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It’s part two of my game day blog special thing, looking at two games on the Battlelore system. Following last week’s look at Battles of Westeros, it’s time to take a look at the fantasy version, Battlelore itself!


The second edition of the game, Battlelore came out late in 2013. Set in the same universe as the hugely popular Runebound, but featuring the factions that we’ve all come to expect from Terrinoth in this post-Runewars age, the game pits the human Daqan Lords against the abominable Uthuk Y’llan. The game is a pretty strategic tabletop wargame, and prior to the launch of the Runewars miniatures game earlier this year, I’d have said it was probably the premier such game from Fantasy Flight.

If you’ve read my Battles of Westeros blog from last week, you’ll have a fair idea for what to expect from this game, as well. I think Battlelore is the more enjoyable game, in part because the fantasy theme elevates it somewhat from the gritty battles in the earlier game. There are also a number of different elements changed in Battlelore that make it just more interesting, to me! Let’s take a look at some of them now.


The system is of course going to be similar to BoW, so it should be no surprise that there is a Command Card system that is used as the main mechanic. You order your troops about the field by selecting from a hand of cards, and then over the course of the round those orders are carried out. That does make it sound quite simplistic, of course, and I think it’s important to note that there is a tremendous amount of strategy involved here, as you try to ensure you manoeuvre your troops into the best possible position.


The troops have similar-looking cards to those in BoW, but I just want to talk a moment about the deployment here. The game also comes with those smaller cards shown at the bottom of the above picture. These deployment cards all have the same back, and at the start of the game you pick these cards out and place them in the hexes on your side of the board face-down. There are also Decoy cards, so an element of bluffing is introduced as to where your big threats actually are.

There is also a really cool element to both army building and scenario generation for the game. Similar to BoW, there are scenarios to play through, though rather than having the prescriptive feel of Westeros, here the scenario is generated by players each taking a scenario card, which shows one half of the battlefield board, and marks out their deployment zone as well as detailing victory conditions. It’s a really interesting way to ensure the game feels fresh whenever you play.

Additionally, armies are generated by a points-based system. Those small deployment cards show the points of each unit as a “muster value” in the bottom-left corner. Armies are generally costed up to 50 points, and the game comes with a few suggestions for each of the factions within.



So how does combat work?

Well, there are fancy dice that you throw, the number of dice being equal to the attack value (in the red circle) of the attacking unit. The dice have sword symbols for melee attacks, and bullseye symbols for ranged attacks, and for each hit you score, you remove a model from the unit. Each unit in Battlelore also has special abilities that can take place during combat, adding to these basic mechanics. It makes combat fairly straightforward overall, anyway!

If that’s the battle, what about the lore?


The dice also have a weird diamond symbol on them, which is the lore symbol. This allows you to gain one lore token – these tokens are then used to play Lore cards that can have different effects over the course of the game. Each faction has their own distinct deck, which allows for the theme to come through quite strongly here. As you can see in the picture above, the cards show when they can be played, but there is still a very strong element of strategic depth to how you use these effects over the course of a game.

In a fairly broad nutshell, that’s it! Battlelore is not the sort of game that I get to play a lot, primarily I think because of the wargame aspect it has. Similar story to Battles of Westeros, really! However, it is a great deal of fun to play, and there have been a good deal of expansions to the game over the last four years, from “Reinforcement Packs” that feature a single miniature that you can draft into your army, to the Undead faction released back in 2015. The symmetry with Runewars has been off for a while of course, as we still haven’t had the Latari Elves released for the game – and now that the Runewars miniatures game has landed with such force, it has me wondering what the future of Battlelore will be. I can’t claim to have any insider knowledge, of course, but anecdotal evidence seems to be supporting the idea that Runewars miniatures game is selling well, perhaps due to its appeal to the disenfranchised Warhammer Fantasy players. Given the fact that Runewars miniatures and Battlelore have such close parallels as to almost be the same game, it makes me wonder if we’ll actually see any further support for it, or if instead the game will just quietly sit in the inventory as Runewars had been for so many years before it.

I suppose only time will tell on that front!

