Age of Sigmar, week 2

Hey everybody!

Here we are with week two of the releases for the new Warhammer: Age of Sigmar!

Age of Sigmar

Just two kits have been released this weekend, the new Lord-Celestant – a standing variant for the chap on the big beastie that comes in the starter set – and a kit of five new Liberators, a multi-part extravaganza that has so many new weapon options! Perhaps expectedly, it also comes in a mass of parts, confirming that the models in the starter set are indeed much simpler versions. However, I expect the poses you can get from these guys should be really good. I resisted buying more than one kit, but I have the distinct feeling that I’m going to want at least a couple more, for all the different weapon options!

I haven’t had a chance to read the book properly yet, but in leafing through it looks magnificent. Lots of gorgeous artwork, as well as providing the background to this new world. Something that struck me was just how many of the Old Races have survived, given that the Old World itself has been said to have been destroyed. Of course, the marketing move to create new races from the old, with copyright-able names, is well discussed at this point. But anyway. Of all the races to have survived, I’m intrigued the most about the Wood Elf tree spirits, now called Sylvaneth. Might even find myself buying some Dryads before too long!

We also have warscrolls for all the expected kits, and the Judicators are the only really new models that we haven’t really seen anything else about yet – though rumour has them being up for pre-order next weekend in another multi-part kit that allows for longbow or crossbow builds, so releasing on 1 August.

This week’s pre-orders are all about the terrain, with two interesting new pieces coming out, alongside a Lord-Castellant and his pet bird-cat thing. Not particularly impressed by that, but the Ophidian Archway looks amazing, so while I had initially not intended to get any of that stuff, I’m thinking I might actually get one. The painting guide in this week’s White Dwarf has certainly helped my decision there, anyway!

Ophidian Archway Age of Sigmar

I remain really excited for these things. Fantasy was enjoyable, but put me off far too easily from getting into that game. Even though I don’t know if/when I’d get to play a game with AoS, I still feel more excited for this than I ever have for Warhammer.

My painting is slowly coming along, too. Last week, I built up four Liberators, including the Liberator-Prime, and last night started the task of painting them.

The new Retributor Armour golden paint is really quite bright, especially in contrast with the Balthasar Gold used on the main body of the miniatures, but it looks really nice in making something really stand out and stuff. I’ve only gotten so far as the base coats on these guys, but I’m taking my time in the hopes that I can get some really great results!

Age of Sigmar

Sigmar Saturday!

Hey everybody!

Today has seen the very exciting release of the new Age of Sigmar starter set, the miniatures game from Games Workshop that has now replaced the decades-old Warhammer Fantasy Battles. It’s a new dawn, heralded by some very beautiful models, and while I was initially intending to wait this one out a little, I caved and bought stuff:

Age of Sigmar

The consolation here, of course, is that they’re all just beautiful models. Last week, Games Workshop put up a series of seven painting tutorials showing how to pain all 47 of the miniatures contained within this new box, and I was hooked from the start. I love Duncan, of course, because he just makes everything look so damn easy, so I can only hope to match his level of skill when I begin the long task of assembling and painting these things.

Of course, I’ve already built up one guy – the free miniature from last week’s White Dwarf. Well, let me take you through the evolution of my guy!

And here he is, resplendent in the colour scheme of the Lions of Sigmar:

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And here he is, finished! #Warhammer #AgeOfSigmar

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I’m very pleased, I must say. I’m actually toying with the idea of using transfers for the first time ever, though I’m not entirely sure just now. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. While I’m a little sad that I haven’t yet had a chance to use the new gold paints, I’m sure I can find a use for them later. The Lions of Sigmar scheme was very easy to follow, I must say – I pretty much did exactly what the caption in White Dwarf says – Balthasar Gold, Agrax Earthshade, and Golden Griffon; Naggaroth Night, Xereus Purple and Genestealer Purple. The green for the warhammer grip was just a personal twist, I suppose. Given that there are so many Liberators to paint, though, I think having a simple scheme will be really useful.

