The Necromunda Weekender

Hey everybody!
Well, I’m a little late to this stuff, but I’ve just been taking a bit of extra time to digest all of the news that we’ve been seeing from the guys over in Nottingham!

Horus Heresy Necromunda Weekender

For those who don’t know, last weekend was the Horus Heresy & Necromunda Weekender, something that has been an annual celebration of the Horus Heresy but, this year, has been a joint affair between the Heresy itself and Necromunda, the new smash hit boxed game from GW! For the first time ever, I’ve actually been genuinely gutted that the weekend had sold out, as I would have liked to have popped along and soaked up all of the atmosphere – and pick up some brand new plastic!

Let’s start with Necromunda!

Orlock Gang Necromunda

The Orlocks are coming up for pre-order this weekend, which is just so exciting I can’t even begin to tell you! They’re coming alongside their House-specific cards, naturally, with all the rules held in a second Gang War book. This rulebook also holds the rules for some new terrain tiles that are on their way also – it’s going to be quite the weekend, I can tell you!!

Necromunda Hired Guns

Over on the Forge World website, we’ve got the set of three Hired Guns also available for preorder at the weekend. Again, awesome looking models (but not quite so awesome as the Orlocks), and I’m looking forward to getting some. Only trouble, of course, is the fact they’re resin. But I’ll just have to live with that…

In the meantime, I’d built up an Escher gang over the Christmas break, and have slowly started to get moving with them. I mean, I have a colour scheme sorted in my head, so it’s just a matter of time before I get them painted! The Warhammer Community team have put up this handy dandy guide to naming your Necromunda gang, and so I’m quite chuffed to announce that I’ve named my little team the Viridian Venom. That’s got nothing to do with my initials, incidentally, but I took the kinds of conventions listed and went with it. Anyway!

The reason I’m waffling about all of this, anyway, is that there are gang heroes, the Escher Queen and the Goliath King, as well as the Orlocks having a Boss (with dog). If the miniature is anything like this artwork, that Escher character is going to be bloody spectacular!

Escher Queen

I’m looking forward to all of this, having decided that I’m going to collect just everything I can for the game. It’s really fantastic, I have to say! (I’ll try to get a game day review up soon!)

Escher Huntress Necromunda

Heroes aren’t all that we’re getting though, as each House is also getting a sort of faction-specific bounty hunter to go along with the rest of them, and the Eschers have this rather amazing Huntress model. It’s a model strongly reminiscent of some of the artwork that had been doing the rounds while Necromunda was still in its early promotion, so to finally see the miniature is quite amazing. Looking forward to adding her to the roster!

But that’s still not all!

After the beastman bounty hunter that came out shortly after the game’s release, we’re getting more hired gun types, starting with the now-famous Squat bounty hunter. Yes, that’s right – Squats are back! Except they’re not. I mean, one of them is, but he’s hardly enough to build an army with. Anyway, here’s the little guy in all his resin glory:

He looks like a fun model to paint, so I’ll be treating myself to one of these when he arrives. Another bounty hunter on display at the Weekender was Eyros Slagmist (what a name!) who has a very Samurai-esque look about him. In fact, he reminds me of a couple of different Star Wars characters, as well as a hint of Mei from House of Flying Daggers:

Eyros Slagmist Necromunda

I’m sold, at any rate! I’ll be snatching this chap up as soon as possible!

But what of the Heresy, I hear you all type?!

Well, we’ve got the next Primarch for the series they’re doing, Rogal Dorn himself has turned up – much, it seems, to the internet’s dismay. Cries of “he’s a big Custodes?” aside, the model looks quite strident, which I suppose is what we should have expected from Dorn, so I can’t really fault that. I thin it looks decent, and as always with the Primarchs, I love the base!

We’re also getting a new magos dominus for the Dark Mechanicum, some more vehicle doors, and – oh, hello Alpharius!


Jokes aside (seriously, the whole “I am Alpharius” thing is really old and tired now, people!), the model should be amazing, and while I’ve not been interested in picking any of the Primarchs up (price tags notwithstanding), I might find myself getting one of these when he comes out. I do have an Alpha Legion army, somewhere, after all, so it’s only fitting!

Of course, the size they’re going to do this model at does interest me. I’ve talked about this at length in the Alpha Legion blog linked earlier, but Alpharius is consistently referred to as short (for a Primarch), and the fact that anybody in his Legion can feasibly masquerade as him means that he really ought to be regular marine height. Sadly, I can see him coming out as a massive dude like the others, which is a bit sad for my own Legion aesthetic, but even so, it’d be nice to have the daddy…

And that’s all I really wanted to ramble about from the Weekender! Maybe I’ll get to go one day, as it does look like an excellent event. There are a few more models that were shown off during the two days, which I’m sure by now you’ve all managed to devour, so I think I’ll leave it there…

Exciting times to come, though, at any rate!!