Painting time! and more

Hey folks!
Hope everyone has been having an excellent weekend – aside from the weather, it’s been pretty good for me, I have to say! I’ve been slowly working on a couple of Necron things lately, mainly in the interests of finally doing stuff with models I’ve had hanging about for ages. About three weeks ago I built up a trio of Canoptek Wraiths, and have finally begun the process of painting! There’s another painting competition at the local GW store – Paint It Green – so I thought I’d enter with this chap, given that my Necron scheme relies on lots of green:

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Finally! Base colours all blocked in! #Necrons #Warhammer

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The base colours are pretty much done now, though I haven’t managed to get any more done to it yet. As with the Catacomb Command Barge, I like the look that results from just having the base colours blocked in, so while it might not be enough to win a painting competition, I’ll stick to my usual MO, I think.

True to form, I have dozens of unfinished, half-painted miniatures hanging about the place, and I’ve moved on to yet another model – the C’tan Shard of the Deceiver!

I believe the Nightbringer is the more powerful of the shards, but I just love the pose on this one! While, on the whole, the finecast took minimal preparation (very few airholes), putting it together has shown that some greenstuff will be required here. I want it to be something of a centrepiece model for the army – even though I have lords and stuff who are probably more important, the fact that this guy is just so tall (though, oddly, he’s smaller than I thought he’d be) means I want him to stand out. The “official” colour scheme has that wonderfully burnished gold-with-cream-cloth look, but I’m currently thinking of orange-yellow with perhaps a purple cloth. It may well tax my painting skills to actually do this, but I’m looking forward to it.

Once the other stuff has been painted, of course…

As well as the new C’tan, I took delivery of some pretty damn exciting stuff lately, as well:

new games

Awesome! The new Battlelore army packs are very exciting, bringing more options for the existing Daqan and Uthuk armies in the base game. While I’ve only played it once, it was a lot of fun, and I look forward to being able to play it again very soon! The third army was recently announced, of course, which is also very exciting, but I think I’ll always be an Uthuk kinda guy at heart! Rune Age has shown me the truth of that!

Battlelore Hernfar Guardians

Battlelore Warband of Scorn

A lot of the Hernfar Guardians models were broken upon arrival – all told, six models were in bits. FFG has really good customer service, though, so I’m hoping they will replace them, as I don’t think I’ll be able to glue them back. We shall see, anyway! The big Siege Golem comes in parts that snap together, much like the Roc thing in the base game, just in case you were wondering – in the montage above, he’s been dry-fitted together, but I think I’ll glue him together to make sure he stays put.

As for the new Descent stuff, well that’s just all sorts of awesome. Descent is a game that has been languishing in the unplayed pile for far too long, though the recent spate of co-op scenarios has enabled me to get it to the table for solo games, if nothing else! I’ve been enjoying these Hero & Monster collections, the first three of which I took a look at back in November.

The most recent release, Visions of Dawn, included a new hero sculpt for Nara the Fang, who was originally released as one of four promo heroes for the original game (with crossover hero cards for Runebound and Rune Wars). The new sculpt appears to have retconned his entire species, but it’s still an awesome-looking miniature, and inspired a game with the new Dark Elements co-op scenario that I had a short while ago, but have only just now had the ink to print out the rules!

Descent Dark Elements

I also love the Merriods!

Descent is one of these games that I’ve mentioned an awful lot on this blog now, so I think I should probably devote an up-coming game day to the game. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

The Undead are coming!

Well, I am a very excited chap today! Not only do I now have a week and a half off work (just when the weather is set to turn bad…) but I’ve finally caught up with the awesome news from earlier this week regarding the upcoming expansions for Battlelore!


Battlelore is a game that I’ve only gotten to play once, but loved it – not least because I love the lore of the world. It’s a Terrinoth game, so set in the same world as my beloved Runebound, though it has the factions in common with Rune Age and other Terrinoth 2.0 games. I’ve talked about some of the expansions that have been announced for it before, such as the army expansions to the base game, as well as the standalone neutral chaps, which are all very exciting of course, though I still feel aggrieved about not getting to play the base game for ages!

