a Brigade with just three Archons (not even sure if that’s possible?), or else sticking with one Kabal Battalion but having a massive unit of Warriors on foot. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do yet, so we’ll see. I definitely want to get more of the special weapons peppered into my squads, so I’ll probably be working on some of those soon.

It may be nearly five months since I first picked this book up, but I have today had my first game with Codex Drukhari, and it was an absolute blast!

A chap at my local store was looking to try out an army list he’d come up with, but only at 550 points. So I set about building up a basic Patrol detachment, an HQ and two troops (ah, the old FOC!) all in vehicles: two squads of 10 Kabalite Warriors in Raiders, including a splinter cannon in one, and a blaster/agoniser in the other; in a Venom, the Archon (splinter pistol/huskblade) along with a Court of Lhamaean, Ur-ghul and Medusae. Obviously, I was playing Kabal of the Obsidian Rose, so had some pretty decent range on all my weapons.

On the Deathwatch side, there was a squad of Veterans, a squad of Terminators, and a Captain in Gravis Armour. As it happened, my opponent was as great at throwing dice as I was, so it all went quite well! Having nothing much to do against my army, as they were all in vehicles, it felt a bit one-sided, as I was able to shoot up the table from within my Raiders. I charged everybody out of the Venom just for something to do, though was quite impressed with some of the Court characters. I think I’ll look at using them more often!

While I don’t think there’s been much change between the Index and the Codex, the addition of Obsessions is definitely something that I enjoyed. I’ve been playing about with some list ideas off and on for a while, and having been initially very keen to start a Wych Cult this year, I’m leaning more towards the Kabal/Coven lists I used to play during the Index days. So I’m busily planning to paint more stuff to make it what I hope will be a decent enough list to play, so stay tuned there!

Summer Painting Update
So, since my last update on the three armies that I’d wanted to get a move along with, I’ve done very little of any of them! Earlier this month, I had started work in earnest on the Tempestus Scions, though that was primarily for Kill Team rather than the 500-point list I’d outlined here.

The Scions haven’t advanced much at all since I took that photo, but I’m currently keeping them close on the painting table as I’m not going to write them off just yet. The Skitarii haven’t seen much of anything since I started vaguely working on the blue of the Dunecrawler back in June, either:

I blame the arrival of Kill Team and wanting to finish painting the Genestealer Cultists that I’d had one the table since way back when. Having finished a Neophyte Squad, I shouldn’t really complain, of course, but I’d really like to be further forward with a lot of these projects!

While summer may be almost over, I’m not going to be entirely writing off these goals just yet. I feel like I’ve stalled with the Tau, but I always get quite nostalgic for Necrons at this time of year, so I want to use that to get moving finally with my Great Reanimation. I also feel nostalgia for the Skitarii, so we’ll see how far I can get with those, as well! And I definitely want to paint up some more units for the Dark Eldar list I’m working on…

The Great Reanimation!

Hey everybody!
Last time, I mentioned the fact that I’d been painting some Necron stuff again, after what felt like an enormous hiatus from the undead space robots. Well, I’ve spent the past week thinking about what to do with the army, and lots of plans have been drawn up and promptly cast aside. However, I think I’ve finally managed to get myself into a vague position where I’m feeling good about the force that I have drawn up, so thought I’d come here today and ramble a bit about my new Necron plans!


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will likely know about my love of the Necrons as my very first 40k army from way back in the day. In fact, you can see most of the massed troops that I had painted up to this point in the picture above. Heavy on the infantry, with a lot of Lychguard, because I love the idea of the implacable robot tide. I particularly love the Lychguard kit for its beautiful space skeletons, the armour of those guys is so ornate… Ah, beautiful! Anyway, I’ve been painting Necrons in this silver-and-gold-and-green scheme for a very long time up to this point, and while I do enjoy it, I think I was beginning to tire of it somewhat.

Necron Immortals

In the main, the fact that this was the colourscheme that I had come up with back when I was first getting into painting miniatures had begun to wear a little on me, as whenever I was adding more units to the army, I felt almost that I had to regress my painting to match the very earliest miniatures I’d painted. So last summer, I decided to repaint the entire Legion. Well, for that reason, and the fact that GW had discontinued Mourn Mountain Snow as a texture paint, so I was faced with the option of no more snow bases!

