Games Workshop previews and reveals!

Oh my good god, I’ve finally been able to take a look at the new previews from GW that came out yesterday, and I feel like I just can’t even begin to explain my sensory overload, you guys!!

Let’s start with, for me, the one I’ve been waiting for the longest:

House Delaque for Necromunda – I’ve been waiting for these pretty much since I bought the base game a year ago. The trenchcoat-wearing spies have always sounded just so damn cool, I think I’d been latching onto the others (and then, finally, settling on Van Saar) while I was waiting to see what would happen to these chaps. The long wait has not been a disappointment, and I am absolutely thrilled by these miniatures!

They look so damn weird and just so very, very 40k that I am utterly enraptured with them! More so, perhaps, than any of the other gangs, these guys have got such a bizarre, grim-dark look to them that I’m in too much of a froth to make much coherent sense right now! I’ve still yet to play this game, sadly, though have tried a couple of times but plans keep not working out, but I think I will finally be making the move into the Underhive in time for these to be my new gang! Cannot wait!

Excitement level for House Delaque: 11

The Blackstone Fortress has been opened! After that dodgy picture showed up again the other day, we’ve now seen behind the curtain, and it looks pretty glorious! Of course, there is that kinda weird mash-up vibe coming from it, similar of course to the Silver Tower game, with the disparate band of heroes and then the Chaos gribblies – at least the adversaries here look reasonably cohesive. I love that we’re getting new Chaos cultists, if only they’d also bring out those Cultists from the Dark Vengeance box so that we have a vast array of them to choose from! I do have several thoughts for using these chaps in games, so I’d like to be able to get a hold of a decent rag-tag band, rather than just having the same five models repeated over and over…

The heroes are definitely intriguing to me – the space pope being hilarious, of course! But I do feel a little bit like they may have missed a trick and given us yet more Rogue Trader models. Maybe they’re going to be bringing out a more fully-realised Rogue Trader line soon, so we’re getting a lot of odd miniatures that could be thrown into that army once it lands… Who knows!

Excitement level for Blackstone Fortress: 8

Looks like the battle boxes they’ve recently been putting out for 40k are coming to Age of Sigmar as well, with the Wrath and Rapture being a mix of new Khorne and new Slaanesh along with some of the models from the existing line. I’m not going to be buying this, as I’ve already bought and sold a Slaanesh daemons army twice now, but it does look really neat, and I’m really happy to see that Slaanesh hasn’t disappeared.

Excitement level for Wrath and Rapture: 6

There’s a new ShadeVault warband on the horizon, the Darkoath barbarian models are getting expanded beyond the two models they currently have! Is this going to be the start of a Slaves to Darkness reboot? Who knows! I’m not sure why I always think things like this will be heralding new full-on armies for either system, but there we are!

The minis look great, though I’m still holding out hope for a Deepkin warband, or else a Lizardmen band. That would be really cool. I’ve tried before to start with Lizardmen, as I feel like they were the faction that kinda got me interested in Warhammer in the beginning, but we’ll have to see on that.

Excitement level for the Godsworn Hunt: 6

Right now, I’m most excited for Mollog’s Mob, which looks hilarious:

Excitement level for Mollog’s Mob: 9

Chapter Approved 2018 is coming, of course, with the Sisters of Battle beta codex, as well as rules for looting vehicles for the Orks. I’m interested in the Sisters, for sure, but I can take or leave the Ork stuff. What is interesting, to me, is the Farsight Enclaves rules for fielding The Eight – as we all know, T’au Empire armies can only field one Commander per detachment, and the Rule of Three has now further hampered the previous Commander Spam lists, so how would players be able to field an iconic, fluffy list of Eight Commanders? Well, it looks like we’re going to find out – and they’re coming for Matched Play, too, it seems!

Something that I had been thinking a lot about over the summer was just how much content could they put into Chapter Approved this year, given that last year’s book was mainly given over to all of the armies who hadn’t yet received a Codex. Assuming that Genestealer Cults will be getting one before the end of the year (crosses fingers), I was hoping there would be more for us all to enjoy rather than giving over the book mainly to the Sisters stuff. I guess we’ll see, though!

Excitement level for Chapter Approved 2018: 7

There’s also another new Battletome coming for the Destruction Grand Alliance, seems to be Moonclan? I have no idea, though I’m sure it will be cool enough.

