Gen Con 2021

This one surprised me a little, I must be honest, but GenCon is being held in September this year? I always thought it was an August thing, but what do I know? The best four days in gaming must be a bit strange this year, although the main thing is that it’s back!

Let’s start with Fantasy Flight, whose In-Flight Report used to be the highlight of the weekend for me. Remember the days when they’d announce something spectacular, like Android Netrunner, and then they’d have limited stock to purchase during the convention? Here in 2021, it feels distinctly lacklustre, somehow, like there isn’t a great deal to be excited about. For sure, we have the long-awaited expansion for Outer Rim, which I know fans of that game will be excited by (I can’t believe I haven’t yet looked into that one, but then I guess my priorities have shifted lately!) There are a few games, like Keyforge and Marvel Champions, which I don’t play, so the only thing for me to come out of this announcement was the revised/consolidated Lord of the Rings LCG core set that is due, which will support 4 players out of the gate, and the promise of re-packaging complete cycles in a similar fashion to Arkham Horror LCG. And speaking of that game, they’ve also announced that they’ll be re-packaging earlier cycles to support collectors who have only now got into the game, starting with The Dunwich Legacy.

I thought it was interesting, though, reading some of the comments on FFG’s own facebook post about this, and seeing my own thoughts echoed. I used to be such a fanboy for FFG, but it seems that since they sold to Asmodee (well, for me I think the death-knell was the loss of the Warhammer licence) they’ve lost a lot of the creativity that I used to love. I mean, I used to go through their catalogue and just buy stuff to try it, on the basis that the company was top-notch. Now, I’m pretty much only buying Arkham games, and even then I’m not buying them all… But anyway, enough introspection!

Games Workshop are also at GenCon, and have announced a lot of interesting Kill Team stuff! The new warzone box, Chalnath, is due for release at some point, and does indeed feature T’au vs Sisters of Battle. The T’au Pathfinders kit will have an upgrade sprue, while the Sisters are a new unit, designed specifically for Kill Team. This is pretty much what has been speculated, and the fact that a new Sisters kit is coming out that looks so varied and stuff I think is proof that they want the Kill Team range to be its own thing. Of course, I imagine there will be 40k rules to follow, but it’s exciting. Pathfinders are a pretty full kit anyway, so adding in an upgrade sprue is a move that I can entirely understand – there are maybe only a handful of kits they can do this with, but it does make sense, rather than producing new kits all the time. The scenery is that from the first Kill Team box in 2018, so I’m thinking I might forego this one, in the hope that I can get the campaign book as well as the new miniatures separately. Otherwise, I could see myself with a second set of Sector Imperialis terrain!!

The new Sisters models do look very interesting though, and I like the idea of having a very customisable, essentially Sisters Scouts squad.

An actual Kill Team starter set is also due for release, as well as the Kommandos and Death Korps models coming out separately. This box won’t have the big buildings, just the barricades etc, but I think that’s a great idea because launching a new system with a limited edition box really does irritate me. At least now it looks like something that people can be excited for, rather than disappointed by.

We’ve also got our first look at Season Five of Warhammer Underworlds: Harrowdeep. This one sounds pretty good, and comes with the expected Stormcast vs Kruleboyz, so I’m excited for this one. I’m also wondering at what kinds of warbands we’ll see as the season gets underway – though I still haven’t picked up a couple of the s4 warbands that I’ve had my eye on… I need to get on that…

Well, the Necromunda news didn’t disappoint! This was unexpected, Outcasts are the new gang, coming with their own book that promises to be something of a treasure trove of Underhive junk that I for one cannot wait to see. The minis look like a great bunch of generic gangers, a nice addition of general 40k humans that, up to now, we’ve only had Cultists to represent. And the terrain is just astonishing! Who knew we needed a market stall like this?! I’m looking forward to getting to grips with these bits and pieces, should be great to fill out a more open area on the table without it feeling too crowded. Interesting stuff, at any rate – and I’m particularly pleased that all of this is coming out separately, it seems, and not tied into a big-box release. I’m already saving for the new Kill Team, after all!

I’m not all that impressed with the big Warcry announcement though, mainly because it wasn’t really an announcement but just a tease. Hm. I’m guessing some kind of drider-like creatures, new stuff for the setting as a whole rather than simply Spiderfang Grots, because otherwise why make such a fuss? Hm.