Thokt Dynasty Necrons

I came up with my own take on the Thokt dynasty, and painted five Immortals before pretty much calling it a day with these guys for a long time. Moving house probably didn’t help, but I also had developed a love for Drukhari that meant I was focusing my efforts elsewhere instead. However, in the intervening months, I have managed to paint up five Lychguard with warscythes – because Lychguard are awesome, remember – and the new Cryptek from the Forgebane box, because that model just appealed to me like nothing from the recent batch of releases.

Necrons Thoky Dynasty

And then, of course, I painted a Night Scythe last weekend!

All of this has really helped me to get into the new colour scheme for the new army, which is primarily grey-blue rather than the black and blue of the scheme that had originally appealed to me so much from the back of the Immortals box.

So where am I going with all this rambling?

Well, I’ve taken stock of the current models that I have, including those in partial states of completion, and in an attempt to put aside my massive love for Lychguard, I’ve come up with a list that I feel is something that I would want to actually play.

See, this has been a huge problem for me since the new Codex came out earlier this year. All of the models are so damned expensive, my playstyle of having a horde of undead robots doesn’t really lend itself to the new edition. Of course, I suppose 7th edition was hardly good in that respect, either. But I’ll be writing another blog later in the week about the Codex and my thoughts there, so stay tuned for that!

So then, the list:

Necrons 1200pt list

In keeping with what I’ve been trying to do all summer, it’s a fairly small list that will hopefully allow me to actually get these things painted up without much fuss. So far, I’ve got four of the ten units painted, with all of them built up ready to get done, so I’m hoping to channel my current Necron enthusiasm to get them finished! To add to my sense of urgency, I’ve started to sell off a lot of my older models, as I don’t fancy trying to strip the paint from a lot of those spindly Lychguard and start again – when I tried that last time, I ended up having to build new arms for them all, due to the fact almost everything just broke…

The plan for this list is fairly straightforward, as regards playing it goes. The Immortals are a fire-support as the elite choices move across the board to where they need to be. The Lychguard will start on the Tomb World, and will be beamed to where they’re needed by the Night Sythe, while the Deathmarks will come in when they’re needed to plop down and (hopefully) do some serious work.

Being a small, fairly elite army here, I do feel a little nervy about the Reanimation Protocols, so I’ll want the Cryptek to hang back and buff the Immortals where possible.

It should be a really good start to a 2000-point force, but I also want it to act as something of a core for an army that I think will be a lot more flexible than I’m used to. Normally, when I build armies I tend to think about the cool minis that I want to include, and I’ll swap out only one or two units depending on the situation I’m due to face. With this army, however, I’m actually thinking about roughly half the force being the core, and an additional 900-1000 points being entirely flexible depending on what I’ll be up to. (The Deathmarks and the Triarch Praetorians are currently the two choices that I’m not so sure about – I’m sure one will be staying, and I’m leaning towards the Deathmarks, but I think it does really depend on how they perform on the night…)

I’ve costed up the majority of the models that I have on the go in varying stages of completion, and there are several things that I’d like to bring depending on the situation at hand. Foremost among them is the addition of Orikan the Diviner, the HQ model that I’ve used the most, and for some reason the one I enjoy the most, lore-wise. I’ve also been really keen to field the Doomsday Ark since I first bought the battalion box back in the day. I’ve had the Tesseract Ark built up for about three years at this point, so I want to try and get that built to see what it does, though I am always a little hesitant to use Forge World models due to the reputation they can have.

I’ve only played with my Necrons three times in 8th edition, so I’m no expert in this regard. I feel like having a small number of bodies might be a bad thing, but I suppose the facility to bring them back often (if the unit isn’t obliterated) should mitigate that somewhat. There’s a variety to the list that I enjoy, so I’m hoping that will help, as well.

All in all, then, I’m excited to finally get the Necron force on the table. Time to get painting then, I guess!!

Painting Weekend!

Hey everybody!
Well it’s been a very exciting weekend for me, as I’ve been painting a whole load of miniatures with something close to abandon! I’ve not painted so much for a long time, and it feels great!

First of all, at the back end of last week I had hoped to get a game of 40k in at the local store, with a guy who I know has about 2k points of Deathwatch. So I’d been looking at my Dark Eldar army, which I know is well over 2k, and trying to organise myself into the usual double-battalion of Kabal and Coven. In turn, that got me looking at the box of Dark Eldar that I’ve had primed/partially painted, and pulled out a few bits to start working on. One of which, as it happens, is the glorious Razorwing Jetfighter!

I think this has been built for well over a year now, and has just been gathering dust while primed with Rhinox Hide and ready. Over the course of the weekend, I’ve managed to get the brown armour highlighted, and just need to paint the metallics on the wings to give it that razor-edged look. I’m really pleased to have it in the army, anyway, and I’m already looking forward to when I can get in a game and see how well it does!

