Forever Evil!

DC Forever Evil

Hey folks! Happy Game Day!

Yes, it’s Tuesday, so it can only be one thing! Time for the spotlight of awesome to shine on another game, and today we’re looking at another deck-building game. Today, we’re looking at DC: Forever Evil!

DC Forever Evil

Okay, so I’ve been super-busy recently, and unfortunately haven’t had the time to play that many games, so this is going to be a fairly short blog again. Apologies for that. It also feels a bit like cheating, because this is very similar to the DC base game that I took a look at before Christmas, to the extent that I’m almost questioning why I’m doing this at all… But still!

DC: Forever Evil allows you to play as some of the most iconic villains of the DC universe, such as Lex Luthor, Sinistro, or Harley Quinn, and take on the Super Heroes in what essentially amounts to a mirror image of the base game. The Super Heroes form a separate deck, with The Flash taking point, and each turn you attempt to gain cards into your hand to enable you to go up against the Super Heroes. Each one after the Flash has a First Appearance-Attack that must be resolved when they’re flipped over, and when the stack runs out, the game is over and the points are tallied.

DC Forever Evil

It’s very similar, as I said, to the base game. There are the same mix of card types in the main deck for this game, and overall, you can blend this with the base game with next to no problems whatsoever – in fact, you could do so with no problems at all, actually…

Some people might be thinking that this is a bit of a cheap shot, that it isn’t the clever re-imagining of the base game that Legendary: Villains was to Marvel Legendary, and to an extent, you’re right. However, Forever Evil does have a couple of things in its favour.

First of all, the new main deck cards revolve around a few sub-themes, predominantly card destruction, which the base game really needs (in my view). Deck-building games all follow the same basic course, where you have a starting hand of weak cards, but you go through the game buying more useful cards with allow you to do better things, but you’ll always have those starting chump cards unless you manage to somehow destroy them. Base-game DC has a couple of things you can do, but you’re usually stuck with them until the end. Forever Evil has cards that give some pretty good bonuses for destroying cards, and allow you do destroy cards all over the place. Furthermore, it creates a specific destroyed pile, and there are more cards in the main deck that improve depending on what types of cards are in that pile. It’s something that the base game definitely needs, so it’s well worth integrating these two games for that, if nothing else.

Secondly, you can now earn Victory Points in-game, and there are a number of cards that work off how many Victory Points – as defined by VP tokens – you have. I’m not a huge fan of tokens in card games like these, but it’s not like these are a real problem or anything. At the end of the game, these tokens get added to the VP total of your cards, and it’s a nice little addition to the game.

DC Forever Evil

There are a couple of other things, such as Captain Cold’s Cold Gun, which allows you to freeze a card in the lineup until your next turn, in case a really good one comes up but you can’t afford it right then. However, there’s no Captain Cold in this box! Very disappointing.

Overall, it’s another fun game added to the line, and definitely worth getting if you enjoyed any of the other DC games from Cryptozoic. I’m not a huge fan of pure deckbuilding games, but the theme definitely wins out on this one, at least. However, something that I feel the game misses out on is tying into the actual Forever Evil storyline in the comics, where the super villains form the Injustice League to combat the Crime Syndicate. There’s no attempt to show the villains teaming up, it’s just the DC base game but in reverse. Not necessarily a bad thing, but there we go. The game line in general doesn’t seem to want to particularly build up its theme, as I’ve mentioned before, so I suppose at this late stage of the game I can hardly hold that against it!

Can you believe this game has been going over two years now? Sheesh!

Buy it from amazon:
DC Forever Evil

Games Sunday!

Hey everybody!
It feels like a while since I’ve been posting anything of substance here, apologies to all who have missed my sagacious words this past week! I’ve been feeling a bit rough, sadly, between one thing and another. I’ve also been working madly at an essay that’s due on Thursday – I managed to get about half of it done yesterday, eventually, but that’s been heavy-going. Additionally, I’ve been asked to produce a promotional video for a meeting in work, which has involved a steep learning curve on Windows Movie Maker, but I’ve managed to throw something together. That’s actually been lots of fun, and I’m hoping to make use of these skills for this here blog in the future! You have been warned!

