Fallen, at last!

Hey folks,
Following my first game with Fallen last week, I felt like I had to come here and share my thoughts with the world. I’ve already talked about this once on a game day, but now that I’ve had a chance to play with it, and see how the game actually works, I feel the need to spread the word once again!


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This is a card-based dungeon crawl game that launched on kickstarter almost two years ago now, although it only made it into my hot little hands at the beginning of this year. It’s a game that I had been very excited to take delivery of, as it had really captured my imagination back in the day. However, the long kickstarter wait dulled that somewhat, and by the time I actually got it, my enthusiasm had somewhat cooled. Hence why it took over three months to actually make time for a game.

Having now played a game, I can’t begin to praise this enough (nor berate myself for having taken so long to get round to it!) It’s a fantastic experience, and one that I can recommend to anyone who has a love of a wide variety of games.


The game pits a hero against a dungeon lord in a classic choose your own adventure style of dungeon crawl. I wouldn’t say you have to be a fan of that genre to enjoy this game, however, as the choices you make feel much more like a RPG than an adventure book. Over the course of your turn, the dungeon lord will read a short amount of story text aloud from one of the three Story cards that make up the adventure, and offer you a choice.

Once you’ve made that choice, more story is followed by an attribute test of some sort called a Challenge, which can also involve drawing Treasure cards (for the hero) or Omen cards (for the dungeon lord), which will beef up your character in the usual boardgame manner. The winner will gain XP, which can be used to upgrade skills (for the hero) or creatures (for the dungeon lord), and also access to rewards in the shape of drawing cards, dealing wounds, and charging your character’s special Ultimate ability (more shortly).

Creatures, you say?


While the hero follows the traditional model of being equipped with weapons, armour and items, and training in certain skills, the dungeon lord attacks through his (or her) minion creatures, which I thought a really awesome thematic idea – in the game, the hero is delving through a dungeon to fight its lord, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t be fighting that lord all the way through, right? It just felt like you are actually moving through the events of the story rather than merely pitting attribute-to-attribute.


Skills come in three different types, each of three levels, and the hero uses his (or her) XP to purchase higher-level skills that will grant you more dice to roll and specific effects to buff your character. Creatures can essentially be levelled-up, wherein they are replaced with more powerful creatures that grant the dungeon lord more dice to roll as well as more powerful abilities to trigger when they are used. Something I liked about these abilities is they often trigger on a win or a loss, so it’s not that you can just let your opponent win because even the loser gets the chance to draw a reward: you can often find yourself agonizing over whether to use a weapon (as the hero) to tip the balance in your favour.


During a challenge, you will always roll at least two dice, and the one who rolled the most swords wins. However, there are ways and means to add more dice to your pool – creatures bolster the dungeon lord, and weapons and skills do this for the hero. You also have a deck of 20 power cards, half of which are specific to your character. You need to pay for these, using Fortune that is only recharged at the very end of the Story card, so when to use this can be crucial. Some of them can also be really powerful, so there’s a strong strategic element involved here – especially as, in the game I played, the dungeon lord can force a lot of discards to the hero, making it unwise to hold on to them.


While the dungeon lord has his own power cards, he also has the deck of Omen cards that act as something of a cross between Power and Treasure cards (though more like the former). I really like the card back to this deck, it feels really classic-fantasy:


Finally, each character has an Ultimate ability, which needs to be charged before use. While a hero will usually have an innate ability with certain attributes – and buff these with skills and weapons – and the dungeon lord relies on his minion creatures, using your Ultimate ability can increase your dice pool at a critical moment, but can sometimes take a while before you can re-charge it. More strategy!


Something that I really like with about all of this is the Shadow Track. Six cards arranged in a vertical column from Brilliant to Night, which alter the flow of the game depending on how dark it is in the dungeon. A lot of effects can depend on this, predominantly the Ultimate ability of your character, which is affected by the dark in terms of which dice (and how many) you roll for it. One of the rewards you can receive for winning a challenge is to move the track one step, so you can pull it in whichever direction may be more favourable to you. It really makes for an atmospheric experience, and in my game I pretty much let it run down to Night as the end game approached for the thematic implications.

So what happens at the end game?