Something is going on with Vigilus again, though we know not what. Hopefully it’s linked to the Genestealer Cults Codex, though I’m guessing we won’t hear more about that until the Vigilus event at the end of the month.

There will be some Beasts of Chaos made to order miniatures coming out, and I feel like I may need to invest in some of these, as the chariot they have previewed looks incredible! Since I took off with the Nighthaunt last month, I feel a little like I’ve lost track of the army that has gotten me back into Age of Sigmar, and I should probably try to give them a little love soon!

Overall, there is just too much good stuff coming out soon, I’m not sure I can cope with it all!! Might be time to start using ebay more aggressively to see how much I can get rid of, to make room for so much more good stuff coming our way over the next few weeks and months!!

Hobby Progress, week 16

Well folks, it was bound to happen at some point, I know, though part of me was hoping it wouldn’t come to pass – last week, I didn’t paint a single model. I’ve still done some hobby bits and pieces, which I’ll show off here, though I’ve only picked a paint brush up to move it off the dining table. I’m quite sad by this, as things had been moving pretty well up to that point! But anyway, let’s take a look at what I have done…

I had three days off last week, ostensibly to get caught up with the degree I’m still in the throes of doing. Well, catch up I did, but I’d also planned to get a few models finished off. Unfortunately, I seem to have been hit with a severe bout of lack of motivation, so to try to combat this I started building up some Devastator Space Marines. I’ve currently got three built and primed, including the sergeant above, but haven’t really been in the mood to do anything with them. That said, they are really nice-looking models, the heavy weapons being a nice change from the usual bolters of the tactical marines, and a chunky reminder of the almost gothic-punk origins of 40k.

Still lacking motivation, I spent Friday thinking about what I would like to paint, but came up dry so instead thought of building something that might inspire me, and started building Genestealer Cult characters from the Deathwatch: Overkill game. They are very nice models, and not all that daft to assemble like some of the character models from these games (Kurtha Sedd, I’m thinking of you here!) That said, I hate it when they sculpt cloaks in multiple parts, and the join isn’t easy to scrape over to smooth it. Anyway! I didn’t think I’d be doing anything with that game for a long time, so I suppose it’s good to have made a start on some of it!

I’ve also built up a Space Marine bike, one from the kit I bought back before Christmas in celebration of my promotion in work. Bikes look hilarious to me, and I’ve often thought about getting lots more, but for now have just the three. Anyway! I don’t know if I’m actually going to glue him to the base looking like that, though I thought it looked particularly hilarious, both for its own sake, and also because the Genestealer Magos looks like he’s using the Force on it or something in the photo! I want to try and get a greater degree of customisation out of the next bikers I build – in particular, I’d like to get one shooting a bolter or something, rather than merely holding onto the handle bars. Not sure how to accomplish that, really, but it’ll be an interesting experiment!

Finally, in search of motivation yesterday, I bought something fairly out of the blue for me, in an attempt to perhaps spark off interest in the hobby anew. I’ve been listening to a lot of the Vaults of Terra overview videos on youtube (they’re really great, incidentally, highly recommend giving him a follow, such informative videos!) specifically the aspects of 40k lore that I don’t know a lot about, and I was really intrigued by the Grey Knights lore – definitely watch the linked video if you want to know more, there!

As with the Deathwing and Mechanicum Electro-Priests, I’m not intending to make a whole new army here! I’ve been looking into getting to my local GW for some 40k, and much like with the Age of Sigmar scene, it seems Chaos players are very prevalent there (and Eldar…sigh…) So I thought it could be highly thematic to have a squad of Grey Knights tagged onto my Ultramarines (whenever I manage to get that army built!) and go against the powers of the Warp together! Of course, thematically, the Grey Knights would then just destroy the Ultramarines survivors as well, but we won’t linger on that for now!

So there we have it anyway – 15 weeks of painting progress, then a week of just nothing. Of course, this has happened in the past, so I’m not really concerned that I’m losing interest or anything, more just accepting it as a natural part of being a hobbyist I guess! I do have a lot of other stuff to keep me going, anyway, including a few boardgames that I’d like to try out or get back to, so expect some interesting game day blogs coming up in the next few weeks!

Hopefully week 17’s update blog won’t be quite so sad…