I’ve also been working on some Court of the Archon minis – the Ur-ghul and the Medusae, both finecast minis that I’d put together a while back but hadn’t really done a great deal with. I already have a Lhamaean, and have used her a couple of times (though never managed to do anything with her, I think I’m a bit scared about getting my HQs too close into combat, though my Archon has once used a Huskblade to destroy an Ork Boss. Anyway!) I like the idea of having a Court in a Venom and just throwing it at the enemy, and seeing how well they do… Last up, then, I’ll need to get that Sslyth sorted!

I’ve not painted any Drukhari for what feels like an age – I last finished some models for the army in February – though I have got a second Ravager almost finished. I think it was probably the fact I only have one crew member left for the Ravager that prompted me to get some of these models out and start painting them again, actually.

I’ve only ever painted three Reaver jetbikes for the army, but have an absolute ton of them built from last winter, when I wanted to get moving with a Wych Cult force. I’ve used the bikes once or twice in games, and I seem to remember they did really well, so it makes sense to try some more! However, in keeping with the lore, I like the idea of having mine as small tripartite gangs of bikers joining the raiding party for a lark, and so wanted the chassis to be different colours to denote this. Having tried to get red last time, this time I thought I’d go for yellow, as it’s a colour I tend not to bother with (aside from the warheads on my smart missile systems!) So far, I think they’ve turned out really well, anyway!

The last Reavers, I managed to paint in a single session. This time around, however, I evidently have more going on, and so they’re still waiting for a few details to be finished…

Finally, this!

It’s a bit of an odd one, given I’ve been painting so much Dark Eldar, but I suppose the return of my Dark Eldar has got me thinking about even older armies, and the Necrons are a force that takes me right back to the very start of my 40k life.

I built this Night Scythe in 2015, and managed to get some of it painted in that time, but I think it was possibly the biggest model I’d painted up to that point (it was certainly the one with the most flat areas), and I was a little nervy about getting it to look good. I was also hopeless at working out a scheme for my Necron vehicles that wasn’t just basically Caliban Green, so it was consigned to oblivion all these years.

Well, last night I had trouble sleeping so, in between painting more on the Reavers, I went through my bag of unfinished Necron models to see what I had. (Yes, they were in a bag – the shame!) In addition to finding the Doomsday Ark I had built, I’ve also got an Annihilation Barge and at least one Tomb Blade that I think I can salvage for the Great Reanimation, but everything else I think will likely need to be stripped before I can go about getting it painted in my new Thokt dynasty colours. If indeed I can be bothered to do that – I’ve often been thinking it might be easier to just sell them off and then start afresh, but I’ve so far only sold off the character models that I’d painted (badly!)

All of this stuff seems to date from 2015, which is quite shocking really. I know one of the things that always keeps me going with Necrons is the idea of the implacable tide of infantry, I thought I’d done more of the war machines than this! It’s definitely time to change that, though I’m still really finding it difficult to come up with a Codex list that I actually like the look of, so I’m not yet sure how I want to play my Newcrons in 8th edition.

I came up with the above back in March when the Codex was fresh, but that is a hell of a lot of infantry, with just the Command Barge as a big thing. It’s definitely time to do more with the Necrons than just Immortals and Lychguard, but the cost of these units is kinda prohibitive, and seems to lend itself much better to large-point games. Having the flyer will, I think, be a huge thing for my force, as it acts as a transport as well, though obviously I wouldn’t want to go filling it to capacity as the way the rules work for the Night Scythe mean that any models that haven’t entered play when the Scythe is destroyed are also destroyed. But I think it could be a very useful delivery system for Lychguard while the Immortals hang back as a bit of a gun-line.

Anyway, I’m rambling a bit here!

So I need to get my act together and write up a Necrons list that I actually like the look of; I’ve got a Drukhari list that I do like the look of, so just need to finish off the couple of models that aren’t yet fully painted so that I can actually field it, and then I should be good to go!

Honestly, I’ve never been as excited for the hobby as I am right now!!