The closest game to this is the aforementioned Rune Age, which I love and play as regularly as I possibly can. In it, the Waiqar the Undying faction are among my all-time favourite factions to play (though I think I’m still a Uthuk Y’llan at heart). There’s a lot of magic implied in the necromancer faction, which has made them the natural opposite to the Latari Elves I suppose, so it’s interesting to wonder if we’ll get those chaps for Battlelore next year, maybe. Folks have been crying out for more armies for this game pretty much since it began, so it would be nice to see that.

Part of me is also hoping that Battlelore expansions will pave the way for more Rune Age further down the line. Back in the day, Rune Age and Runewars seemed to almost co-exist as one was expanded then the other in an almost-leapfrogging manner. Runewars came with four fantasy races, and its expansion brought more troops; Rune Age was then expanded with those more troops and two new factions. While Runewars appears to have been superseded by Battlelore as FFG’s tabletop wargame in Terrinoth, I still hope a connection is made with the card game, and more stuff comes out in due course!


The fact that the expansion model looks like a wargame does worry me a little. Simply from a financial point of view, of course, I prefer having one boxed expansion rather than these multiple smaller things. I also prefer to have boardgame expansions in a solid box with all the bits kept within, not these plastic things that you have to destroy to open. It looked like Imperial Assault was going to follow this trend, while Descent certainly appears to have shifted to that sort of expansion model. It’s a bit worrying, as we see individual stuff like the Razorwings and the Mountain Giant coming out singly, but I suppose there’s no real requirement to get these things straightaway. For the completist collector, it’s a bit of a nightmare, but having so much awesome stuff coming out is nevertheless really exciting!

Games Sunday!

Hey everybody!
It feels like a while since I’ve been posting anything of substance here, apologies to all who have missed my sagacious words this past week! I’ve been feeling a bit rough, sadly, between one thing and another. I’ve also been working madly at an essay that’s due on Thursday – I managed to get about half of it done yesterday, eventually, but that’s been heavy-going. Additionally, I’ve been asked to produce a promotional video for a meeting in work, which has involved a steep learning curve on Windows Movie Maker, but I’ve managed to throw something together. That’s actually been lots of fun, and I’m hoping to make use of these skills for this here blog in the future! You have been warned!

However, due to all of these shenanigans, I’m more than likely only going to have time for another small-scale game day blog next week. It’s about two weeks until I’ve got some time off, however, so such meagre offerings will hopefully be mitigated then!

So what’s new in the world?

Not sure if you’ve seen the news, but FFG put up a preview for the first deluxe expansion to the Warhammer Conquest LCG, The Great Devourer. Tyranids are coming to the Traxis Sector! While I was hoping for Necrons, it’s still exciting to see!

The Great Devourer

I picked up the third war pack last week from the local games shop, and was taking with the manager there about how I’ve only actually managed to get in one game with this one, back when the core set released before Christmas. That needs to be remedied, and soon, I feel! I seem to remember that it is a really great game, with a lot of strategy and such, so I hope I can get it to the table more, anyway. The new deluxe seems to offer a lot of interesting options, anyway, so I can definitely see myself picking this up. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before, but Tyranids would have been my army of choice had I not gone for Necrons.

Speaking of Warhammer, I’ve not painted anything for what seems like an age. Luckily, I’ve also not been buying things in a similar timeframe. Since I hit the wall, I’ve sold off a few of my kits on ebay to try to thin the ranks, but it hasn’t really helped! I’ve been pursuing more traditional tabletop gaming pursuits, such as Thunderstone, which helped to redress the balance in my life after Warhammer had been taking over. However, there are still odd moments where I find myself wanting to be more creative once again, so I think it might only be a matter of time before I pick up a brush.

Not before I finish the essay, however!

As far as Warhammer Fantasy goes, the fifth and final round of the End Times is currently raging, with Archaon the Everchosen coming down from the Chaos Wastes to wreak havoc among the shattered remains of the Empire. I pre-ordered the books on Friday, but haven’t gone for a Bloodthirster – it’s a nice model, but I still prefer the daemon prince!