However, due to all of these shenanigans, I’m more than likely only going to have time for another small-scale game day blog next week. It’s about two weeks until I’ve got some time off, however, so such meagre offerings will hopefully be mitigated then!

So what’s new in the world?

Not sure if you’ve seen the news, but FFG put up a preview for the first deluxe expansion to the Warhammer Conquest LCG, The Great Devourer. Tyranids are coming to the Traxis Sector! While I was hoping for Necrons, it’s still exciting to see!

The Great Devourer

I picked up the third war pack last week from the local games shop, and was taking with the manager there about how I’ve only actually managed to get in one game with this one, back when the core set released before Christmas. That needs to be remedied, and soon, I feel! I seem to remember that it is a really great game, with a lot of strategy and such, so I hope I can get it to the table more, anyway. The new deluxe seems to offer a lot of interesting options, anyway, so I can definitely see myself picking this up. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Tyranids would have been my army of choice had I not gone for Necrons.

Speaking of Warhammer, I’ve not painted anything for what seems like an age. Luckily, I’ve also not been buying things in a similar timeframe. Since I hit the wall, I’ve sold off a few of my kits on ebay to try to thin the ranks, but it hasn’t really helped! I’ve been pursuing more traditional tabletop gaming pursuits, such as Thunderstone, which helped to redress the balance in my life after Warhammer had been taking over. However, there are still odd moments where I find myself wanting to be more creative once again, so I think it might only be a matter of time before I pick up a brush.

Not before I finish the essay, however!

As far as Warhammer Fantasy goes, the fifth and final round of the End Times is currently raging, with Archaon the Everchosen coming down from the Chaos Wastes to wreak havoc among the shattered remains of the Empire. I pre-ordered the books on Friday, but haven’t gone for a Bloodthirster – it’s a nice model, but I still prefer the daemon prince!

Back to FFG, who have also announced another Reinforcements pack for Battlelore, the Razorwings. Still really excited for new stuff for Battlelore, though part of me is really concerned as to the expansion model we’re seeing here. While it is, of course, a tactical miniatures wargame, I was still hoping it would be expanded in the traditional manner of a boardgame, with a big box for more stuff. Instead, while they have announced boxes of army reinforcements, we’re seeing more of these smaller packs of just a couple of minis, and my wallet cries out in dismay! However, the Razorwings are something of an iconic Terrinoth monster, so it’ll definitely be fun to have these in the game.

Battlelore Razorwings

We’re currently looking at a similar situation for Imperial Assault, which has had another preview of the new ally packs that are expected shortly. I still haven’t been able to play Imperial Assault, unfortunately, so I’m currently hoping to abstain from buying these things. Yeah, right…

Back to LCGs now, and Escape from Mount Gram, the second adventure pack in the Angmar Awakened cycle for Lord of the Rings, has been announced. I’ve mentioned it before, of course, that I was a playtester for this cycle, and this adventure is just awesome. The preview article only hints at the actual quest, which I’m not going to spoil here, but suffice it to say, this quest is hard for solo play. The final pack in the cycle was my absolute favourite, with some awesome effects involved. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to be pleased with this one!

JSA crossover 1

Over to Cryptozoic now, where the DC deck-building game continues to expand! Crisis Pack #2 was released a couple of weeks ago, and that looks like more of the same from Crisis Pack #1, though obviously tailored to Heroes Unite rather than the base game. The JSA Crossover Pack #1 looks like a really cool way of expanding the line, too – more heroes, more super-villains, and a smattering of new main deck cards, all for £8! It gives it almost a LCG-like feel! Of course, a lot of people have been complaining that there is only one current actual expansion for the game, the Crisis Pack, as the other stuff released so far has been new core sets, with punches and kicks etc that are just superfluous if you only want more options for one game. Well, now you have them! As ‘Crossover Pack 1’, it means there’s a whole host of options for more in the future! According to boardgamegeek, Packs 2 and 3 are Arrow and Legion of Super-Heroes, respectively. I believe Pack 2 will have screencaps from the TV show, unfortunately, but even so, it’s always good to see games expanded! Pack 3 also links to a fourth core set that is expected sometime soon, Teen Titans. I’m sure I’ll keep buying these things, as it is an enjoyable game.


And speaking of Cryptozoic, there are just three days left on their Ghostbusters kickstarter!