Warhammer Reflections – 4 years on

Hey everybody,
It’s approaching the time of year where I generally get quite nostalgic for my “career” within the Warhammer hobby, so I thought I’d ramble a bit here about some of the good times I’ve had with little plastic men over the last four years. In a manner of speaking…

Can you believe it’s been four years since I started this little adventure? Well, if you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you’re not only extremely classy, but you probably can… It all started because of Shadows of Brimstone, that kickstarter from Flying Frog Productions that I backed massively, only to find out in the months following the end of the campaign that the miniatures would require assembly. To practice, I therefore bought a Beast of Nurgle from Games Workshop, having been aware of their products for a number of years thanks to the card game Warhammer: Invasion, and the rest, as they say, is history.

As a side note, I should really look at doing a blog devoted to that game. I know it’s long-dead, but it was one of my all-time favourites, so definitely deserves some love here on the blog!

While I was initially really heavily into the Old World, due in part to the fact that I was so familiar with the card game, I think the negative reactions I was exposed to following the End Times series really started me moving away from the fantasy setting, and instead looking into the 40k stuff. While I felt like I had a decent grounding, between the card game and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, I was really flying blind when it came to the grim dark of the far future, but threw myself into the lore of the Necrons, having discovered the Lychguard kit (as has been mentioned on this blog before, of course!) I suppose, to some extent, it was only natural that I would gravitate towards those chaps, seeing as how I was a huge Tomb Kings fan. It was a real heartache when I recently decided to sell my stock of TKs, having been so assiduous in gathering up as many of the kits as I could when they went Last Chance to Buy. But that’s beside the point.

I really enjoyed the look of metallic skeletons, and as has been well chronicled on the blog now, I really fell for those Lychguard like there was no tomorrow. While they weren’t the only contenders for my first 40k army – it was a toss-up between Necrons, Tyranids and Dark Eldar as to who I was going to pursue as a first army choice – the undead space robots won out! Tyranids were an extremely close second, due in part to the awesome Shield of Baal series that started very soon after I’d made the decision, but I think I’ll always love those undead space robots…

Of course, since then I’ve managed to build up an extremely large Dark Eldar army, as well as having started to build a number of big bugs, too! Recently, I’ve embarked on repainting my Necron force, as it was my first army (and you can tell), though I’ve not yet managed to get very far. Always something to distract me!

It’s really been 40k that has been a driving force behind my passion and enthusiasm for this hobby, despite dipping my toe into fantasy every once in a while. I have very fond memories of the launch of Age of Sigmar, and while I’ve bought and sold more fantasy armies than I care to remember, I think I’m definitely keeping hold of my Stormcast Eternals for the fact that I enjoyed assembling that force so much.

Age of Sigmar

40k has been huge for me since then, and I honestly can’t ever see myself moving away from it. Whether it’s through the tabletop game itself, or any of the specialist games like Deathwatch Overkill or Necromunda – or even keeping some of the FFG games alive such as Conquest or, the classic, Space Hulk Death Angel – I can see myself forever staying with the grim dark of the far future, and look forward to sharing that with as many people as possible.

It’s definitely been an exciting four years, and there has been so much that I’ve enjoyed. While this blog started life as a sort of general nerdy thing with a lot of variety (at least, I think it did!), I’ve been very conscious of the fact that it has now become very focused on Warhammer, with Magic and Star Wars being a bit of a sideline.

And this is because I basically love the Warhammer 40k universe now!

I had a bit of a realisation a week or so ago, as I was laboriously reading through the latest new canon Star Wars novel Last Shot, that I don’t actually enjoy the new Star Wars as much as I enjoyed the franchise back before 2015. I don’t mean to turn this into some kind of Warhammer 40k vs Star Wars debate, but let’s leave it at I’m enjoying the former an awful lot more than the latter, right now!

And I suppose that’s partly due to the interactive nature of Warhammer 40k for me. There hasn’t really been a stand-out Star Wars game since WotC produced Star Wars miniatures, whereas there’s a whole hobby-gaming side to 40k that makes it a great deal more immersive.

I’d like to think that I’ve improved a great deal as a painter in the last four years – certainly, I’m more willing to show off my Drukhari, my Genestealer Cult, or my Thokt Necrons before bringing out that Beast of Nurgle – though there is always room for improvement. I’m still quite a lazy painter, something I’ve noticed when painting some Van Saar gangers recently. I rely a lot on drybrushing, while not always taking the time to drybrush properly. More models than I care to remember are quite streaky as a result! But I do feel a lot happier with my miniatures that I’m painting now, than I have done with the older lot. One of the reasons why I’m intending to re-do my entire Necron army, actually!