Catching Up

Hey everybody!
It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Seems like life has been passing me by recently, as I have been focused a bit on work – I’ve got an interview this coming Tuesday for a promotion, so we’ll see what comes from that. More money for plastic crack, maybe?! We shall see!

Speaking of plastic, let’s start with the main topic of the day…

I’m not a big fan of the new Necrons, having now seen them in the flesh, as I wasn’t keen on the sculpted battle damage. For my Necrons, I’ve tried to paint them more like a pristine sort of warrior race, with the advanced tech that means they don’t retain battle damage like that. While I’m not entirely fussed yet on the Necrons, I have been admiring those Space Marines…

However, Chaos has become a major thing for me, considering I’d planned for Genestealer Cults to be my 9th Edition army! I’ve long wanted a force of Heretic Astartes, and having started with the idea of a Cultist rabble, I’ve now moved more into the realms of actual marines in the list. Today has been quite exciting though, as I’ve finished painting the Master of Possession from the Shadowspear box set! Finally!

I’m really pleased with this chap, and have followed the tutorial for the fire in particular from The Brush & Boltgun, which was a godsend! I’ve not had a chance yet to look at the other stuff on the channel, but it looks like a lot of the stuff that I have on the list, anyway, so it might be worth mining that stuff!

Speaking of which, I’ve finally picked up a Chaos Rhino for the nascent force, which I’ve wanted to get a hold of since seeing this wonderful piece of art from another of my favourite instagram’ers, Martin Sivertsen:

I mean, look at it! It’s absolutely beautiful, and I hope mine will come out a mere tenth as good! I’ve actually made an order for a second Rhino, as well as a Forgefiend (which I’ve wanted for a long time, as well) and a Dialogus for the nascent Sisters army!

Have I posted a picture of the Sisters here yet? Can’t remember, so here you go:

Looking forward to getting these painted up, however long they might take!

Moving on to a different game now, though…

My wife and I have been enjoying a few games of Elder Sign in recent weeks, as we’ve re-established Friday nights as gaming nights, and it’s been an absolute blast to be playing once more!

We’ve played a few times with the core set, as we get back into it all, and so last night we played with the first expansion, Unseen Forces, which I thought might be the best one to start with, as pretty much every other expansion has the Gates of Arkham rules and ramps up the difficulty! We had a couple of games with Unseen Forces, and while we managed to save the world from Shudde M’ell with just three locations left to explore per turn, we came under attack from Abhoth and it all went wrong.

It’s great to be back playing games from Fantasy Flight, I’m feeling really quite nostalgic for the whole thing! Of course, we’re slap bang in the middle of GenCon 2020 right now, but it all feels a bit weird with the global pandemic ongoing. FFG have shown off a few Star Wars bits, such as more Clone Wars era stuff for Armada, X-Wing and Legion, and that’s about all that I’ve managed to glean from the internets right now! Of course, it’s always an online event for me, but it feels particularly odd right now, regardless!

What else has been going on?

I’ve read quite a few books since I last came here to provide a review, so will doubtless have some thoughts on them to share with you all! I’ve also been reading the rest of The Flash’s run through the New 52, so will sometime soon get a round-up blog sorted for that! I’ve also been catching up with the DC movies that I’ve not seen, after watching Man of Steel a few weeks ago. So there will be plenty of blogs incoming once I have the time to properly sit down once again!

Okay, so it’s been pushed back, but there’s a Mandalorian novel due next year?! This news has excited me far more than I’d expected! Still very excited to see what season two has got in store for us, even though I’ve been really disappointed how it seems to be heavily leaning into the Clone Wars cartoons with the casting news that we’ve seen. Still, maybe live-action Ahsoka won’t be so damn annoying as to make me want to tear my own face off… time will tell! I think The Mandalorian is about the only thing Star Wars that I’m looking forward to right now, though, so I hope it won’t be disappointing!

Anyway, time to cease my ramblings, I think! Hope you’re all having an amazing Saturday, and stay tuned for more blogs coming as the summer progresses!

Gen Con 2019!

Having somehow missed my annual blog roundup last year, I’m back with a look at the hot new stuff coming out of GenCon 2019 – spoiler alert: some of this stuff is really hot!

There they all go! It’s almost a tradition or something these days to see the geek swarm as the doors open on a Thursday! Wonderful stuff.