Back to FFG, who have also announced another Reinforcements pack for Battlelore, the Razorwings. Still really excited for new stuff for Battlelore, though part of me is really concerned as to the expansion model we’re seeing here. While it is, of course, a tactical miniatures wargame, I was still hoping it would be expanded in the traditional manner of a boardgame, with a big box for more stuff. Instead, while they have announced boxes of army reinforcements, we’re seeing more of these smaller packs of just a couple of minis, and my wallet cries out in dismay! However, the Razorwings are something of an iconic Terrinoth monster, so it’ll definitely be fun to have these in the game.

Battlelore Razorwings

We’re currently looking at a similar situation for Imperial Assault, which has had another preview of the new ally packs that are expected shortly. I still haven’t been able to play Imperial Assault, unfortunately, so I’m currently hoping to abstain from buying these things. Yeah, right…

Back to LCGs now, and Escape from Mount Gram, the second adventure pack in the Angmar Awakened cycle for Lord of the Rings, has been announced. I’ve mentioned it before, of course, that I was a playtester for this cycle, and this adventure is just awesome. The preview article only hints at the actual quest, which I’m not going to spoil here, but suffice it to say, this quest is hard for solo play. The final pack in the cycle was my absolute favourite, with some awesome effects involved. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to be pleased with this one!

JSA crossover 1

Over to Cryptozoic now, where the DC deck-building game continues to expand! Crisis Pack #2 was released a couple of weeks ago, and that looks like more of the same from Crisis Pack #1, though obviously tailored to Heroes Unite rather than the base game. The JSA Crossover Pack #1 looks like a really cool way of expanding the line, too – more heroes, more super-villains, and a smattering of new main deck cards, all for £8! It gives it almost a LCG-like feel! Of course, a lot of people have been complaining that there is only one current actual expansion for the game, the Crisis Pack, as the other stuff released so far has been new core sets, with punches and kicks etc that are just superfluous if you only want more options for one game. Well, now you have them! As ‘Crossover Pack 1’, it means there’s a whole host of options for more in the future! According to boardgamegeek, Packs 2 and 3 are Arrow and Legion of Super-Heroes, respectively. I believe Pack 2 will have screencaps from the TV show, unfortunately, but even so, it’s always good to see games expanded! Pack 3 also links to a fourth core set that is expected sometime soon, Teen Titans. I’m sure I’ll keep buying these things, as it is an enjoyable game.


And speaking of Cryptozoic, there are just three days left on their Ghostbusters kickstarter!

I’m still pretty excited by this game, having been a huge fan of this IP as a child. A lot of negativity has surrounded the game, something I only vaguely touched on when I last looked at the campaign earlier in the month. It is currently 390% funded, and has seen twenty stretch goals to get there. Of these, seventeen are kickstarter exclusives. And there are some pretty iconic Ghostbusters characters among those exclusives. A lot of people have read this as a cash-grab, with the company wanting to just make as much money from a one-time deal as they can, then drop the thing, while recently some more level-headed arguments have been put forward.

The game is primarily based around the comics series from IDW publishing, with the ghostbusters themselves having this comic-book look to them. The game has barely scratched the surface of the universe that has been continued in this medium, so it’s entirely possible that the game is more comics-centric than movies-centric. While that makes a lot of sense in terms of the game itself, from a business point of view, it seems overwhelmingly short-sighted, as I imagine most people aren’t even aware of the comics. (If you’re one of these people, start here!) I’ve currently thrown $300 at this campaign, anyway, as I’m thinking I’ll cover all bases by getting the exclusives add-ons while they’re available, then if the game isn’t supported post-release, I’ll at least have plenty of options for a long time!

While I’m on the subject of comics…

Years ago, I was an avid comics collector. It became something close to an addiction, however, and I made the herculean effort of selling them all. I’ve still been a Star Wars comics fan, of course, but all my Marvel and DC stuff I got rid of. However, I can’t help feeling that I didn’t do the right thing, and playing games like DC and Marvel Legendary has shown that I still have a love of comic book universes. So I decided to get a couple of things at the end of last month, including the new Flash comics that are part of DC’s overhaul, the New 52. They’ve only just arrived, and I haven’t had a chance to read them yet, but I’m looking forward to it. Flash has forever been my favourite DC hero, in part because it remains to this day the only computer game I have ever completed…

That’s right, kids – these are the kind of games I grew up with!

