Old School Magic

So I’m just catching up with this!

A Magic Moment, indeed!

I’m not massively familiar with old-school Magic, though it’s something that I’ve been aware of for a few years as being “off-limits” – I mean, I’m never going to be rich enough to afford the old-school cards, and to be honest, I vastly prefer the look of the game as it is now to how it looked then. But I like the fact these games take a lot longer than they can do nowadays!

Like many of the comments on the video, I enjoyed hearing about Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s early days playing the game with friends at sleepovers etc, even though it’s not a history that I share with the game. It’s just lovely to hear about people playing and enjoying the game for exactly what it is supposed to be, you know?


Spellslingers is back!

Oh my goodness, it’s back! After what feels like an absolute age, Spellslingers is back on Geek & Sundry! Last seen during Origins back in 2015, we’ve finally got season 4 up on youtube, and it’s glorious!

I’m sure plenty of people are going to be slightly less than happy that it continues the theme from last season of having the more newbie players on the show, but I suppose we can’t always get Luis Scott Vargas on… At any rate, seeing this video has made my day, so sit back and enjoy!


Hey everybody!
It’s time for another game day blog here at spalanz.com, and today I’m doing something a little different, as I ramble about the amazing series from Geek & Sundry, Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana!

So I know I’m a bit late with this, the series having ended back in August, but I’ve inexplicably only now been able to actually catch up with this! Well, finished watching it last week, but anyway.

I love a good roleplaying game, so when it was announced during the funding for season 3 of Tabletop they were going to produce a RPG show, I was really intrigued. I mean, most of the joy of playing in a RPG campaign comes from the imagination as you weave this tale with the group. So how would that translate to the show? Well, “fabulously” is the answer there!

If you have watched only one of the ten episodes from this series, you’ll see the amazing way in which footage of the group is interspersed with full-on art depicting the action, combined with the special effects that make this almost like a real tv show.

But what about the game?

The RPG itself is the relatively straightforward d6 Fantasy AGE system from Green Ronin Games. I’ve talked about RPGs briefly here, so moving on from that, the system uses three six-sided dice, one of which is a different colour, when completing any skill tests. If doubles are rolled, the differently-coloured die is used to give the player stunt points, which can be used to make the test more interesting that merely pass or fail. It’s quite a straightforward system that seems to allow more focus for storytelling than for working out dice results, as is sometimes the case other systems. This really shows in the show, where the characters roll the dice, a pass or fail is determined, stunt points are applied if rolled, then the story advances with what that roll actually meant.

For me, this is where the show really shines as a truly beautiful creation. Watching Wil take the group through the story he has come up with, from the relatively inane saving of the beer quest, to the fight with the hellions and all the way up to the battle with the Prophet, it reminds me of just how amazing a role playing game can be – not just as a game, but as a whole experience. The structure is classic, throwing more and more at the characters as they level up, and allowing plenty of player-creativity as the story moves along. Indeed, I was quite surprised by the ninth episode, which almost does away completely with the latter, and takes on the mantle of a choose your own adventure, almost. While I’ve played that sort of RPG before, it’s usually done because the players aren’t coming up with enough story by themselves, and yet we’ve obviously seen the group is more than capable of doing this.

The setting is also worth mentioning as being astonishingly interesting. Wil says it was inspired by Thundarr the Barbarian, though that was a little too old for me – I grew up with He-Man, which is another of these science-fantasy type shows, so I still feel a little bit of nostalgia creeping in by watching this. Inspiration aside, it’s awesome to see the sense of history and the dramatic depth come out as the show moves ahead. While in retrospect I felt that the confrontation leading up to the finale could perhaps have benefited from a greater sense of mystery, with the players uncovering information as they moved through the story, it nevertheless felt like a really immersive experience just as a spectator!

I don’t get to play RPGs any more, so I haven’t bought the book for this game. However, it looks like it’s certainly worth checking out, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for season two!



It’s been a quiet week here at spalanz.com, where I’ve not really been doing a great deal of anything. But I have been watching Geek & Sundry’s Co-Optitude almost obsessively, so thought I’d share this on the blog here. Video gaming isn’t something I really associate myself with, having never really had the money or the inclination to get set up in that world. But watching the Day siblings play retro games together is pretty hilarious, so enjoy!


The Guild

It’s post 100! To celebrate this enormous milestone, I’ve been planning a tribute to what is probably the best webshow ever created, Geek & Sundry’s The Guild!

I love The Guild. I only discovered it in April this year, having been only periphally aware of it before then, but was absolutely overjoyed that I did! The product of the excellent Felicia Day, who plays the lead Cyd Sherman/Codex, the show depicts a small group of MMORPG gamers who meet up in person, and the havoc that is unleashed thereafter. Innovative for its time, it was perhaps the first breakthrough show to be released online.

The show debuted on July 27, 2007, with the first three episodes being filmed entirely on the producers’ own money. However, it proved so successful that it was picked up for another seven episodes. Subsequent seasons ran to twelve episodes, with these episodes often running longer and longer as time went on.

The first three seasons have been released on DVD in the UK, though the final three are still on their way. At least they’re freely available online, though I do enjoy having the physical product of course! Keep an eye on Geek and Sundry’s website for further releases!

In addition to the webseries, there are numerous tie-ins related to the show such as comics, music videos, and even game tie-ins! A “season 0” comic series was released that showed us how Codex got into The Game (which is clearly based on World of Warcraft). A series of one-shots was the released showcasing the other members of the Guild, followed by another one-shot showing what happened to Fawkes and the rival guild Axis of Anarchy between seasons 4 and 5.

The prominent position of the card game Munchkin in season five led to a small expansion pack being released for that game, featuring members of the Guild.

Of the three music videos they’ve done, the first, ‘(Do you wanna date my) Avatar’ is definitely my favourite, it’s just so much fun!

Released to promote the third season, two more videos were released – ‘Game On’ to promote season 4, and ‘I’m the one that’s cool’ followed to promote the launch of Geek & Sundry itself.

It’s a fantastic show! If you’ve made it this far without watching any of these linked videos, then shame on you! Go back and watch them all – it’s the best few hours you’ll spend online, I’m sure you’ll agree!