Marvel Champions LCG

I want to start with what was, for me, the biggest, most awe-inspiring, and most shocking reveal of the event so far: FFG have got the Marvel license. Well, maybe. I’ve not been able to find any further details on precisely what they can do – I mean, crikey, this announcement just came entirely out of nowhere and I’m still not entirely sure what it means for games. Where does it leave Upper Deck and Marvel Legendary? Hm.

A co-op living card game, to go alongside Lord of the Rings and Arkham Horror, is definitely an interesting move. The cards look similar to the heroes in Lord of the Rings, with their attributes running down the left hand side, and abilities down the bottom etc. The villain AI side of things appears a little more like Arkham Horror and the act/agenda mechanic, with a deck that can either attack your hero or work to advance their schemes.

I am particularly impressed with the news that the core set of Marvel Champions actually includes full playsets of all the cards, going against the grain of all previous LCGs. It’s a complaint that I’ve seen since the dawn of time, though, so I suppose it’s good to see the company work out that niggle!

However. I just don’t feel like I’m in the market for another LCG right now, and given that it does feel like an amalgamation of two other games that I already own, play and enjoy does make me think that I’ll likely pass this one over. I enjoy Marvel superheroes for sure, though not nearly as much as I used to enjoy them, and the theme is therefore just not strong enough for me to want to get this for the experience of playing a game in a specific universe.

On the subject of Arkham Horror, though, we’ve got another game set in the Lovecraft universe – Arkham Horror: Final Hour! This seems to be designed as a quicker game than the others in Fantasy Flight’s stable of Arkham Files games, and focused much more on combat than any of their previous games.

I’m not sure about this one, if I’m perfectly honest! There is still the element of investigation and discovery, as we attempt to find the clues to stop the ritual while beating back a tide of endless monsters and gribblies, and there seems to be a lot of interesting stuff going on from the image of the board up there, but there’s just something holding me back. Previous games have almost been built around the narrative and storytelling of the lore, and bringing that to the fore, while this just seems to be a little more on the punch-and-run style. I’ve definitely got my eye on it, and I think I’ll aim to get in a demo at my local store (as well as finding some videos on youtube in the fullness of time!) before making a final decision…

What else have we seen from FFG?

I gave up with Armada almost as quickly as I picked it up, but I saw these being delivered at the local store and had to chuckle to myself. £165 for a “miniature”?! Blimey. Apparently the base is bigger than the deployment zone, which I find silly, but I’m sure for narrative play it is a lot of fun.

Fantasy Flight Games used to be my all-time favourite games company, with amazing games that I used to enjoy playing again and again. I suppose my own life has evolved and I don’t really have the time for huge afternoons with intricate games anymore, though I’ve also noticed that there is a marked reliance on licensed games rather than sticking with their own stuff. I suppose that’s where the mega-bucks lie, and names like Marvel and Star Wars will certainly bring in the $$$. While there is a small part of me that is sorry to see things like Terrinoth go by the wayside, it’s still cool to see the company have a presence on the scene, and they are still producing amazing products, which has always been a hallmark.

However, I just don’t seem to feel the love for these things anymore. I suppose that’s probably because Games Workshop has sort of replaced them in my heart as favourite games company – so let’s take a look at what they’ve got to offer us from GenCon 2019!

Having recently announced my intention to get into Blood Bowl, I’m really impressed with the timing of this! Lizardmen are perhaps my all-time favourite Warhammer Fantasy faction, and I had been hoping I could pick some up to start my fantasy football journey with them, but alas it was not meant to be! I’ll definitely be picking these up though, as I just love them all!

Some of these skinks do look a little bit silly, though I love that dude prancing across the centre with the sun headdress on! What’s not to love!

So the Mirrored City has been shattered by the necroquake, or something, and the various bands of adventurers have made it out to find themselves trapped within a mountain range known as the Beastgrave. Well, something like that… I’ve still never played this game, of course, but I’m not sure that I like the Beastmen warband, as cool as some of the Gor models are, and the updated Wardancers are really quite divisive, aren’t they?!

I can’t decide, so I think I might wait this one out for now.

The manager at my local store is really excited for this one, though I’m not really feeling the love, either! My first thought was, oh it’s X-Wing in the 41st millennium, but I’ve no real idea what to expect here. Much like Adeptus Titanicus, I suppose I just don’t have the pedigree behind me to want this sort of game when it is so out of whack with the rest of Games Workshop’s products. Necromunda, Blood Bowl, and all the others are at least infantry-based miniatures games, and I can get behind them in a way that titan legions or airplane squadrons just don’t excite me as much.