I’m still pretty excited by this game, having been a huge fan of this IP as a child. A lot of negativity has surrounded the game, something I only vaguely touched on when I last looked at the campaign earlier in the month. It is currently 390% funded, and has seen twenty stretch goals to get there. Of these, seventeen are kickstarter exclusives. And there are some pretty iconic Ghostbusters characters among those exclusives. A lot of people have read this as a cash-grab, with the company wanting to just make as much money from a one-time deal as they can, then drop the thing, while recently some more level-headed arguments have been put forward.

The game is primarily based around the comics series from IDW publishing, with the ghostbusters themselves having this comic-book look to them. The game has barely scratched the surface of the universe that has been continued in this medium, so it’s entirely possible that the game is more comics-centric than movies-centric. While that makes a lot of sense in terms of the game itself, from a business point of view, it seems overwhelmingly short-sighted, as I imagine most people aren’t even aware of the comics. (If you’re one of these people, start here!) I’ve currently thrown $300 at this campaign, anyway, as I’m thinking I’ll cover all bases by getting the exclusives add-ons while they’re available, then if the game isn’t supported post-release, I’ll at least have plenty of options for a long time!

While I’m on the subject of comics…

Years ago, I was an avid comics collector. It became something close to an addiction, however, and I made the herculean effort of selling them all. I’ve still been a Star Wars comics fan, of course, but all my Marvel and DC stuff I got rid of. However, I can’t help feeling that I didn’t do the right thing, and playing games like DC and Marvel Legendary has shown that I still have a love of comic book universes. So I decided to get a couple of things at the end of last month, including the new Flash comics that are part of DC’s overhaul, the New 52. They’ve only just arrived, and I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Flash has forever been my favourite DC hero, in part because it remains to this day the only computer game I have ever completed…

That’s right, kids – these are the kind of games I grew up with!


Hey folks, welcome to game day!
I was intending to have a truly mammoth blog ready for today, as a sort of Christmas-special game day blog or something, but real life has intruded and I’ve not been able to write anything up. So that’s been pushed up to the beginning of next year now, and instead I’m going to share some thoughts with you on a game expansion I tried out for the first time yesterday – the Crisis Expansion to DC Deck Building Game!

DC Crisis

Yes, it was only last week that I took you all through the main game, but what the hell. The Crisis Expansion Pack is the first proper expansion this game has seen, introducing some new heroes, new main deck cards, and two new modes of play. Pretty impressive, really! As I only played this for the first time yesterday, this will be more of a first thoughts style blog than anything else, at any rate.

So first, we have new superheroes – six of them, in fact:

DC Crisis

There are some really interesting abilities on these superheroes, four of which have been in the base set as Hero cards, the other two being supported with the new main deck cards:

DC Crisis

I didn’t use any of these when I played with the game, but it looks like there are a few interesting twists being added to the game here, nonetheless!

The first of the two new modes of play is Impossible Mode, which replaces the base game’s Super Villain deck with much tougher variants:

DC Crisis

You can see in the comparison above that the new super villains (the bottom four) are slightly more difficult to beat, but some of them also have more difficult first appearance-attacks, and grant better bonuses once you’ve defeated them.

The second, and to me, much more interesting new mode is Crisis Mode – more interesting, because you can now play DC solo! Crisis Mode is probably the bulk of this box, as you use the Super-Villains and the main deck cards, along with new Super Hero cards, and a new Crisis deck:

DC Crisis DC Crisis

The new mode of play is co-operative, and involves a few rules-changes, but these new Super Heroes support that by having benefits to your team-mates such as drawing extra cards, stacking your deck, etc. It also does away with the Victory Point conditions, and you win if you defeat 12 Super Villains, but lose if the main deck runs out. With the main deck therefore acting like a timer, there are twists added, such as adding the top of the main deck to the game at the start of your turn, but also the new Super Villains and, particularly, the Crisis cards add more cards from the main deck, trying to defeat you that way.

DC Crisis

These new cards are essentially the opposition here. They act almost as gate-keepers to the Super-Villains, as you need to defeat the Crisis card before you can attempt to defeat them. One of these cards in particular, Dimension Shift, can only be beaten if you reveal a card with cost of exactly 2 from the top of your deck. When I played this game yesterday, I was playing as Martian Manhunter, whose effect allows you to place a hero on top of your deck from your discard pile if you played two or more heroes that turn. You’d think it would be fairly straightforward to beat this card, therefore, given the number of heroes that cost 2, but no! It caused me to cycle through my deck repeatedly over about 45 minutes while I tried to get past it! Bah!