I don’t really have any sort of hobby goals in mind right now, except maybe to paint more than I buy, and get smarter with just what I’m buying in the first place, though who doesn’t have those sorts of goals in this hobby, right?! I’ve got a number of projects on the go that feel like they’re overwhelming me, particularly since Kill Team came along and I’m finding myself with plans for several small bands of infantry! Since delving back into my Genestealer Cults for that, however, I’ve been feeling in the mood to try some Tyranids, having bought quite a lot of kits for that army back at the start of the year. I find myself forever floating around from one project to another, without really getting anywhere with one (a notable exception being the Drukhari last year, that was amazing how I managed to apply myself and get over 2000 points painted up in a few months!)

I definitely want to plan my purchases more, and really try to work out just what I need before wandering into the store and picking up all manner of pretty looking kits just because they look nice. I also want to try to paint more, as has been shown by the variety of ‘painting goals’ style blogs that I’ve written so far this year. Having added Tau to my army rosters back in March, I really do feel a bit overwhelmed with everything, so definitely want to start scaling things back on that front. Going forward, I want to try (as much as I can) to pick a unit of, say, five guys, and just do what I need to do to get them finished. I think that’s how I eventually got going with the Drukhari, just five or ten at a time, and as whole units were added to the force, things really just snowballed…

I also want to play more games! Who doesn’t, I guess? But with Kill Team a thing now, the ability to have a lot of small games should make things easier. I’m keen to try my hand at Necromunda, having kitted out the Van Saars to be a proper gang and ready for the skirmish there, though I’m not sure if it’s that popular at my store… Skirmish games are fine, of course, but I also want to try and be a bit more serious with my efforts in mainstream 40k. I’ve got three big armies now as far as my Drukhari, Necrons (if I include the old ones that need re-doing), and T’au, along with a lot of smaller forces (with a lot of unbuilt kits that will one day make them bigger forces), so it would be a shame to not make the most of that and actually do something with them!

All this talk of Necromunda and Genestealer Cults brings me to something that I find a bit odd, but let’s talk about it anyway. I’ve not been in the hobby that long, and I’ve especially not been within the 40k universe that long, but there’s a weird kind of borrowed-nostalgia that I get from these re-imagining of classic aspects of the 40k universe. I suppose I get swept up in the moment, and find it all quite wonderful, though it could just be down to the fact that the miniatures are obviously designed with such care and attention to detail that I find myself really enamoured with them, despite not having a basis for any kind of nostalgia-response. It also helps that Necromunda, in particular, just looks like such a cool, immersive game that I can’t help but be swept up within the tidal wave of awesome that it is!

Rogue Trader is obviously coming out at Christmastime, and also promises to be every fanboy’s dream – including mine! I’m going to have to do some serious negotiation to get that under the tree for Christmas, but it looks like it will be so damn worth it!

The Rogue Trader release in 3-4 months’ time makes me wonder just when we can be expecting the last three Codexes for Warhammer 40k, though. There has been a hell of a lot of talk about a big campaign box for Space Wolves vs Orks, but as we’re now getting closer to the end of the year, I just don’t see this coming out anytime soon. It’s been two months since the announcement, on 1 June, about these books – looking at the last such announcement, when those for Imperial Knights, Harlequins and Deathwatch were talked about, it’s roughly two-to-three months between the announcement and the books being released. So I’m guessing that September will see the start of these things. It’s kinda unheard of for a big box game to have not been spoiled if it is, in fact, only a month or so away…

But that said, the Warhammer 40k facebook page did just unveil this…

Space Wolves vs Genestealer Cult? Who saw that one coming?!

Just another little tangent there! I did say this would be rambling!

Where was I? Ah yes, how much I need to be more careful with my purchases, rather than simply throwing my money at all the new shiny releases. Erm…

At any rate, after almost a year where I moved house and have since struggled to find a place to paint properly, I’m finding myself sliding closer to that point where I’m happily applying acrylic to plastic, so I’m hoping that I can at least make good on one of the many, many painting promises I’ve talked about on this blog before the end of the year…

While I like the thought of Tyranids and having a big bugs army, I’m also moving back towards my Drukhari, having lost interest a little when I felt the Codex had tried to force me to play a mixed list. However, I think I’m most excited right now for the Militarum Tempestus army that I’ve been wanting to build for a number of years now.

To date, I’ve still only painted two models for them. However, this is where the joy of Kill Team comes in, as I’ve excitedly been writing up a list that I think will make it relatively easy to get done, at which point I might as well just carry on and paint up a platoon! Oh, I make it sound so easy. But I think, if I can get some of these done, and some more Skitarii painted by the end of the year, I’ll be a very happy bunny, indeed.