So far, then, I’m not doing so well out of this year’s Gen Con, am I?! Stay tuned as I update this blog over the weekend with more news and opinions – who knows, maybe I’ll find a game that I actually like the look of!!

GenCon 2016!

Hey everybody!
It’s GenCon 2016, the best four days in gaming, and this is my attempt to round up all of the stuff that I think looks particularly amazing as the weekend rolls on!

Warhammer 40k Death Masque

Let’s start with something not announced at the con, but is definitely worth a mention all the same – Death Masque, the new boxed game for Warhammer 40k that appears to be replacing the current intro box, Dark Vengeance. Games Workshop are really pushing Deathwatch stuff, it seems, following the Overkill boxed game earlier in the year. Along with the game, which features Harlequins vs Deathwatch Marines, they’ve got the new codex and data cards available for pre-order this weekend, to allow for quite the launch for the latest additions to the 40k line. I really like the whole Deathwatch idea and lore, so will no doubt be picking up the codex next weekend, though the box set might have to wait for a while. Especially seeing as how I’ve got so many other projects on the go!

Fantasy Flight Games are always the company I’m most interested in at GenCon, so let’s move on to see what they’re currently up to. In recent years, they’ve taken to making most of their announcements in the weeks leading up to the convention, saving just one or two showstoppers for the actual event itself, and 2016 is no different there. I’ve already talked about the new Star Wars dice game here, but let’s take a look at what else is going on…

Imperial Assault is getting a new small-box expansion later in the year, centred on Jabba’s Palace. Looks amazing, though this is a game I have unfortunately barely played, so I’m questioning the need to actually buy this when it launches. You can bet your ass, of course, if I manage to make this game into a regular thing, I’ll be snapping it up! Jabba is also one of the new hero/villain releases accompanying the game, as well as a new Luke Skywalker.

Mansions of Madness is a Descent-style game that I’ve owned for years but never gotten round to featuring on the blog. It’s a really great, thematic game, but there hadn’t been any news on it for a long time, until FFG announced the new second edition a couple of weeks ago. Looks to involve an app similar to the Road to Legend app for Descent, though I’m currently undecided – I’m not about to go buy the second edition, owning all of first edition anyway, but I’m not sure if it would be the same experience. The game launched at GenCon, anyway, and seems to be getting a lot of hype from folks across the internet, so there is that!

More exciting from my perspective is the new Arkham Horror LCG. I’d heard about this recently as a rumour, but the announcement last week really got me excited for what looks to be an awesome gameplay experience! Looks similar to Elder Sign in parts, though the RPG-like feel to the whole thing has got me incredibly excited, so this is definitely on the Christmas list!

Doom is a classic of the boardgame world, though I’ve never had the opportunity to play it previously. All I can say on this right now is, the miniatures look incredible! And speaking of miniatures…

Runewars Miniatures Game

I was honestly not expecting this, and I’m still not entirely recovered from my shock following yesterday’s announcement! The “original” Runewars is a game I’ve played but once, though it’s still fantastic, and I’ve been wanting to feature it on the blog for a while now. Set in the same universe as Rune Age and Battlelore, it’s a game I’d thought dead, especially given the popularity of Battlelore nowadays.

It’s not just the fact that this is a new game set in the Terrinoth universe, this is a huge deal for FFG. A rank-and-file miniatures war game is a huge thing for any company, and to see them do this really warms my heart, as it feels like we’re seeing more games that have that juggernaut feel to them from the company. Horus Heresy, Runewars, and Twilight Imperium are all games that fit the classic mould, and it looks like FFG are perhaps making a return to that style of game here.

Very exciting times are ahead, I feel!

What’s been going on at the In-Flight Report this year, then?

Interesting stuff there, looks like FFG are making a lot of these app-driven games since X-Com…

Announced a while back, Legend of the Five Rings has another year to go before it arrives, but that should allow for FFG to make it pretty awesome. I’m not slavering for it, but it’s probably going to be picked up when it comes out, so there is that! Any LCG from Fantasy Flight is amazing, after all!

Looks like a pair of “expansions” to second edition of Mansions of Madness, which feature content from the first edition core set and expansions. Seems like second edition might be worth looking into more deeply after all!