Impromptu Day Off!

I’ve had a day off today! Wonderful times. It was actually booked because I had a dental appointment and didn’t want to have the fuss of going into work, to cross town for my teeth to be admired, then to cross back again. Because I’m that lazy. However, it didn’t work out like that as they cancelled the appointment on me anyway, so hooray for that! I’ve been using the time also to try to get some work done on the degree I’m undertaking. I mentioned last weekend the fact I had an essay due last week, which turned into a fairly stressful time as I tried to ensure I’d done all the work and stuff, yet I’d done no actual course work since submitting the essay, and it was starting to look like I would be falling behind again! So I’ve spent the morning reading Ovid’s Metamorphoses and doing some work there, and it’s been pretty great! I actually like reading Classical literature for its own end, hence why I’m doing the course I guess, so it’s been pretty good for that. For those of you who are interested, the translation I’m reading is this one by David Raeburn, and is really readable.

I’ve also had some really awesome stuff today! First to arrive is my Forge World order I mentioned last week – unfortunately, no Isstvan book, which is really the one I wanted, but I’ve got the basic army list book, so I can at least start to put together a squad based on that information. I’m also excited to get the Despoiler Squad done, as they should be a nice addition. However, still having a whole load of stuff on the go, I probably won’t be starting to build them any time soon!

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I also picked these up yesterday when I popped down to my local GW for a games night! I haven’t had a chance to truly digest the new book yet, but having flicked through it, I’ve become really excited to perhaps do some more with the Death faction – probably not Nagash, but I have wanted to paint Neferata since the Mortarchs were released, so might see how finances are looking. I’ve painted some Spirit Hosts before now, of course, and really enjoyed that, so we’ll see…

Warhammer Spirit Hosts

Game Night was actually awesome. We played the four-player Convergence of Fate scenario that was a sort of web-exclusive you’d get if you placed an order at the Games Workshop webstore. It’s a four-player thing that allows alliances to be made and broken at the beginning of each round, but the rules got a bit hazy for me at one point and I wasn’t entirely following them, if I’m totally honest! The four armies were Bretonnia (Seb), Tzeentch Demons (Jack), Dwarfs (Jacob) and Stormcast Eternals allied with Dryads (me). The game only lasted three rounds. The Stormcast proved to be a sort of distraction (yes, the bulk of my entire army was a distraction!) as my allied Dryads just ran up the Dreadfort walls to capture the relic that formed the scenario goal. I actually did that on my first turn, and it was almost like nobody noticed for the whole of turn two, then turn three saw them picked off by the Tzeentch Demons, before they in turn were destroyed by the Grail Knights, who ultimately claimed victory. The whole experience was kinda hilarious – the demons and dwarfs ganging up on me, while Seb’s Bretonnian Knights did basically nothing for two turns, leaving everyone alone, only to finally charge up the walls and claim victory. It was pretty great, I have to say!

I was really pleased, though, because the rules continued to make more sense to me, following my first game last month. Sure, there are still some parts that I’m not entirely sure about, but as the game wore on, I found myself referring to the warscrolls less and less, so I count that as progress! I try to play as thematically as possible, of course, so even playing against some fairly power-gamer types, I managed to have fun just by forging narratives whenever stuff happened, such as my Prosecutors surrounding a group of dwarf hammerers and destroying them, after that unit had itself destroyed the Liberator-Prime I had been using as a general. My shining moment came when my Retributors just destroyed the Soul Grinder that had, well, ground up a second unit of Liberators and a unit of crossbow-wielding Judicators. I think it’s really clear now that Retributors are a really powerful unit within the army, so I want to get some more of them built up. But I have so much to paint!

That brings me on to an interesting point, anyway. I’ve not played a lot of games in-store, but have painted models for a few competitions there, which always have high-quality paint jobs on display. However, in the game yesterday – and even in the first game – I was surprised that everyone’s models were barely painted, with some suggestion of colour but otherwise bland. I mean, the Soul Grinder I mentioned earlier was painted in blue (for the body) and silver (for the legs). There were a lot of demons that were just sprayed Macragge blue and left – if they were sprayed at all! A lot of the dwarfs were metal miniatures that were just left metal, or some that had golden pauldrons and that was it. A lot of Bretonnians were just undercoated. And here I was, with a fully-painted army, worried that my paint job wasn’t exactly brilliant!

In fact, I had a lot of compliments on the paint job, it was really lovely! I think there were five or six people who were just milling around, all of whom stopped to admire my models (because so many had been killed, you know…) It was quite surreal! I mean, I like my army, don’t get me wrong, and some of those models I’m really pleased to say “I painted that!” however I’ve never thought of them as being that good! So that was nice, anyway! I don’t actually have an up-to-date picture, as I never feel like taking pictures in the store, but here’s a picture from a few months ago (the crests have since been repainted blue, just fyi…)

Age of Sigmar

New Forgeworld goodness!