Once three Story cards have resolved (each has four challenges on, so it can take a fair amount of time to get through), the Final Battle begins. As an interesting twist, it’s now the hero’s turn to read aloud the adventure, as he (or she) battles the dungeon lord in his (or her) lair! The Final Battle cards are basically challenges much like the Story cards, though don’t necessarily follow on from each other based on the hero’s choice of action – a ‘battle begins’ card is read aloud first, then the cards resolve, then a ‘conclusion’ is read to end the game. The first person to succeed at three Final Battle challenges is the winner.


This game could so easily be reduced to ‘roll attribute dice, determine winner, draw reward, repeat at least fourteen more times’, but it really transcends this in my view to be a truly amazing game experience. The artwork on all the cards is just beautiful, and the stories can be truly immersive when you embrace the role-playing aspect of being your character.

All through this review, I’ve been struggling to think of something bad to say, as I don’t want to appear gushing, but there’s really very little that I can say against this thing. The cards are a little too smooth, and slide around all over the table if you’re not careful? It’s seriously just an amazing experience, with both sides quite evenly matched (the Final Battle in my game came to hinge on one card, as we each won two). There’s nothing that seems ridiculous/overpowered or anything like that. It’s just a tremendous game!

One of the kickstarter stretch goals was a multi-player expansion, which is apparently in development. It sounds interesting, as it possibly changes the entire nature of the game – obviously, tweaks would be needed if you have up to three heroes going against the lone dungeon lord, but rather than just an alternate set of rules, it looks like almost a whole new game, which intrigues me.

Something that I want to address is the nature of the kickstarter campaign. As I said at the beginning, I have everything currently available for this game due to the fact that I caught the kickstarter. A lot of people have missed out, and as a result they have slightly less than the backers, who have almost another game’s worth of content. There are nine sets of exclusive Story Cards, three new heroes and three new dungeon lords, along with a small pack of more Final Battle cards. While I don’t believe that any of these are integral to anybody’s enjoyment of the game – while I played against one of these dungeon lords (not the chap used in the pictures here, incidentally), only one weapon card I saw was ks exclusive, everything else in my game was base-game content and was fantastic – I fully understand the completionist mentality, which has driven me to throw money away at ebay in the past. I’m obviously glad to have this content, but I don’t agree it should be kept as kickstarter exclusive content, as I don’t believe gaming should be such an elitist hobby in this manner. I would really like the designers to be able to make this content available, perhaps as a webstore-exclusive thing. It’s a thorny issue, as I discovered when I started a topic on this a while back, but I would much rather see the game designer be able to make money off content that must have required a considerable investment of resource, rather than have so much one-time-deal stuff they can’t use ever again. No doubt so much ks exclusive content helped their campaign at the time, but it seems to foster an attitude of wanting to avoid this game at retail among a lot of people who, like me, are of the all-or-nothing mentality.

But I’ll get off my soapbox now!

Expansions have already been announced, hopefully coming out this summer, and they look pretty awesome already. Cursed Sands is the big one here, with really interesting new characters and new quirks to the flow of the game. Definitely looking forward to seeing these!

This game is such a massively enjoyable experience, I really do urge you to get yourselves a copy, which I think is currently only available direct from the company. But hey, you can get yourself an awesome game while supporting the publisher directly! Win, win!

I think I’ve prattled on enough about this now, so I’ll stop. Bravo if you actually read all of that, anyway! Some brief take-aways from this review are that the game is awesome, super thematic and wonderfully balanced, and while I don’t agree with the way the kickstarter has excluded so much content from so many people, the retail version of this game is so awesome that you really shouldn’t let it stand in your way of what is, ultimately, a really fantastic game!

Ten out of ten, Watchtower Games!

2015, Day Two: Awesome

So here we are in the future! Well… How has 2015 been treating you so far? I hope you’ve been enjoying this fresh new year, anyway! Despite some dreary weather yesterday, today has been really quite glorious in my little corner of the UK, which I’m hoping is a good sign for the year ahead! I also finally took possession of the penultimate kickstarter game I’ve been waiting for…


I haven’t played it yet – heck, I’ve only unwrapped the cellophane and sorted out all of the cards – but it looks absolutely incredible! Not sure when the game is going to hit retail, but on the basis of the look of the game, I’d recommend you keep your eyes on the official site for news of the release! I’ve already profiled the game once, last summer, but once I’ve managed to get in a game or two, I’m sure I’ll be back with some more useful thoughts!