X-Wing Wave X

Wave 10 for X-Wing (sorry, Wave X!) is coming, with ships from Rebels and The Force Awakens. I’m genuinely surprised they’ve managed to keep going so long with this game, I thought they would have shifted to a cards-only supplement style of expansion before now!

This is here because I still can’t get over my shock!

I’ve been seeing a lot of positive vibes around this game across Twitter, so I’m thinking that I’ll definitely try it out once it’s released…

I still can’t get over this Runewars announcement…

While there was a lot of amazing stuff coming out of the In-Flight Report this year, I’m more surprised by what hasn’t been announced at GenCon this year – a new big box expansion for Eldritch Horror, and anything about Warhammer Quest the card game. I find this lack of anything fairly suspicious, so it’ll bear keeping an eye on in the future, I think…

But what about the other companies out there?

Star Wars and Carcassonne… I don’t even… I mean, why?! Carcassonne is a good game, but I feel that perhaps some of the expansions for the main game have shown just how far that game can be taken, so instead we’re getting a lot of re-skins, which I suppose are okay if you like the theme, but seriously, why don’t you just get the main game? Hm.

Having recently bought the boxset to rediscover my love for Buffy, this is perhaps some of the most exciting news to come out of Gen Con for me this year! A co-op game sounds super interesting, and I love the Legendary thing, so definitely going to snap this one up when it comes out, that’s for sure!

Okay, so I had the game Mythic Battles, and I sold it after having never played it in the 2+ years of ownership. These miniatures look so incredibly beautiful, however, that I may have to keep an eye on this bad boy…

Flying Frog haven’t officially shared anything (yet), but a few people have been posting up pictures of the stuff they’re picking up as part of wave 1.5 of Shadows of Brimstone, and it does look kinda neat, I have to say. I’m still a bit bummed by the fact that I don’t have a lot of the stuff that I backed, but as many others have pointed out, the kickstarter was a hell of a deal, so I’m not complaining too loudly!

What’s very interesting, to me, is this news:

It’s interesting to me because I don’t have a lot of games with this theme, but it’s something I would like to explore in more depth. The fact that it’s going to be a kickstarter is not exactly getting my juices going, but y’know, I think FFP might have learnt from the Shadows of Brimstone experience, and perhaps things will be better this time around. I’m cautiously optimistic, though I might pass until it actually hits retail, so I guess we’ll see how things pan out. Of course, I’m quite sad they’ve had to put all of their other games on hold while they fulfill the SoB pledges, as I’m keen to see where they take Fortune & Glory, and A Touch of Evil, next!

Of course, FFP don’t have the only Oriental-themed game coming soon:

My favourite game designer, Eric Lang, has come up with, well…

…with beautiful minis, as always!

I should try to contain myself, though that might be very difficult!

That’s all for now! I’ll be updating here whenever I find more interesting stuff to share, so don’t think it’s over yet!

Runebound 3!


Pretty much every year, something at GenCon will blow me away, and when it does, it’s FFG’s doing. Looks like 2015 is no different, as we have the 3rd edition of Runebound announced!

Very excited for this, despite the fact I own (and love) everything for 2nd edition.

Runebound 3rd Edition

Third edition looks very sexy, as befits a modern update I suppose, but the preview article hints at a lot of changes that seem kinda interesting. First off, encounters are divided into three types – combat, social or exploration – with the adventure gems colour-coded as such. At first I was a bit confused – colour-coding in 2nd edition marked the encounter difficulty, not type, after all – but the scaling is done through a scenario adventure deck, which leads up to a fight with the big baddie of whichever scenario you’re playing. The two in the box have tickled me in all the right places – fighting against High Lord Margath, or the evil necromancer, Vorakesh! Two classic Terrinoth names, they’ve made me feel right at home with this new edition already!

Combat seems a bit strange, with tokens you can apparently cast like dice or flip like coins. Either way, they’ll likely become worn out very quickly, even given FFG’s top-quality product. Combat with d10s seems so much easier, but the fact that surges have now made it into this game is a nice touch to bring it closer to Descent.

Speaking of Descent, that seems to be where the new heroes are coming from, too. Hopefully we’ll get some kind of conversion kit to use the older, classic heroes – especially now that they have better sculpts thanks to the Hero & Monster collections for Descent, as well!