Enter the beasts!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Following yesterday’s excitement, I’ve actually started painting a Necron again! First one this year, in fact. It’s also the first time I’ve done anything with a new model on its release weekend!

I’m pretty pleased with this so far, anyway! I’m hoping, later on, to pretty much get this finished, anyway!

I also picked up some ‘regular’ games last week, expansions for Star Wars LCG and Elder Sign. I’ve only had a fleeting look through the new cards from Between the Shadows, but today took a stroll through the Gates of Arkham, which was actually pretty good! I’ll be talking about this more in next week’s game day blog, anyway!

new games

On the subject of FFG, though, there has been a pretty amazing announcement made last week:


This was totally unexpected, I must say!

Battlelore is a really great game, though I’ve only been lucky enough to paint it once so far. So along with the new packs of soldiers coming sometime soon, we’re also going to see these Reinforcement packs, which look to be akin to Descent’s Lieutenants, or Imperial Assault’s Allies, coming as they do with more content for the game at large, rather than just a plastic miniature. Very interesting stuff, anyway!

Though, what is it with FFG suddenly packaging everything in these plastic shells? It means there’s nothing really to keep these things in once you open them (because, y’know, the boxes for these things are rarely sufficient for so much content!). Makes me wonder if there’s a conspiracy that FFG will sometime soon be producing some kind of bespoke game storage system…

Unfortunately, they’re doing the same with the LCGs – of course, Conquest has already shown this, but now they’re doing it with Lord of the Rings! No! (In case you’re wondering, I keep each quest in its original packaging, ready to go, thanks to buying 3-4 deluxe expansions each time).

The Wastes of Eriador has been announced, anyway, and looks fabulous. I was part of the playtesting group for this cycle, which has spoiled the excitement for me considerably, but it’s really nice to see the artwork! Check out the preview here.

So I’m really excited about the Battlelore stuff, and am indeed hoping to get this more to the table. Look for a blog on this one soon!

199, not out!

Hey everyone!
Here we are, on the cusp of post 200 – can you believe it? I certainly can’t. I mean, when I started this blog last year, I hadn’t thought I’d still here now. Probably thought I’d’ve given up or somesuch. Well, anyway, I continue to entertain/inform/annoy you all (delete as appropriate), so why not just carry on!

It’s been a pretty exciting week, of course, starting with this:

I am very excited! Of course, I’ve been to Milan before, and enjoyed it so much I thought I’d go again, take another look around the city, and perhaps head off further into Italy – I’m intending to go to Brescia if nothing else. Cremona & Piacenza have been floating about in my mind as well, but we’ll have to see how it goes. I’m not going until April, so there’s plenty of time to plan.

I also got to play my first game of X-Wing in along time this week, which was very, very enjoyable! I’ve been off-and-on constructing a new squadron for my next game, which is nearly finalised now, so that’s exciting stuff!

There has been a new preview of one of the upcoming ships for the new Scum & Villainy faction that is due to arrive anytime now really. IG-2000, featuring all four IG-88s as pilots. This whole faction could be a lot of fun – since my renewed interest in the game, I’m going to look into this more in an upcoming blog.


Something that’s pretty exciting is the new Battlelore expansion for the Uthuk Y’llan: Warband of Scorn. Battlelore is one of these games that I’ve only actually managed to play once, so it’s hardly like I need an expansion for it, but even so, it’s exciting! The Uthuk are my favourite faction in the new Terrinoth, and my go-to folks for Rune Age. The Bloodsisters were new in the Oath and Anvil expansion, of course, but we also get some pretty interesting new units here, including the Grotesques, with their magnificently mutated limbs! Fantastic.