So, thanks for reading all the way through this extremely rambling blog post about my jumbled thoughts on 40k right now, as well as something of a potted history of my life with the game, and stay tuned to the blog as I begin to delve more seriously into Kill Team campaigns – and, of course, Necromunda!

The Necron Codex

Hey everybody!
My Necron Codex arrived about twelve hours early, so I’ve been spending some quality time with the new book, building up my new list and enjoying getting back to my first love of 40k. I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I thought I’d pop along here and share some ramblings with you all!

First of all, I think I should share my initial disappointment with you all. Having taken the decision last summer to re-paint my dynasty in Thokt colours, I was saddened to see that they don’t have their own Dynastic Codes (the Necron version of Chapter Tactics) in the new book. I’m sure I’ll live with it, for sure, but still!

While I have played with Necrons a few times in 8th, I’ve predominantly been playing with Dark Eldar, so don’t have a wealth of expertise to share as regards what has been good, what hasn’t, etc. I usually prefer infantry-heavy lists, anyway, and will never use so much as a single Warrior because I dislike the sculpts so much. This has been true throughout 7th Edition and remains so now! I don’t have a tremendous range of big Necron models in my collection, truth be told, as while I’ve built a Triarch Stalker, a Monolith, and the like, I’ve never really found it in me to paint them. I think I just love the look of the infantry so much that I don’t really rate anything more.

That said, I have been thinking about my options for a few things, and I’m now set on getting both an Annihilation Barge and a Doomsday Ark for my collection. I have the minis for both, naturally, but they’re in some state of partial assembly (and have possibly been sprayed green, my previous colour scheme for these chaps). So I definitely need to get a move on!

The List
As it stands, my army is looking decidedly infantry-heavy, like I said, but I do have the Catacomb Command Barge providing a nice centrepiece model for the whole. I’ve extended my list to 1500 points, having only been playing at 1000 points for the time being. I do feel that I’m in the mood for some larger battles now, though – especially now that the rules of the game are more firmly in my mind!

So, let’s take a look at what I’ve come up with:

I do admit, I lack some decent heavy firepower. The list was primarily written in order to combine to Battalion detachments with a Vanguard for all of the Command Points, but I’ve got it in the back of my mind to perhaps either drop down to one, bigger Battalion that has a larger reach – that is, one that will incorporate the heavy slots mentioned earlier – or else re-write the whole thing as a Brigade! There are a couple of things that are swirling about in my mind about this right now:
– a Brigade only requires three HQs minimum, and I’m using five here for the three separate detachments. So I could save some points by cutting stuff there. That said, I do need three Fast Attack and three Heavy Support in addition to the troops and elites incorporated into the list as it stands;
– this list is netting me 10 command points, whereas a Brigade will only get me 12 anyway, so I’d be doing a lot of messing about for only an additional 2. That said, if I dropped the second Battalion in order to have more variety in the first, I’d be down to just 7 CPs anyway, so a Brigade would look better;
– the sort of Brigade I’d want to field costs 2050 points, and includes Wraiths and a Spyder along with six squads of Immortals, some Lychguards and Deathmarks, all headed up by a Command Barge and a pair of Crypteks. I’d be able to get it to fit 2000 points by swapping the Barge for Orikan, which is nice to know. (In case you’re interested, the cheapest Necron Brigade detachment is 1293 points, and looks absolute garbage…)

I’d be better off using the list above as my base, then adding in a Spearhead detachment as follows:

This would avoid wrecking my list too much, as well as keeping things well within 2000-points. But this is definitely a lot of theory-hammer that I don’t think I’ll be doing much with for the time being. I mean, there’s still a long way to go before I have all of these models ready for battle!

The units
For HQs, then, I’ve got the good old Barge, which has come down a little in points thanks to the Staff of Light reduction, and the gauss cannon has gotten a little better at Strength 6 now. Crypteks have the double boost of a points reduction as well as the nice little piece of wargear, the Canoptek Cloak, which allows them to fly and double their movement, as well as giving a boost to nearby models with Living Metal. This is possibly due to the new Cryptek model from the Forgebane box, which will undoubtedly be sold in a clampack soon enough…

I’ve actually got enough points in the main force to swap out that Lord for a second Overlord, which I have been considering, arming him with a voidscythe because S10, AP-4 D3 sounds amazing, even if I have to subtract 1 from the hit roll! I have a “converted” Lord, however, made out of the spare Overlord when I made the Annihilation Barge, so I suppose it would be nice to keep him in for the time being.