Runebound 3rd Edition

Overall, I’m really excited for this. Nothing is going to make me part with 2nd edition, as it’s an all-time favourite of mine, but I think a new edition will be a nice change to complement the older game. At any rate, this is right on my Christmas list!

Gen Con 2015!

Gen Con 2015 has begun! While it’s still early hours for the best four days in gaming, the tweets have already started!

Announced just last week, Fury of Dracula is coming in the fourth quarter in a new edition.

Kingdom Death was a kickstarter from years back with beautiful minis, but never seemed to get anywhere and, while I hadn’t backed it, I still kinda lost interest. Finally on its way? That’ll make for some very happy backers!

If you’ve been following this on Geek & Sundry, you’ll know it’s a pretty amazing series so far!

Update: Fantasy Flight in-flight report:

Still not really all that interested in this one, I have to say. I have the first edition LCG stuff that I’m pretty happy with, and will no doubt play with for a long time to come, so it’s a bit unnecessary for me at this point. But I’m sure others will enjoy it – if this selling-out is anything to go by!

New for Descent: Mists of Bilehall! Sounds gross, but more Descent is good!

More for Eldritch Horror – this looks amazing! Mountains of Madness was one of my most-exciting games from last year at Gen Con, and it looks like FFG are doing it again now!

Well this is interesting – “as big as the original game”??? Good grief, I need to find Imperial Assault players, and fast!

X-Wing Imperial Assault Carrier

The first of the new X-Wing announcements, and a second big ship for the Imperials. Interesting – though I can’t help feeling they’re scraping the barrel a little with what they can provide. We’ll see how it pans out in the official previews and whatnot, anyway.

X-Wing Wave 8

Wave 8 is here, and Wave 7 isn’t even out (properly) yet! Looks to be following a similar pattern as well, with help for the Scum faction while still supporting the older two. Punishing One looks fun, though, and kinda ties in with the Dengar villain pack shown in the Imperial Assault pic…

Warhammer Quest

Well, THIS looks like fun! I was hoping FFG hasn’t seen the last of Warhammer Fantasy, and lo! We get something that looks unutterably amazing! I never played the original board game, but am extremely excited to get my hands on a card game set in the Old World once more!

Runebound 3rd Edition

So it looks like this is the big reveal of Gen Con 2015! Runebound 3rd edition is something I’ve long thought was a dead-in-the-water idea, but the guys at FFG have proven me wrong, and with style, no less! Very interested in what this will play like when I get my hands on it.

…because I will be getting it, you can guarantee that! Check out the official preview over on their website, then join me in waiting with mounting anticipating for the Christmas release!

So it looks like this will be launching with a bang. In fact, I’m kinda dreading this Christmas, if Runebound/Eldritch Horror/Imperial Assault expansions are due out, and then whatever FFG have got cooking to tie into The Force Awakens! My guess is some sort of X-Wing-like game. I don’t think they’ll have mere expansions for the existing game, though they might be cross-compatible. But given they’ve said X-Wing has been their most successful game ever, it’d follow they’d try to emulate that, but perhaps with a new flavour for the new movie. I’m guessing we won’t really see anything spoiled before release, as is their usual MO, however…

And finally – the new quest for Lord of the Rings!! Looks like they won’t be continuing the theme from last year, by providing a tie-in Saga quest, but still sounds cool enough:

So there you have it – some really excellent reasons to be excited for board games for yet another year from FFG. Also reasons why you should probably look at selling organs now…

Still looking forward to Ghostbusters arriving in October (fingers crossed!) Haven’t really been seeing much come out of Cryptozoic that I feel a desperate urge to own, however. I was hoping we might see some more news on the Cerberus games – maybe a Street Fighter expansion, finally? But nothing – yet!

Haven’t seen anything from Flying Frog Productions yet, though they were late to the e-party last year as I recall. However, this has popped up on boardgamegeek – I hope it’s not a dreaded promo card for Dark Gothic! There’s also some cool new info on further Shadows of Brimstone goodness that we can hopefully expect not too far down the line.

And finally (for now) – take a look at this. Warhammer Age of Sigmar is being displayed! Games Workshop outreach to the community at last! Can’t really see anything new (new terrain that goes on pre-order tomorrow, but nothing big enough to discern otherwise), but it’s still good to see the company take part in such a big gaming event!