DC Crisis

For me, Crisis mode is awesome. Even setting aside the fact that it allows for solo play (always a winner with me, remember!), it adds an extra layer to the game that elevates it from being “just another deck-builder”. In fact, I would go so far as to say it begins to approach Marvel Legendary as an awesome game experience. See, while I do like deck-building games, they can tend to be very much of a muchness, and I usually like to have a good break between playing games with them as a result. However, when the deck-building aspect is suitably masked behind deeper mechanics, such as with Marvel or Arcana, then you focus more on a game experience and less on the purely nuts-and-bolts “I have this much currency in my hand, so can afford this card, which I place in my discard pile before doing it all over again”. It’s pretty exciting to note, of course, that this is explicitly Crisis Pack 1, so I’m hoping we see further packs that expand on the number of Crisis cards available, increasing the options for this mode of play!

It’s all about the levels, people!

Buy it from amazon:
Crisis Expansion Pack 1


DC deck building game

That’s right folks! Today is a bit of an event, as I get round to one of those games I’ve been writing about for a while now: the DC deck-building game!

DC deck building game

DC deck building game is pretty much your standard type of deck-builder, very much in the Dominion mould as opposed to Marvel Legendary. That is, you use weak cards to buy better cards that are worth points, and whoever has the most at the end of the game is declared the winner. It’s really that simple!

DC deck building game

You start out as one of the classic DC superheroes, with a hand of punch and vulnerability cards that you use to buy better cards from a central line-up.

DC deck building game

It’s not just about buying cards of course, as there is also a deck of Super-Villains you have to defeat. Remember when I said it’s not really like Marvel Legendary? Well, this is as close to that game as this one gets.

DC deck building game

The Super-Villains each has a First Appearance-Attack ability that triggers when they appear from their deck, but if you can generate enough power you can defeat them for Victory Points. Marvellous!

DC deck building game

Something I really like about this game is the theme that can come out by collecting all of your hero’s stuff. Each Super Hero has an ability that works off certain cards – so Batman above gets +1 power for each Equipment card he plays each turn, Superman get +1 power for each different Super Power card, etc etc. There’s also a Hero version of each Super Hero – such as Batman and The Dark Knight. I kinda like getting “myself” in this game 🙂

DC deck building game

There are also Villains in the main deck, which have Attack abilities you can use for player interaction – this is actually the only way players can interact, at any rate.

The DC deck-building game is a nice little game, with the added awesome factor for folks if you’re a DC fan. I have a moderate interest, personally. I do enjoy the game, though, it’s nice to break out every so often when you want a quick game!

But wait – there’s more!

DC deck building game

Heroes Unite is effectively a second core set, with more Super Heroes, more Super Villains, and a new main deck.

DC deck building game

Very much more of the same, anyway, though with some more Attack cards to aid the player interaction – not many, but some. Well, anyway. If you like the first, you’ll probably like this one as well.

DC deck building game

This year has also seen two new games, the Crisis expansion, and the Forever Evil variant that I guess does for this game what Legendary: Villains does for Legendary. The former has been sat on my shelf since it arrived on the doorstep; the latter is in transit to me as I type. Both I hope to get out and take a look at in the very near future, anyway! Upcoming expansions include yet a new standalone game for the Teen Titans, along with a Crossover Pack that seems designed to better integrate these standalone games. I’m assuming, as the Crisis expansions mentioned earlier calls itself ‘Crisis Pack 1’, there’ll be another on its way at some point, too. But anyway, lots of stuff available for this one!

The inherent problem with deck-building games like DC is that they tend to be good games, but they can be pretty stale very quickly. Marvel Legendary has overcome that by having an almost prescriptive flow for the game, where you buy heroes but fight villains – in DC, you can buy villains, and it all just seems a bit weird when you use them to generate your power. There’s also a sense of tacked-on theme sometimes: DC feels almost exactly like Street Fighter, and Naruto Shippuden, and Ascension, and Dark Gothic, and they all feel quite strongly like Dominion. Normally I like theme over everything else, but with deck-building games, there’re a very limited number of mechanics that you can use, which means you’re inevitably doing the same thing time after time. Deck-builders can be lots of fun, but I usually need some time between plays.