I have been playing lots of Shadows of Brimstone so far this year – in fact, I’ve played a game every day of this year so far! Another kickstarter game that was profiled last summer, I had a couple of games before the festive season, and didn’t really feel the love. However, those were one-hero jaunts into the mines only; I’ve now used the full rules, including bringing the Targa Plateau into things, and the deeper immersion that results has led to my quickly becoming enraptured with this game!

Still unpainted, of course. I can’t decide if I’m going to bother though – so far, it’s clear that having just grey minis isn’t impacting on my enjoyment at all, but also I have far too many Necrons awaiting my attention, I just don’t know whether I’ll be able to get round to it any time soon! Doesn’t help, either, that I haven’t picked up a paintbrush since before Christmas…

Shadows of Brimstone

I’ve taken my Gunslinger and Bandido through the first two scenarios, which have both been an absolute blast – my Bandido is now even on the first true rung of the leveling-ladder! So I’m hoping that this is the real start of something truly awesome! No doubt I’ll also be writing more about this game once I’ve truly gotten to grips with it all!

Which brings me onto writing in general, something that I’d like to do more of in the coming months, at least! I enjoyed last year’s efforts with my three short Star Wars stories, and I intend to add to their ranks very soon with at least one more that is in the planning stages…

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Formosa gunpowder #tea

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It’s not really a resolution, but I finally got round to using my Chinese tea set on Thursday, something I bought for myself back in Christmas 2011. I’m a very big lover of tea, of course, so this is quite the adventure for me! So many loose-leaf teas to try! The inaugural cup was Formosa Gunpowder, which I am going to hesitatingly say didn’t live up to expectations. There’s plenty more that I have yet to try, anyway!

This, though, is something of a resolution. I don’t think I’ve really explored it on here yet, but I absolutely adore the island of Anglesey, which I’m fortunately only an hour-or-so away from by car. I went a few times last year, notably for a jaunt along the south-east coast to Beaumaris and Penmon, but expect to see more in the coming year as I investigate bits I’ve never before been!

Oh, it’s shaping up to be a heady year already…

Post 99!

Morning everyone!
Can you believe I’ve made nearly 100 posts? I’m quite surprised! In less than 4 months, I’ve wittered on a fair amount, which is quite marvellous, really! For my 100th post, I’m planning to commemorate the milestone with a post that celebrates something I really enjoy. But that will come soon…

There has been a lot of games news of late, so let’s get to it!

I mentioned this game the other day, but I’m really quite looking forward to this game, it looks like it should be really good! I do enjoy this sort of thing. The app seems a bit gimicky, of course, but even so, it looks like a good premise, and I enjoy a good disaster, so I’m looking forward to it.

Fantasy Flight have released the rules for the upcoming Warhammer: Conquest LCG, which reinforces my opinion that it seems to be a lot like High Command. That’s not a bad thing, of course, as that is a very good game as well, so I am cautiously looking forward to it. Still not entirely sure just whether I’ll be buying everything for it as much as I do for the others, but then I always say that… Speaking of which, they’ve already previewed the second War Pack for the game! I’m guessing the game will be available from GenCon, which takes place between August 14 and 17 this year.

Warhammer Conquest

Something that surprised me – in a good way – was a preview of the upcoming Saga Expansion for the Lord of the Rings LCG. There had been some speculation about the identity of the heroes in the expansion – or, at least, the hero – so it was good to see that resolved. I was, however, surprised that it was Gandalf. A neutral hero is going to be a bit difficult to work with, even given Gandalf’s special ability. There are some interesting-looking cards that go along with him, however, so it’s going to be intriguing to see how this all works when it gets released.


Back to board games now, and Talisman has had another preview of the fourth corner expansion. I’m going to blog about that game in due course, but suffice it to say it’s a wonderful fantasy adventure game, with much more whimsy than, say, Runebound. The game has so far had four large expansions, three of which provide additional boards that are placed at each corner of the main board, and the upcoming Woodland expansion adds in the final corner. There is a touch of fairy-tale-like cuteness in this expansion, but it is a lot more Andersen-like than a true bedtime story. Looking forward to this one!