Previews for Elder Sign: Gates of Arkham and Call of Cthulhu: For the Greater Good fade into comparison by the new Lord of the Rings print-on-demand scenario, Fog on the Barrow-downs! Part of the ongoing series of Saga expansions, it follows the GenCon scenario, The Old Forest, the pair of them forming part of the LCG’s ongoing adaptation of the actual Lord of the Rings storyline. Unfortunately, due to the really high postage costs to get these things to the UK, I’ve been waiting for these things to become available at the local store – The Old Forest came over here at the end of the week, so we’re getting there! Slowly…

Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms

The Ogre Kingdoms collection grows! Well, kinda. I’m still no further forward with the Mournfang Cavalry that I showed off last week, but I’ve been fiddling around with the yhetees as the manager of my local GW store has offered to give me some painting lessons with fur and the like, which is very handy, I thought! Sadly, the yhetee kit is finecast (that is, resin), which gives some really excellent detail, but is renowned for having some ridiculously poor casts (hence the internet portmanteau ‘failcast’), and one of mine has a particularly badly-cast face. My sculpting skills are just not up to the challenge of sorting this with greenstuff, so I’m hoping they will replace it! So yeah… The other two look good, however! Indeed, my ever-growing Ogre family is looking nice, I think! Well, anyway…

Warhammer Ogre Kingdoms

While I’m on the subject of Warhammer, this weekend has seen the fourth release in the End Times saga – Thanquol! Of course, I still haven’t read the Khaine novel yet, but anyway…

Warhammer Thanquol

So like I said at the beginning, this is my 199th post. For my 200th blog, I’m planning something I hope you’ll all enjoy 🙂

Until next time!

Off for the holidays!

Yep, I’m done for the festive period now!
It was my birthday on Thursday, and I’d bought the second Shield of Baal campaign book for myself, so picked that up today – that was exciting stuff! I mean: Necrons!

Shield of Baal Exterminatus

So far, I’ve been really enjoying this campaign. Of course, I’m still not a player of the game, as I’m taking my time with building up my Necron army while I wait for the new codex to hit (I think I’ve gone on about this for quite some time now), however I’ve been digesting the novellas that have been published to support all this bumph, and have so far been really impressed! I finished the Deathstorm novella this morning, which is one of the best tie-in stories I’ve ever read, to be honest! I also picked up the third novella in this series this morning, so once I’ve read that, I’ll be bringing some words of wisdom to you all on that!

Shield of Baal

On the subject of Warhammer, I’ve managed to do a little more painting today. I’ve currently got nearly twenty individual miniatures on the go, but have been finding it consistently difficult to get moving for any length of time with them. Today, anyway, I turned my attention to an idea for a scarab base that had excited me when it first came to me earlier in the month. I’ve not yet read Damnos, but I’ve nevertheless been somehow aware of the enmity between the Necrons and Ultramarines, so it really was a no-brainer to come up with the colour scheme…

Necron scarab base

The base colours are done, so I’m going to do some washing and highlighting soon (hopefully tomorrow), then glue those scarabs onto the poor bloke, and job done! For my second painting effort of a space marine, I don’t think it’s half bad, anyway!


Imperial Assault

There was a minor flurry of releases from Fantasy Flight last week. Imperial Assault is probably the most notable here, of course – £80 of game, and it looks like you really get some bang for that buck! Down at my local games shop, the manager gave me a quick tour of the game on Wednesday – you basically get a game like Descent, with tiles and miniatures and cards and tokens, but then you get (I think) four rulebooks to suppose the other style of play, skirmish play. On top of that, you also get two mini-expansions, the Luke Skywalker ally pack, and the Darth Vader villain pack. These are apparently similar to the lieutenant packs for Descent, with cards for various bits as well as miniatures, which replace tokens in the main game.

It looks like an absolutely fantastic game, but kinda scares me as being a potential money-sink. It could just be due to the terms of their license agreement, but the game is also listed under “miniatures” rather than “board games” on FFG’s site, as X-Wing is, which makes me wonder if these ally/villain packs are going to be the de facto method of expansion… Hm! We’ll see if Santa has decided I’ve been a particularly good boy this year I suppose…

Mountains of Madness

Mountains of Madness has also been released, which kinda excites me much more than Imperial Assault – aside from the fact that it can be played solo, which is always exciting, I had the base game last xmas, so it’s a nice little repeat of that to have the first big-box expansion this year! It’s currently nestled under my tree, awaiting the big day, so I’m really very excited by this!