But anyway, such are my vague thoughts on the subgenre! Don’t let me put you off, of course – if you’ve never tried a deck building game before, and if you’re a fan of DC Comics, then this game is great to get into your collection!

Buy it from amazon:
DC deck-building game
Heroes Unite
Crisis Expansion
Forever Evil

Catching Up

It’s been a bit of a frosty one here today, hence the header photo up there. I’m currently slap-bang in the middle of a week off work, though so far little of this time off has gone to plan! I was intending to go to London yesterday, for a little pre-Christmas shopping, but was laid low with illness, tragically, so, uh, haven’t gone. While sad for me, at least you get to enjoy my blog a little more – yes, you’re very lucky like that…

DC Deck Building Game Rivals Batman vs Joker

Something that’s caught my attention is the news on the next addition to the DC Deck Building Game, Rivals. Cryptozoic seem to be billing it almost an an intro-game, as if the main game is too difficult or something, not sure about that. DC is, of course, a game I’ve talked about plenty of times since I started doing this blog, but haven’t taken a look at yet in one of my game-day blogs – rest assured, it’s on the to-do list! The idea behind this one seems nice enough, and it looks like it should be a good addition to the line, anyway.

DC Deck Building Game Rivals Batman vs Joker

On the subject of deck-builder expansions, Flying Frog have now got the Forbidden Island supplement to Dark Gothic available on their webstore. Mentioned way back when, it seems that this is indeed based off the location from the Something Wicked expansion, with a little sub-theme of collecting Journal Pages for bonus victory points at the end. Nice enough, anyway! (They also have another mini expansion for Conquest of Planet Earth…)

Dark Gothic Forgotten Island

Speaking of Flying Frog Games, on Monday, I managed to get in my first game with Shadows of Brimstone, which was something of the event, I have to say! In the end, it was a really interesting experience – slightly overwhelming, I will freely admit, due to the various elements that make up the hero turn this time. Definitely more involved than previous FFP games, I must say!

Shadows of Brimstone

I played the Lawman, who I decided to call Owen Barnabas for absolutely no reason. At first, I’d thought I’d set off on an adventure, but I probably got far too many rules wrong for this to sit right, so I think instead I’ll have a load of solitary games as I get the feel for it, before launching into a campaign!

I had quite a lot of bad luck early on in the game, unfortunately – such as when this happened:

Shadows of Brimstone

Apparently, the rushing sound of an underground waterfall masked the sound of this little lot creeping up on me! Crikey! I managed to escape with a broken collar bone, anyway, so not the most auspicious of starts. Ahem!

First impressions, though, are largely favourable. If you’ve played Fortune & Glory (one of my favourites), you’ll have a good general idea of what this game is all about, as that is probably the closest to how this one works. There is a lot more going on, however, such as every enemy having its own stat sheet rather than the minions with their basic combat rating and hit points. That side of it does feel a bit like the RPG thing. But yeah, I was a bit overwhelmed by it all, but think it could be a really, really fun game – once I get my head around it!

I’ve only built up the miniatures from Swamps of Death at the moment, and have now moved back to building up Necron vehicles! I find it quite relaxing to do this, so was glad of the distraction from feeling like death! I’ve currently got two primed and ready to receive paint: the Catacomb Command Barge, and the Triarch Stalker!

Triarch Stalker

Catacomb Command Barge

I particularly like the Command Barge, and have had it on the shelf for what feels like ages waiting for this moment! Together, these are the biggest “miniatures” I’ve yet built, but have enjoyed doing so, all the same! For a more work-in-progress report, check out my tumblr posts! Not really sure when I’m going to get round to painting the little blighters up, but at least they’re done and ready for me, I suppose!

Catacomb Command Barge

Returning to the theme of the Old West, another Carcassonne variant is poised for release later this month, Gold Rush. I’ve had a soft spot for this era since junior school, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Klaus has implemented the theme for the game!