I’ve also had quite a lot of deliveries this week, including a very exciting mini-expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Another game that has yet to be investigated in my blog, Descent is a wonderful dungeon-crawl game that I rarely get to play because it’s at least a two-player game, but the new mini-expansion Forgotten Souls brings a cooperative element to the game, for one to four players, so I’m planning to give this a look at the weekend. My thoughts will, naturally, make it here in due course!

Moving away from Fantasy Flight now, a new expansion for Cryptozoic’s DC Deckbuilding Game has been released this week, the Crisis Expansion Pack 1! I quite like the game, at some point I’ll make a post about it, but it uses the same game engine as the Street Fighter deckbuilding game. This Crisis expansions introduces a new co-operative game mode, as well as additional cards for the basic game. Hopefully this expansion will make its way across the pond soon enough.

I’ve also noticed a small nugget of info about a new ‘Rivals’ game, a PvP version of the game for two players, where you play Batman and try to defeat the Joker. Or something. Can’t seem to find anything official on this, so we shall have to see what happens on that score…


Some interesting news from Paizo was emailed to me the other day, the next Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is going to be on its way soon – the base set for Skull & Shackles! Well, there’s the base set, the character add-on deck, and four promo cards! Quite exciting times ahead for that one, then! From what I gather, we’re going to be seeing a lot more piratical stuff in this one – I know very little else as I still don’t really know my way around Golarion, but anyway, it should be an exciting one!


Finally, some kickstarter news. Fallen continues on its merry way through the manufacturing process, and will apparently be finished and on the boat to distribution by the end of next week, so that is very exciting. Draco Magi, which I have not yet mentioned but will definitely blog about once I have it, is virtually complete and should be with me soon, following the kickstarter survey coming out earlier this week. And finally, Shadows of Brimstone has had a pre-GenCon update that has me in a minor froth, although it does disappoint me that the miniatures require assembly. I have, however, made a small leap and bought some modelling stuff to practice with, before I eventually get the game in my hot little hands. So exciting times are definitely afoot!

On that note, I’m going to shut up. Brace yourselves for post 100…


I shared this video a short while ago, when I first mentioned the kickstarter game Fallen, from Watchtower Games, but since the announcement that the game is now in full production, I’ve been almost-obsessing over it once again!

It’s not Tuesday, but I want to talk about games anyway. Maybe I’ll stop being so prescriptive with my blog, not sure yet. Anyway!

Fallen was the first kickstarter game that I got incredibly over-excited about. A rough count has my total games backed at just five, including the exceptionally exciting Shadows of Brimstone of course, but Fallen really deserves the credit for being the game that started me off in all this. The game looks ridiculously beautiful. I mean, if you haven’t watched the video all the way through – go back and do so, now!

The game will be quite unique in my collection, I feel. It’s a dungeon-crawler game, but it’s a card game, not a miniatures/board game. Out of the box it’s playable by two people, where one person takes the role of the hero, and the other that of the Dungeon Lord. Rather than physically moving a miniature figure through a series of dungeon tiles in the manner of, say, Descent, the game is played through a series of Story Cards which describe the rooms and challenges. The hero must fight his way through the creatures and spells of the Dungeon Lord until the two face off in a final battle.

The game also utilises a Shadow Track that provides some flux to the game, giving bonuses to the hero or the Dungeon Lord depending on how light and dark it is, respectively.

The more successful a hero is, the more stuff you “unlock” for that hero. There is a slight RPG feel to the game in this respect – along with magical items and power cards, experience points can give your hero new skills to help in the final battle. In a similar manner, the more successful the Dungeon Lord is against the hero, the more he can summon against that hero. The Dungeon Lord can also acquire Omen Cards that are particularly powerful. If the hero survives four Story Cards, that final battle begins and all craziness breaks loose in the showdown!

I backed at Hero level

I’ve been following the progress since it was funded last July, and the demos at last year’s GenCon in particular showed the game to be extremely strong and fantastically-designed. It’s a bit of a shame that it has taken so long to come to full production, but at least we’re there now. I feel that I was a bit too harsh on the company when I first mentioned it, as I was feeling a bit frustrated that I don’t have the game already! But it looks like it’ll be a really solid game when it arrives, so I truly can’t wait to get it and start delving in the dungeon!

In addition to some awesome gameplay, the artwork is just gorgeous!