The next co-op scenario for Descent, Nature’s Ire, has also been made available, though it’ll most likely be a while before it makes its way over the Atlantic. Same for the next batch of Nightmare Scenarios for Lord of the Rings. I used to snap up the print-on-demand stuff as soon as it was released directly from the company, but postage has recently become ridiculous to get these things over here, so I’m now biding my time waiting for retailers in the UK to get them, though this seems to be taking much longer than usual…

Battlelore Hernfar Guardians

From new releases to new announcements, and we’ve seen a new preview for the upcoming Battlelore expansion, the Hernfar Guardians army pack. I’m not a big Daqan Lords fan, I admit, as I tend not to go for the Empire types where fantasy is concerned. However, I have lately begun to revise my position, and I’m looking forward to seeing this expansion hit the shelves. Of course, Battlelore is another of these games that is really lots of fun to play, but  never get to put on the table these days. So whether I rush to buy this – and the Warband of Scorn for the Uthuk, will remain to be seen…

Battlelore Hernfar Guardians

I was so impressed with the Imperial Raider news, of course, that I devoted an entire separate blog to it, but suffice it to say, I’m still getting fairly excited about X-Wing these days…

That actually brings me onto the subject of the other starship game from FFG, Armada. Take a moment, if you will, to refresh your memory of my earlier comments on the game…


Let me take you back to Gen Con this August, where Armada was demo’d at the Fantasy Flight booth, a video that I didn’t even look at because I wasn’t feeling the love at that time:

First reaction, there are more nuances to this game than I was initially aware of. It’s not just a re-implemented X-Wing – while there are undeniably similarities to the earlier game, Armada does seem like it could be an enjoyable wargame rather than the dogfighting game of X-Wing. I mean, X-Wing feels like a really nice, well thought-out skirmish game between a group of starships, but Armada really succeeds with having the sense of the players being admirals in charge of rival fleets.

Star Wars Armada

I’ve been discussing it with the game store manager today, as he’s got his pre-orders up for the game, and I must admit, I’m beginning to think I’ll actually get it. Of course, whether I also get the expansion packs will remain to be seen, but they do look very pretty…

Star Wars Armada

The inevitable problem, of course, is scaring up someone who would be willing to play this game with me. My regular gaming buddy is no fan of X-Wing, so I doubt he’ll get into this one. It’s a hell of a lot of money to drop on something that might never actually see a play, of course, as well. So…hm. I’m at least feeling a lot more open to the idea of the game than I was in the summer, so that, if nothing else, is worth writing about!

Battlelore Expansions!

Battlelore expansions

So finally, after the announcement at GenCon this summer, we’ve got a preview of the two new expansions for Battlelore! This is a game that I’ve only got to play once so far, which is quite sad I know, but I really enjoyed it, so I hope it’ll make it to the table again soon!

The new armies look good – I’m more of an Uthuk Y’llan fan, if you remember from my Rune Age post, and a lot of those chaps look pretty awesome, particularly the demonic Grotesques!


So I’m looking forward to seeing more of this, while we wait for it to be released next year…



Evening all!
As you may or may not realise, tomorrow is the start of GenCon14, The Best Four Days in Gaming, and definitely the highlight of the gaming year. I must admit, I’m not really expecting all that much, but there are a couple of interesting things that should be coming up.


There’s been nothing from Fantasy Flight to say what they have coming out, which makes me feel like there’s going to be some big game news coming. I’m guessing Warhammer 40k LCG will be released, but no idea what else will be coming. Maybe we’ll finally get an expansion for the new Battlelore that was released just days before GenCon last year? Maybe we’ll see something big, we shall see! Something I’m very excited about will be the previously-mentioned Lord of the Rings event.

Flying Frog will be showing Shadows of Brimstone, and will also have some expansions for Conquest of Planet Earth (yay!) and, apparently, Dark Gothic, already! I’d like to have seen something for Fortune & Glory too, but, well, we’ll see…

A new Master Set is coming for Summoner Wars from Plaid Hat Games, Summoner Wars: Alliances. That sounds kinda interesting, a mixing together of some of the factions, so I’m intrigued to see what exactly is involved in there!

There’s an Arabian Nights-themed game called Five Tribes coming up from Days of Wonder, the publisher who brought us Ticket to Ride. I love a good Arabian Nights-themed game, so that could be interesting!