Well, damn and blast! In December, I’d spent nearly £100 at Forge World in order to get one of those free shipping vouchers, thinking by the time I used it, the Legion army books would be back in stock. Well, I waited too long to use it – I eventually made my order yesterday, when only the Crusade Army List was in stock! Feeling a little deflated, I nevertheless bought it, along with a set of MkIV Despoiler Squad, and the Space Marine character conversion pack, specifically to get the prosthetic leg, which I think will look cool (I’ve also been reading The Flight of the Eisenstein, so yeah). I’m actually really intrigued by all the different Legion stuff available from Forge World, not least because I have something of a thriving 30k community at my local store.

Following the GW birthday bash at the beginning of January, Forge World had previewed some of their upcoming releases, among which were the Alpha Legion Headhunter upgrades. I really liked the look of these, and having decided to paint my Betrayal at Calth stuff as Alpha Legion, the stars had aligned, really. While I was hoping I could use the voucher on these, I’d pretty much given up and just used it. Then today, had an email with this all over it:

Forge World Alpha Legion Headhunter Kill Team


I’m actually planning to go back to Warhammer World at some point this year, so I suppose I’ll wait until then and make an order for delivery while I’m there. That’ll give me something to aim for later in the year, at least – because after all, I think I have more than enough little plastic men to be seeing me through!

But damn, those models look good!

My day off

Hey folks!
Happy Wednesday! I had a day off today, largely spent studying and moving furniture. An exciting day, indeed! The weather may have been awful, but even so, it has been an excellent inside-day!

I can heartily recommend Keemun tea from Twinings, incidentally. Lately, I’m finding that tea is greatly beneficial to my studies! You’ll remember, hopefully, that I’ve recently started on the next module of my OU degree, Exploring the Classical World? Well, I’m currently reading the Odyssey again, so today I broke out my A level notes and had a brief wander through to reacquaint myself. It is grand, I can highly recommend it to you all!

I’ve been looking at some more upcoming games, finally getting round to the next deluxe expansion for Call of CthulhuFor the Greater Good.

for the greater good

While I’m not an Agency player – in fact, the only time I’ve ever done anything with those cards is use them for Domains – but this box does look interesting. Not just because it might be reason enough to finally investigate this faction, but

each of the game’s eight factions gain inexpensive support cards that you can attach to a story to tilt the odds of its resolution not-so-subtly in your favor. Combined with a variety of powerful new characters, including a new three-cost Ancient One, these attachments allow you to play to your strengths even as they make the game more dynamic and horrifying.

Sounds good, no? So that’ll be something to look forward to early next year.

Summoner Wars Alliances

The next big thing for Summoner Wars, announced back in September (I think), is the Alliances master set. Summoner Wars is a great game, though I have yet to feature it on my blog here. The game is effectively a combat card game for two players, with sixteen factions (I think) to choose from. Last year, we started seeing Second Summoner packs, to make the deckbuilding a more rich experience. The Alliances master set blends two of the existing factions together, and further mixes up the deckbuilding aspect of the game. Looking forward to welcoming this one into the fold! Look for a blog on the game at some future date, too!

With regard to playing games, I had a couple of games with Lord of the Rings. Checking my stats on bgg, it’s been just over four months since I last played this game, but it feels like so much longer! In actual fact, I don’t really remember playing any of those games, but still. I decided to take my Rohan deck for a Passage through Mirkwood, the original quest in the box, and was surprised when I just couldn’t get it going, and threated-out! I don’t think I’ve lost that game since my very first plays! After a brief re-set, I did manage to complete the quest in ten rounds, but still, I was shocked!

Had a pretty excellent delivery today, too –

Forge World Necrons

I’m still enjoying the Warhammer life, though of course, I have pulled back a little since my earlier gusto with the IP. However, I am hoping to get involved with the tabletop game at some point once the much-rumoured new codex arrives. In the meantime, I’ve been building up a small army, links to which you can find on my Necrons page over on the right. Today I took delivery of four resin models from Forge World, along with the Imperial Armour book that features the rules for these miniatures. I’m not a huge fan of resin, and some of these models are incredibly intricate, but still!

Earlier in the month, I was beginning to feel a bit like I’d rushed a bit too quickly into the Warhammer world, which is still the case, unfortunately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to write off the last two months of expense and drop it as fast as I picked it up, but I feel that I’ve focused perhaps a bit too much on the Old World, especially during September. It’s still my new favourite thing, but I’m trying to restore some balance in my life, so I’m definitely pulling back a little now.

Anyhow, I’ll leave it there for now. Until next time!