Reanimation Protocols have had a slight tweak now, in that they don’t work for models who have fled from the unit. Of course, everything is Leadership 10, so things don’t often flee anyway, but it’s probably worth mentioning. Otherwise, though, there isn’t really a huge difference to the meat of the army. Immortals are still pretty much the same solid troop choice, and Lychguard carrying swords and shields have come down a little thanks to the points reduction on the shields. Dispersion shields are a fairly cool addition now, thanks to the Dispersion Field Amplification stratagem, that allows you to bounce back shots fired at them if you roll a natural 6 for your save. It’s 2 command points, but it’s incredibly fluffy, and what they used to do anyway, so I like that a lot!

The fancy stuff
Because I have Orikan in the army (and, to a lesser extent, because he’s my Warlord), my Dynastic Code is the Sautekh dynasty. This allows me to treat all ranged weapons as Assault weapons, and I don’t suffer the penalty for moving and shooting with Heavy weapons (unless I advanced). So the gauss cannon on the Barge is fine 🙂

The Warlord Trait, Hyperlogical Strategist, allows me to re-roll a single hit, wound or damage roll once per battle, which I’m not particularly thrilled by as I tend to treat all once-per-game effects with some caution, but the Trait is also the Command Point refund one.

As I said, I already have 10 Command Points, and there aren’t a lot of Stratagems that I feel will be key to my battle-plan. See, a lot of the Necron Stratagems are quite specific as to who they affect, which is nice if you have a good spread of units of course, but it does mean that of the 22 generic Necron Stratagems, I can only use 12 of them. I like that a lot of the flavourful rules of yore are making a return in Stratagems, but some of these are so specific, they would perhaps be as well to have been included as a specific rule on the datasheet of the unit in question. Just my thoughts there!

Finally, the Artifact of the Aeons (that is, the Relic) I have chosen is Sempiternal Weave on the Overlord, which grants +1T and +1W. Going back to what I was saying about a second Overlord with the Voidscythe earlier, I think this would be an ideal relic for him, as he wants to get stuck into combat after all. But there is another relic that actually affects Voidscythes, and it might be worth giving that to him instead. But I digress!

The plan
I’m no strategist, of course, so don’t take this as some kind of amazing hidden secret for the Necrons, but the basic idea of this army is that of a gunline, six squads of Immortals shooting the place up, being buffed by the Lord and Overlord, while Lychguard protect Orikan. The Command Barge is basically a mobile gun platform, and the Cryptek is on hand to repair things as required. If Orikan manages to become Empowered (I’ve used him once, and it happened, so I have a 100% success rate at getting this off!) then his little blob of Lychguard can become more of a mobile threat on the board, hopefully allowing the Immortals to remain out of combat and thus free to continue shooting up the board.

A lot of folks have remarked on the fact I tend to avoid the tesla Immortals, which is indeed a curious state of affairs. It’s mainly due to the fact that I’m rubbish at rolling 6s, so I prefer the reliable AP of gauss over the potential exploding dice of tesla. I’ve got some in there just in case, for sure, but I’ve previously run these two five-man squads, rolling 20 dice for shooting, and not getting a single six, no matter what people say the odds should be!

I mentioned earlier the lack of any real firepower, but until I venture up to 2000-points and the prospect of adding in those serious cannons, I think I’m going to be reliant on having weight of firepower above all else.

This post is getting really long already, so I’m going to call it a day there. All in all, after a first glance through it, I think the Codex is fine – it’s not really making me want to get out there right now and try out all of the amazing newness, as I don’t honestly think a great deal has changed for me. It’s good to have the book, with the options that Stratagems and the like offer for the army – I’ve talked before about feeling out-classed by playing Codex vs Index armies. Definitely nice to have, anyway!

Let’s pause for a minute…

Wow. Just, wow.

As you probably know, if you’ve been keeping up with my blog for any amount of time, I’m a big fan of Warhammer 40k, and really enjoy what’s been happening with all the new stuff right now. But I feel a bit like there’s almost too much coming at me right now, that I can barely keep up with it all and contain my excitement! Let’s recap, first of all.

Kill Team was announced at the GAMA Trade Show, as an updated version of the skirmish game, and I was extremely excited. I love the idea of small-scale games, and I’m really intrigued as to what they mean with making it a fully supported and distinct game system. Should be a lot of fun, not least because it will also be coming along with more terrain, which is always good!

Overall, very much looking forward to getting some of this in my life!