To end, it looks like there’ll be a small avalanche of games coming at us from Fantasy Flight soon, as not only Imperial Assault, but also expansions big and small, for Eldritch Horror, Android Netrunner, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars LCGs among others, are all on the boat – hopefully ready for Christmas… Looks like I won’t have much money this month, either, then…

New Stuff!

Hey everybody!
Thought I’d take a look at some of the new stuff that’s been floating about the internet of late, see what’s happening in the board game world, and the like. You love it!

Descent Heirs of Blood

First of all, I’d just like to announce that I’m intrigued by this. Not being a 1st Edition-er, I’m not entirely sure what to expect from this. A campaign of 32 adventures, I’m assuming it’s just going to be a bloated version of any of the quest books from any of the boxes available for the game. Which isn’t a bad thing, don’t get me wrong! Given the narrative, I really hope they make it work really well with the lieutenants for the Farrows. We’ll have to see what Q1 brings, I suppose! As I’ve often said, though, I’m a big fan of seeing game lines supported, so it’s always a pleasure to see new stuff for games.

Another preview for Imperial Assault has gone up, showing off the Mercenary faction. I have to admit, I hadn’t really realised they were going to be making an appearance in the core box, despite there being a nexu quite obviously on the main page for the game! I’ve kinda lost track on whether this game is going to be out in time for xmas, though the Upcoming page of the FFG website does have it listed as on the boat, so…

I’m sure everyone has by now seen the news that FFG are going to merge into the Asmodee group? This is something that I totally didn’t see coming, but as I’ve been up to my elbows in essay this past week I hadn’t had the time to say anything about it until now. Amid the “no massive changes/business as usual” assurances, one of the biggest things to come out of this for me was the news that FFG will be able to take advantage of Asmodee’s distribution network in Europe – I’m hoping this means we’ll be able to get the games as quickly as our American friends across the water! Currently it’s very hit-and-miss, so that’ll be nice. The idea that “a few of FFG’s products” may transition to other publishers within the group has been taken by some on the internet to assume that FFG will be moving back to designing more “hardcore” boardgames that they were originally known for, such as Runebound. The historian in me doesn’t believe anything without seeing the first-hand evidence, but it’s definitely a very nice idea! Asmodee have an impressive portfolio of games (indeed, any amazon search will invariably bring up pages and pages of games that stem from the Asmodee group), but I hope FFG won’t get diluted/absorbed by that…

DC Forever Evil

Still waiting for this to be released – currently expected 3 December, so we’ll see. Apparently, it has a Bane promo card, but unlike previous releases, we’ll all get the promo card. So, it’s just a card, then, really. But anyway. I’m no fan of promo cards, so this is good. I haven’t played DC for a long time, despite picking up the Crisis Expansion when it came out earlier in the year. Might be worth giving it another look, methinks, anyway…

Warhammer Khaine

The End Times continue for Warhammer Fantasy with part three: Khaine. God of War for the High Elves, and of Murder for the Dark Elves, Khaine is definitely a destructive personality, so it’ll be very interesting to see what happens to the elves in this installment. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to place a pre-order; like the previous books in the series, this one also sold out – but within 20 minutes of being made available for pre-order! Ridiculous.

While I’m all for creating excitement about products and so forth, I’d be embarassed if I was working for Games Workshop. How can a company that has been around for so long be so incredibly bad at projecting sales? This has been going on since Nagash back at the end of August now, and from what I’ve been reading online, and from conversations I’ve been having and hearing at local stores, this sales strategy is pleasing nobody. Some people think it’s to drive up the e-version sales, while others think it’s just bad planning (these books have been in development for months, after all). For it to keep happening, however, is just shameful, and it strikes me that, if this were any other company, the merchandising team would have been sacked to a man, for a start. There are a whole bunch of people who want to buy from them, but because of their own business model, can’t. What sort of company actively discourages sales? Sheesh. (Remember folks, I don’t work in retail, so all of this is my own – limited – opinion!)

At any rate, I’ve been busy with my Lizardmen project in the breaks between essay-writing:

Warhammer Lizardmen Skinks

Hardly an army’s-worth, but I’ve been enjoying the change from Necrons! Lizardmen are really what got me into Warhammer all those years ago, so I’ve been enjoying this “getting back to my roots” sorta feel! Of course, I once again run the risk of having a whole plethora of models that will require painting at some point, but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. For now, I’ve just been enjoying building these guys up!