The Prosecutors are probably my favourite of the models we’ve seen so far.  I’m a little concerned about painting them, because I think the potential for me to mess it up is huge, but I hope they turn out amazing. All that said, however, the new Judicators look really beautiful, and might be joint-favourites…

Age of Sigmar Judicators

For now, I’m ignoring the Chaos part of this kit, not being the biggest fan of Khorne, but I’m sure I’ll think of something to do with it before too long. I am quite the fan of Chaos within the wider scope of the Old World, but always leaning towards Slaanesh. Not because I’m a colossal pervert, of course, but because I think there’s something much more dangerous about the Dark Prince than the other three. Khorne is just all brute force, Nurgle is disgusting, and Tzeentch can be far too weird. But Slaanesh… there’s just something about it that intrigues me. However, Age of Sigmar appears to be trying to sideline the god of excess, as he has apparently “gone missing” or somesuch. Combined with tidbits (albeit from the 40k world) that indicate there is a way to defeat him, it looks like GW is trying to clean up the world for a younger audience. Interesting…

I’ve not had a massive read-through of the literature yet, as I’ve been working on the Liberator all day, but you can read some of my thoughts in last week’s blog here. Overall, I’m excited for where they’re going to take the world, especially now that we have the first campaign book confirmed. I’m hoping there’ll be a lot of interesting models coming out over the coming months – though obviously, not so many as I end up destitute!

The painting guide was a bit of a let-down, unfortunately, as it basically looks to be the aforementioned videos in paper form. Of course, these things are shrinkwrapped so you can’t tell that when you’re in the store, but never mind. I suppose it might prove nice to have a hard copy as well. I thought it might have had guides for the alternative paint jobs that we’ve seen, such as with the Liberators box set:

But no! The book in with the starter set actually has suggestions for different schemes, however. Bah!

At any rate, I’m pleased with how my Liberator turned out. I’m pleased with how the new models look. I’m excited to see what’s next on the horizon as far as releases go. But more than anything, I’m actually excited for Warhammer Fantasy, which I haven’t been for nearly a year. Overall, it was a good day!

A New Age

Yes folks, the New Age is upon us!

Age of Sigmar

Back in September last year, the Old World of Warhammer was shaken up with the End Times, which brought back Nagash and saw the destruction of the cities and peoples of the Empire by the forces of Chaos, headed by Archaon the Everchosen. The End Times extravaganza finished in March, with Chaos triumphant, and – officially, at least – Warhammer Fantasy Battles seemed finished. What could happen next?

The internets was rife with rumours of 9th edition long before the cataclysmic events of End Times: Archaon, of course, but as things began to solidify, this Age of Sigmar thing turned into a completely new game. Rage-quitters abound, but now, it seems like everyone was just a little bit wrong.

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I was lucky enough to grab this yesterday, and have been perusing it over breakfast this morning. I have to say, things look pretty exciting for Warhammer right now! Seems like a whole new world is being created, and it looks infinitely expandable. Don’t just rush out to pick up this week’s White Dwarf for the free miniature stuck to the cover – read it, and you’ll see what I mean. Very exciting things look to be on the horizon, I must say.

Reading the lore, I was struck by two things. First was the futility of Chaos. It’s something similar to what seems to be the Tyranid problem – when a destructive force has destroyed everything else, what will it do next? It always feels like something that hasn’t really been thought out properly. Also, Sigmar seems like a bit of a jerk. Having brought peace to the new realms he discovered, as soon as Chaos finds them he basically bolts the door and leaves everyone to it.

Luckily, he manages to maintain his heroic-legendary status when he brings forth his Stormcast Eternals, the wonderfully golden guys resplendent on the cover of this week’s White Dwarf. The battle that follows is interestingly referred to as the first chapter, so I’m wondering what happens next…

There are also three new paints coming next week, including a brighter base gold called Retributor Armour. Always nice to have more options!