Update: Two Days In

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Some more pictures of Shadows of Brimstone stuff have been trickling through the internets, and while I’m still a bit bummed by the miniatures quality, in a weird way I’m glad that it’ll all fit with the base games. They’ve released two new monster groups at GenCon, Hell Vermin Rats, and Swamp Slugs of Jargono. A lot of people seem annoyed that they’ve been working on non-kickstarter stuff, but I’m pretty ambivalent at the minute, as I didn’t get on the Wave 1.5 train so I’m just patiently waiting for one mahoosive delivery of stuff at some undetermined future date!

Descent Mists of Bilehall

Official FFG updates on a Saturday are the cornerstone of GenCon! Today, they’ve put up a preview for the upcoming expansion to Descent, Mists of Bilehall, which doesn’t come with new heroes but instead provides a lot of stuff for the Overlord, predominantly monsters! Yeah!

Descent Mists of Bilehall

And what awesome monsters! That red dude, the Bone Horror, is a particular favourite, it looks incredible! Three more Lieutenant Packs are also on their way, and taken together, a theme emerges around the lands of Waiqar the Undying, which ties in pretty nicely with the Undead faction that’s coming out soon for Battlelore! Nice!

Unfortunately, still nothing on a big box co-op expansion yet…

The folks over at Team Covenant have also been busy with a whole host of the new games that are for sale at Gen Con this year – take a look!

Blood Rage is another kickstarter I backed, due for release in October. Take a look at the awesome:

The weekend hits!

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is a game I recently mentioned as one I was aware of but hadn’t actually taken the time to look into. As it happens, it looks really amazing, and I feel like I need it in my life quite desperately! Certainly looking forward to getting this one!

I have no idea what these goblin figures are for, but I’ve come to love these chaps lately, so might even look at getting some!

Good to see Runebound being demoed, though I’m currently struggling to find opinions on how it plays. My quest will continue, however!

I’ve only played one game of Abyss, but it was pretty good. Great to see the game growing, with new mechanics that sound very interesting!

(This will be updated throughout the weekend, so feel free to keep checking in for more awesome stuff!)

All quiet…

Hey everybody,
How’s your weekend been going? Mine has been decidedly quiet, just been moving on with the miniatures from the Age of Sigmar box. It’s weekend 3 in the release of new stuff, and this weekend has just seen the scenery arrive, alongside a very goofy cat miniature, all of which I’ve avoided for now – the Judicator archers have gone on pre-order, and I’m much more interested in getting some of those, so have pre-ordered two boxes already. Also, as I’ve been avoiding the Chaos miniatures and preferring a Destruction army to oppose the Stormcast Eternals, I’ve ordered some Minotaurs to go alongside my Ogres (sorry, Ogors) and the newly-purchased River Trolls.

I’ve built everything for the Stormcast Eternals save the Lord-Relictor, which looks like too much of a fiddly model at the minute. But painting has commenced on the dracoth, which I’ve decided to do in an albino scheme rather than the blue-green look that the GW studio use.

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Albino dracoth is coming o

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It was a bit of a worrying move for me at first, as I wasn’t convinced I was doing the right thing, but it’s now coming together with the armour having been basecoated, so I feel a little better now! Now I’ve just got the rest of the models to sort out…

I’ve been a bit surprised there hasn’t been a lot of interesting game news coming out of FFG lately – some previews for upcoming LCG packs, and a look at Wave VII for X-Wing has been about it. But then, GenCon is early this year, opening this coming Thursday! So hopefully there’ll be something a bit more exciting there. We have seen the announcement of a third edition of Fury of Dracula, one of these classic games that I played years and years ago with my gamer ex-girlfriend. I only played it once, and it was back when I was only just getting into games like this, so I wasn’t really all that sold at the time.

Rumours have suddenly flared up that this could signal a Runebound 3rd edition as well, though I’m not entirely convinced at this point. Mainly centred around an image from an artists folio website that shows he’s working on it, it might be very cool, but I doubt anything could make me part with 2nd edition. If it did get announced at GenCon, and it proved to be a strong game, then I might get it to go alongside 2nd edition, but I feel that the boardgame market has changed so much since Runebound was a thing, it probably wouldn’t be anywhere like the same game. But this is all speculation – let’s see what next weekend brings!