Chains of Ilthor Demon Lord Orc Shaman Sythean the Devourer

As usual for kickstarter games, there are a whole host of Stretch Goals and Add-Ons that came out of the campaign, which make me even more excited for it! The base game has a choice of three Dungeon Lords and three Heroes, but the ks extras add three more heroes and three more Dungeon Lords! Additionally, there are five new Adventure Packs, which include new Story Cards as well as cards for the hero and the Dungeon Lord, and an additional Final Battle Pack with new options for the endgame.

One of the biggest incentives I’ve noticed that people enjoy about kickstarter projects are the “exclusives” that make backing the game the more desirable option than simply waiting for it to hit retail, and Fallen delivered wonderfully in this respect with four additional Adventure Packs, so that’s even more Story Cards etc! Given the fact that the game is played primarily through the medium of these cards, that’s an unbelievable amount of content right out of the gate!

So roll on September, when I hope I will finally have this game in my hands, and maybe if I’m lucky, there will have been a couple of games played, as well! Can’t wait!

Fallen box cover

It’s post 49!

Hey everybody! Welcome to my blog! Another Saturday is here, so it’s time for some more ramblings from me 🙂

I’ve got another week off coming up, so there’ll be lots of excitement to come! But first, a brief look at the exciting things that have been happening in the past week!

Empire and Rebellion

Yes, some completely unexpected news here from Fantasy Flight Games, who announced the standalone Star Wars card game on Thursday. Essentially a re-skin of the old Cold War: CIAvsKGB card game, it uses movie stills rather than original artwork. I quite like Cold War, as it’s a nice, quick game that is really fun. It’s also pretty cheap (I picked Cold War up for under a tenner), so it’s hard to say no, really.



The big and unexpected news this week came on Friday, when they announced Wave Five for the X-Wing miniatures game, but you can read all about that here.

Moving away from Fantasy Flight now, there’s another game that I’ve been looking forward to for over twelve months now that has finally had some exciting news – I’m talking about Fallen, by Watchtower Games. A Kickstarter project, I backed this game back in June last year and was absolutely overjoyed to see it funded to the extent that it was (598%, in case you’re wondering). At the time, it was estimated to have a December release date, then that was pushed back to February this year, then it was “summer”, but finally things seem to have firmed up again. It seems that the company, for whom Fallen is their first game, has taken an almost OCD-like approach to making sure the game is absolutely perfect. Fine by me, as I wouldn’t want a sub-par quality game, but it just seemed to get a bit ridiculous what they were doing. JUST GIVE ME MY GAME, ALREADY! So after weeks and weeks and weeks of email updates telling us that the card quality just wasn’t quite right, or the inlay wasn’t sufficient, or whatever, we finally had the email I’ve been waiting for on Friday – the game is being sent off to the printer! At last! I’ve backed this game as much as I could afford, as I was crazy-excited to get it in my hot little hands, so I’m now really excited. Only two or three more months to wait!

I haven’t mentioned my Star Wars reading of late. I’ve been reading the Jedi Academy trilogy by Kevin J Anderson, one of the earliest trilogies of Star Wars novels that I read. I have got to say, however, that I’ve not been enjoying it as much as I did when I first read it all those years ago. Primarily I suppose because it reads a bit too simplistically for me. Especially after the Zahn trilogy. While George Lucas had always said that he made the Star Wars movies “for young people”, the Jedi Academy trilogy seems to be aimed at an even younger demographic than George intended, I feel. When read in this respect, I suppose it’s not too bad, but otherwise, I do feel that it unfortunately misses the mark. Which is a shame, because I’m pretty sure I used to really like this trilogy!

The storyline follows Luke as he attempts to rebuild the Jedi Order following the resurrection of Palpatine and the discovery of more Force users during the Dark Empire shenanigans. He finds a remarkably high number of Force users in a short period of time, considering they were supposed to have been wiped out, and establishes a base on Yavin IV. Soon, however, he discovers the long-dormant power of Exar Kun slumbering within the temples, and when an extremely powerful student named Kyp Durron arrives for training, things take a turn for the worse. Kun seduces Kyp to the Dark Side, and with his help he incapacitates Luke and goes on a rampage against the Empire. Han eventually talks him out of it and everything seems to be resolved by the end. In the course of these events, Han also stumbles across a secret Imperial weapons-development facility near Kessel, guarded by Admiral Daala, a protege of Grand Moff Tarkin and the only female flag officer in the fleet. Daala goes on a rampage of her own before realising her outdated tactics are ineffective and she basically rides off into the sunset (though she will reappear later…) Leia has her own storyline where she tries to bond with her children, is given more and more responsibility in the government until an ailing Mon Mothma makes her the new Chief of State of the New Republic. And Lando goes to a blob race. I’m not joking.