At the same time, we also had House Van Saar announced as the fourth gang coming out for Necromunda, and I was also incredibly excited by the look of these guys. I do love the biker aesthetic of House Orlock, as I’ve mentioned on this blog already, but there’s something about Van Saar that I can’t quite put my finger on. What I do know is, I’m going to be getting these chaps, too!

I think I’m pretty much dedicated to following Necromunda for all of the new gangs, as I’m just really in love with the feel and the look of them all. But yeah, there’s something I can’t quite put my finger on about this gang that is making me really intrigued to try them out.

So that’s another resounding success!

While they were also announced at GAMA, we had to wait until Adepticon this week for the reveal of the next faction for Age of Sigmar, the Idoneth Deepkin. And my goodness me, what a reveal it was!

This video, and stills from it, seemed to take over my facebook feed for 24 hours straight, it was quite amazing! While they’re not the Fishmen we’ve been waiting for all these years, the Deepkin take as their basis the Black Ark Corsairs subfaction of Dark Elves from the World-That-Was, and they really go to town with it! GW’s miniatures have improved so dramatically since the Corsairs were a thing, and it really shows with these guys.

I’ve not played Age of Sigmar since 2016, and I believe it’s come a long way since then. While I haven’t really kept up with it, there have been numerous things coming out that have really got me wanting to invest in the game system, not least of which the Daughters of Khaine release that came out recently. I think the new-style fantasy miniatures from GW are just stunning, and while it is a subjective thing, I do think that anyone who says these things look terrible is just being ridiculous. However, my heart does truly belong to 40k, so I doubt I’ll be buying into a fantasy army (despite having made some purchases of late…)

But it won’t stop me getting some of these Deepkin to convert for my Dark Eldar…!

I’m still pretty excited for these guys, anyway!

Of course, lots of other tidbits have come out of Adepticon, such as the next three Codexes after Drukhari (rumoured to be out on 7 or 14 April), news of some huge Knight that mocks the idea of this being a miniatures game, an Age of Sigmar CCG, and of course, the confirmation that plastic Sisters of Battle will be coming out in 2019.

Of course, I’ve been feeling pretty burnt-out on the Sisters rumours for quite some time now, so even despite this news, I’ll still believe it when I see it. However, it’s nice to see the community feedback finally taken seriously on this point! And no doubt, when they come out, I’ll want an army of them like most other people!

Along with all of this, we have the Forgebane game coming out tomorrow, and the Necron Codex is due over the Easter weekend. I’ve already been excitedly starting a Tau army, which is once more vying with my Necrons for my attention. To say nothing of adding yet more miniatures to my Dark Eldar, which I’ll doubtless be in the mood for in another couple of weeks when their Codex comes out!

All of this stuff has got me feeling a little bit like I’m on some kind of hobby treadmill, and I’m in actual danger of falling off!

See, like many folks, I have a whole load of hobby projects that I’d like to get on with, but it’s getting to the point where I’m not sure where to begin with tackling it all. Off the top of my head, and in no particular order, I have:
– get on with painting the Tau that I’ve been building up recently;
– get moving with painting/re-painting my Necrons in Thokt Dynasty colours;
– finish painting all of those half-complete Dark Eldar models;
– paint the Orlock and Escher gangers for Necromunda;
– also think about building and painting the Goliath gangers;
– think about the terrain for Necromunda;
– paint all of that Sector Mechanicus terrain I built last summer;
– carry on with the AdMech/Tempestus Scions army;
– finish painting up those Deathwatch miniatures;
– finish painting up those Novamarines, too;
– finish building and paint the Thousand Sons and Death Guard models;
– make a more serious effort with painting the Genestealer Cultists;
– decide if I want to have all of those Tyranid models, as well…

I’m sure there’s plenty more on the agenda that I’m just not thinking about right now!

First-world problems, for sure, but I think I’m in danger of getting into some kind of hobby overload once more, and I think I need to take a step away and almost move all the half-complete projects to the side while I concentrate on just one! I had a real issue when trying to paint the Genestealer Cultists that I discussed in my Tau blog here, in that I felt like I was out of practice with painting in general. I still haven’t yet made any concerted effort to remedy this, but until I do, I’m not feeling confident enough to get moving on things like the Deathwatch, Thousand Sons, or Necromunda minis. I need to focus on a much smaller array of stuff, and in fact I think I need to actually fully paint up a single unit to get my head back in the game, as it were!

Something that is increasingly difficult with all of this wonderful new stuff coming out left and right!

But looking at it from the opposite side: what a glorious time to be in this hobby!!