Despite the fact it’s been on the publisher website for months, I’ve only this weekend discovered Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from Plaid Hat Games in the above video, and I have to say, it looks pretty interesting! They’re the ones responsible for Summoner Wars, one of my favourite card battle games, so I’m always interested in what they’re up to. It looks like another great card battle game, anyway, so I’m going to keep my eyes on this one for release!

So yeah, a quiet week all around really as we gear up for Gen Con starting on Thursday. I’ll be doing the usual collection of news and stuff as happened last year, so make sure you check back for that!


Evening all!
As you may or may not realise, tomorrow is the start of GenCon14, The Best Four Days in Gaming, and definitely the highlight of the gaming year. I must admit, I’m not really expecting all that much, but there are a couple of interesting things that should be coming up.


There’s been nothing from Fantasy Flight to say what they have coming out, which makes me feel like there’s going to be some big game news coming. I’m guessing Warhammer 40k LCG will be released, but no idea what else will be coming. Maybe we’ll finally get an expansion for the new Battlelore that was released just days before GenCon last year? Maybe we’ll see something big, we shall see! Something I’m very excited about will be the previously-mentioned Lord of the Rings event.

Flying Frog will be showing Shadows of Brimstone, and will also have some expansions for Conquest of Planet Earth (yay!) and, apparently, Dark Gothic, already! I’d like to have seen something for Fortune & Glory too, but, well, we’ll see…

A new Master Set is coming for Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games, Summoner Wars: Alliances. That sounds kinda interesting, a mixing together of some of the factions, so I’m intrigued to see what exactly is involved in there!

There’s an Arabian Nights-themed game called Five Tribes coming up from Days of Wonder, the publisher who brought us Ticket to Ride. I love a good Arabian Nights-themed game, so that could be interesting!

Asmodee are bringing out a game called Abyss, which looks pretty awesome and could be a quite interesting, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

As the weekend goes on, I’ll probably keep coming back here and revising this blog with my thoughts and reactions as and when news hits, so keep checking back!

Some really cool stuff came out of FFG’s In Flight Report:

^^^^^ Fabulously excited for this, given my recent Descent experience!

^^^^^ This looks incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^

^^^^^ I was involved in playtesting for this, it’s awesome! ^^^^^

^^^^^ No surprise, but really nice to see the final book of the three!

^^^^^ I think THIS is the news we’ve all been waiting for!

No surprises there, then…

^^^^^ Interesting news about X-Wing, I have to say…

^^^^^ With 9 playable factions, Warhammer 40k Conquest will be the biggest LCG to date!

^^^^^ Still not entirely sure about this one. Seems like a helluva lot of money!

^^^^^ THIS is what I want! Armada can take a hike – this is where it’s at!!!!!!!!!

For the complete In-Flight Report 2014:

^^^^^ I do so love the artwork on the Lost Realm box, that is just beautiful!

^^^^^ Well deserved by Paizo, publisher for the Pathfinder RPG I love so much!

And now, to the game I am waiting for like no other: Shadows of Brimstone!

Yes, girls and boys, Shadows of Brimstone does indeed look like it’s going to be a truly fantastic game! I am feeling a little bit sick with excitement for finally being able to get my copy – hopefully by the end of September!

Announced in the In-Flight Report, FFG has put up a formal announcement today for Wave Six of X-Wing, which introduces the Scum and Villainy faction to the game. While it’ll be nice to have Prince Xizor’s Virago and IG-88 added to the mix, I’m a little baffled as to what’s next with this game! Of course, I gave up trying to second-guess releases a long time ago, but even so! I feel like it was a little left-field, but then I haven’t followed the meta for this game all that closely.

^^^^^ I kinda like RoboRally, but a giant RoboRally sounds too much for me!!

Nice little view of the upcoming Armada game in the video above, as well as the Witcher boardgame, which I’m not all that pumped by, but my buddy Tony is quite desperate to get his hands on it.

So there you have it, GenCon 2014 is over!

Apart from the big announcements from FFG, nothing new really leapt out and grabbed me, as it were. King of New York, from Iello Games, is apparently one of the most popular games to have debuted there, though I still have yet to make much of a headway with the earlier King of Tokyo game.

Night of the Grand Octopus just sounds incredible, but I have no idea what it’s about – just, what a name!!!

AEG have released a new Smash Up expansion, and have had a couple of games that seem to be doing really well, Doomtown Reloaded and Istanbul. Not heard much about either before now, but of the two, I kinda like Doomtown, I have to say!

That’s it for another year, anyway!