Jedi Academy Trilogy

The events of the trilogy are actually really important, and it’s almost required reading for any Star Wars expanded universe fan if you want to know more about what happens later in the saga. However, I just don’t like the execution! Luke seems to be paralyzed by fear – while it’s likely that he would embark on training an entire Order of new Jedi single-handedly with some trepidation, I don’t think the hero of the original trilogy would be this down about it all. Leia is also reduced to being some sort of caricature – gone is the strong leader we saw in the films, this is a Leia who can’t do anything without her husband. I also thought we got a bit too much, I dunno, kiddie-time, as she tries to connect with her twins (who are now aged 2) and whatnot. While this sort of stuff is all necessary for character and whatnot, it’s not really what Star Wars is all about. I get the impression that, if Anderson had still had Vader to write as well, we’d see the Dark Lord as he struggles with oiling the joints of his mechanical legs, or something equally mundane. Star Wars shouldn’t be mundane, but we get too much of it here.

Kyp Durron…ah, what can I say? While every Star Wars author at this period seems intent on adding their own characters firmly into the storyline, most of the time this never really comes off. Tim Zahn’s additions of Mara and Karrde, Thrawn and Pellaeon just work, but there are others that just, well, don’t. Kyp Durron really rubs me up the wrong way, in a similar fashion to Corran Horn, who I’m sure I’ve mentioned before. Kyp is a teenager who has spent most of his life in the spice mines of Kessel, and when he declares some kind of aptitude for the Force he is tested by Luke and discovered to be absolutely amazing. Kyp turns to the Dark Side, flies around blowing stuff up, then it’s decided that actually, no, he didn’t turn to the Dark Side, but after a brief apology and some time spent looking more sullen than penitent, he is completely forgiven and, within the space of a few more pages, makes it to full Jedi Knight status well before any of the other students at the academy, who have been studying there longer. Basically, the impression I have is that Anderson loves Kyp Durron, and wants to put him into every kind of situation where he can show off just how awesome he is. The thing with him turning to the Dark Side feels like it was done just because Vader was a cool villain and Kyp needs to be cool, in a shimmery black cloak and crap. But then, no, he needs to be a Jedi so – I know, why don’t we say that it was actually Exar Kun who had such a powerful control over him, it wasn’t really Kyp doing all that bad stuff. So, uh, is Kyp so immensely weak that he can be controlled in such a way? Because, during Dark Apprentice, Kyp seemed to be pretty much in control of his own thoughts to me. Meh. It’s basically one of the worst Mary Sue characters in the universe. There are plenty more, of course – Bria Tharen instantly springs to mind – but perhaps the very worst part was the way Han was made to be his best friend/surrogate father. That just wasn’t the Han Solo we all know and love, no matter how much fatherhood might have softened him.

I feel that there is a way for authors to integrate their own characters into the saga with the movie characters, but this is definitely not it. If we look at Zahn’s books, we get to know these new characters on their own first, before we see them with the others. Plus, these characters aren’t perfect people, they have flaws – even Grand Admiral Thrawn needs to take time to think things through, for goodness sake! Xizor is another good example, from Shadows of the Empire. We see him within his own organization, we then see him with Vader and the Emperor, and it just feels natural, to the extent that we almost feel like we’ve known about Xizor and Black Sun forever.

But…Lando at the blob races… I just… urgh.


I feel like my literary criticism is being a bit too harsh lately. First Dark Empire, now this, right?! I’m always really interested to see what other people think about these things, so please leave comments whether you agree or disagree with me!

I’m also currently in the thick of writing the next in my series of short stories set in the GFFA, which I hope to make available here tomorrow. I’ve spent seven and a half hours writing it today (according to the file properties tab), though it has largely been gestating for the past couple of days. I have some finishing touches I want to put to it tomorrow, but then it’ll be posted – as a sneak preview, it’s about an assassin…