Asmodee are bringing out a game called Abyss, which looks pretty awesome and could be a quite interesting, so I’ll be keeping an eye on that.

As the weekend goes on, I’ll probably keep coming back here and revising this blog with my thoughts and reactions as and when news hits, so keep checking back!

Some really cool stuff came out of FFG’s In Flight Report:

^^^^^ Fabulously excited for this, given my recent Descent experience!

^^^^^ This looks incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^^^^

^^^^^ I was involved in playtesting for this, it’s awesome! ^^^^^

^^^^^ No surprise, but really nice to see the final book of the three!

^^^^^ I think THIS is the news we’ve all been waiting for!

No surprises there, then…

^^^^^ Interesting news about X-Wing, I have to say…

^^^^^ With 9 playable factions, Warhammer 40k Conquest will be the biggest LCG to date!

^^^^^ Still not entirely sure about this one. Seems like a helluva lot of money!

^^^^^ THIS is what I want! Armada can take a hike – this is where it’s at!!!!!!!!!

For the complete In-Flight Report 2014:

^^^^^ I do so love the artwork on the Lost Realm box, that is just beautiful!

^^^^^ Well deserved by Paizo, publisher for the Pathfinder RPG I love so much!

And now, to the game I am waiting for like no other: Shadows of Brimstone!

Yes, girls and boys, Shadows of Brimstone does indeed look like it’s going to be a truly fantastic game! I am feeling a little bit sick with excitement for finally being able to get my copy – hopefully by the end of September!

Announced in the In-Flight Report, FFG has put up a formal announcement today for Wave Six of X-Wing, which introduces the Scum and Villainy faction to the game. While it’ll be nice to have Prince Xizor’s Virago and IG-88 added to the mix, I’m a little baffled as to what’s next with this game! Of course, I gave up trying to second-guess releases a long time ago, but even so! I feel like it was a little left-field, but then I haven’t followed the meta for this game all that closely.

^^^^^ I kinda like RoboRally, but a giant RoboRally sounds too much for me!!

Nice little view of the upcoming Armada game in the video above, as well as the Witcher boardgame, which I’m not all that pumped by, but my buddy Tony is quite desperate to get his hands on it.

So there you have it, GenCon 2014 is over!

Apart from the big announcements from FFG, nothing new really leapt out and grabbed me, as it were. King of New York, from Iello Games, is apparently one of the most popular games to have debuted there, though I still have yet to make much of a headway with the earlier King of Tokyo game.

Night of the Grand Octopus just sounds incredible, but I have no idea what it’s about – just, what a name!!!

AEG have released a new Smash Up expansion, and have had a couple of games that seem to be doing really well, Doomtown Reloaded and Istanbul. Not heard much about either before now, but of the two, I kinda like Doomtown, I have to say!

That’s it for another year, anyway!

I painted another miniature!

Well, as you can possibly tell from the title here, I’ve spent the afternoon painting another miniature. This is the Chaos Beast from FFG’s Battlelore 2nd Edition, and one that I’ve been interested in painting since I started getting the idea to paint stuff. Voila!

Battlelore Chaos Lord

I’m kinda pleased with this one. In particular, I’m pleased with my drybrush on the tail and spines – I think I’ve got the technique down now, anyway. The layering effect isn’t really all that good, though the top of the head isn’t so bad. I did try to cheat though, to be honest, and only used one rather than two. Apparently the layer paints are designed to work in two phases, so I went back in with Wazdakka Red. I re-washed the layered areas with the Crimson, and it did help to tone it down a little, then glazed over with Bloodletter to help blend all of these together.

Still, it’s a lot better than my first attempt, I think!

For the base, I used Blackfire Earth, and drybrushed with some Underhive Ash, before adding two tufts of Mordheim Turf to it. Not sure if the turf looks weird or not, but anyway. My intention was to have the impression of a slightly chalky ground that the Chaos Lord is almost sinking into because of his size and weight.

Overall, as the second-ever miniature I’ve painted, I’m quite impressed with it. Still not entirely happy with the highlighting on the hands, but I’m not known for my steady hands! But yeah, not too bad, I’d say!