Post 99!

Morning everyone!
Can you believe I’ve made nearly 100 posts? I’m quite surprised! In less than 4 months, I’ve wittered on a fair amount, which is quite marvellous, really! For my 100th post, I’m planning to commemorate the milestone with a post that celebrates something I really enjoy. But that will come soon…

There has been a lot of games news of late, so let’s get to it!

I mentioned this game the other day, but I’m really quite looking forward to this game, it looks like it should be really good! I do enjoy this sort of thing. The app seems a bit gimicky, of course, but even so, it looks like a good premise, and I enjoy a good disaster, so I’m looking forward to it.

Fantasy Flight have released the rules for the upcoming Warhammer: Conquest LCG, which reinforces my opinion that it seems to be a lot like High Command. That’s not a bad thing, of course, as that is a very good game as well, so I am cautiously looking forward to it. Still not entirely sure just whether I’ll be buying everything for it as much as I do for the others, but then I always say that… Speaking of which, they’ve already previewed the second War Pack for the game! I’m guessing the game will be available from GenCon, which takes place between August 14 and 17 this year.

Warhammer Conquest

Something that surprised me – in a good way – was a preview of the upcoming Saga Expansion for the Lord of the Rings LCG. There had been some speculation about the identity of the heroes in the expansion – or, at least, the hero – so it was good to see that resolved. I was, however, surprised that it was Gandalf. A neutral hero is going to be a bit difficult to work with, even given Gandalf’s special ability. There are some interesting-looking cards that go along with him, however, so it’s going to be intriguing to see how this all works when it gets released.


Back to board games now, and Talisman has had another preview of the fourth corner expansion. I’m going to blog about that game in due course, but suffice it to say it’s a wonderful fantasy adventure game, with much more whimsy than, say, Runebound. The game has so far had four large expansions, three of which provide additional boards that are placed at each corner of the main board, and the upcoming Woodland expansion adds in the final corner. There is a touch of fairy-tale-like cuteness in this expansion, but it is a lot more Andersen-like than a true bedtime story. Looking forward to this one!


I’ve also had quite a lot of deliveries this week, including a very exciting mini-expansion for Descent: Journeys in the Dark. Another game that has yet to be investigated in my blog, Descent is a wonderful dungeon-crawl game that I rarely get to play because it’s at least a two-player game, but the new mini-expansion Forgotten Souls brings a cooperative element to the game, for one to four players, so I’m planning to give this a look at the weekend. My thoughts will, naturally, make it here in due course!

Moving away from Fantasy Flight now, a new expansion for Cryptozoic’s DC Deckbuilding Game has been released this week, the Crisis Expansion Pack 1! I quite like the game, at some point I’ll make a post about it, but it uses the same game engine as the Street Fighter deckbuilding game. This Crisis expansions introduces a new co-operative game mode, as well as additional cards for the basic game. Hopefully this expansion will make its way across the pond soon enough.

I’ve also noticed a small nugget of info about a new ‘Rivals’ game, a PvP version of the game for two players, where you play Batman and try to defeat the Joker. Or something. Can’t seem to find anything official on this, so we shall have to see what happens on that score…


Some interesting news from Paizo was emailed to me the other day, the next Pathfinder Adventure Card Game is going to be on its way soon – the base set for Skull & Shackles! Well, there’s the base set, the character add-on deck, and four promo cards! Quite exciting times ahead for that one, then! From what I gather, we’re going to be seeing a lot more piratical stuff in this one – I know very little else as I still don’t really know my way around Golarion, but anyway, it should be an exciting one!


Finally, some kickstarter news. Fallen continues on its merry way through the manufacturing process, and will apparently be finished and on the boat to distribution by the end of next week, so that is very exciting. Draco Magi, which I have not yet mentioned but will definitely blog about once I have it, is virtually complete and should be with me soon, following the kickstarter survey coming out earlier this week. And finally, Shadows of Brimstone has had a pre-GenCon update that has me in a minor froth, although it does disappoint me that the miniatures require assembly. I have, however, made a small leap and bought some modelling stuff to practice with, before I eventually get the game in my hot little hands. So exciting times are definitely afoot!

On that note, I’m going to shut up. Brace yourselves for post 100…