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This page is all about Necromunda content found outside of the main hardback books. It is as comprehensive a list as I can determine of the additional rules that have been published through White Dwarf and the Warhammer Community website. Some of these new rules seem really quite important to the game, and can perhaps lead to some folks missing out on fairly useful options for playing. While it’s true that there is a lot of official content readily available for the game in the hardcover books, I do find myself hoping that perhaps this stuff could be collected into something like a Necromunda Annual, like they did for Kill Team and Blackstone Fortress. There’s some really good stuff in these old issues, after all!

White Dwarf content

May 2019
Rules for Perpetual Campaigns, giving more options for carrying gangs over from one campaign to the next, as well as a scenario designed for ‘super gangs’ to go out in a blaze of glory, rather than to simply retire. There are some interesting ways to balance any potential discrepancies in gang ratings, beyond the normal bonus tactics cards, which I think is really nice.

October 2019
Assault on Precinct-Fortress 17 mini campaign. Five linked scenarios tell the story of an Outlaw assault on an Enforcers stronghold, in what I suppose you could call an expansion to the Book of Judgment. It could really be adapted for any gang, I suppose, but works best if one player has an Enforcers gang.

December 2019
This one has got expanded zone mortalis rules, which I’m a bit baffled by because I don’t understand why these rules weren’t in the main Dark Uprising set, which came out in the same month. Rules for terrain features such as the lift and stairs, duct ways and floor hatches are involved, which add a lot of flavour to the (at the time) brand new plastic terrain. For the sake of 5 additional pages in the rule book, I don’t know why this was split off like this.

Also included are the rules for a protein reclamator, with an article that discusses how to kitbash one from, among other things, the Noctilith Crown.

Issue 453 (April 2020)
Rules for Resurrection Packages – if a favourite fighter died like a chump, you have the opportunity to use one of these packages to bring them back to life, but always at a cost. There are packages such as Dark Pact, or Xenos Resurrection, which have some very flavourful rules that don’t always allow you to keep that fighter in the way you’d perhaps have liked. Very interesting, I’ll say that!!

Issue 458 (November 2020)
Rules for four different types of Outlaw Brutes. Very interesting, to say the least – these brutes are represented by two kitbashes and two out-of-production models. There is a ‘sump beast’, which could really be anything I suppose, and a scrap code-corrupted Ambot which is just an Ambot with Chaos bits attached, but then we have the Chaos Ogryn from Traitor Command, and a Warp Horror from the Kill Team Rogue Trader box. Interesting! Of course, you can probably use anything to represent this stuff, but I do find it interesting to see how GW don’t seem to marry up these sorts of rules with the models’ availability.

Issue 459 (December 2020)
Rules for End-Game scenarios, a bit like the Perpetual Campaign stuff but specifically designed for how to retire a gang in style. There are six story hook style ideas presented, often twists on pre-existing scenarios, and then three specific end games that can be used when a gang wants to go out with a bang. It is suggested that these are played as multiplayer games, with the retiring gang as the defender. Some great ideas for closing the book on a powerful or successful gang.

Issue 463 (April 2021)
This issue has three Hangers-On scenarios, which present players with valid game reasons for buying the hangers-on models from Forge World, such as the Dome Runner or Ammo Jack. They’re a little basic, though I do like the Dome Runner one, as each gang follows the trail of loot caskets he leaves in his wake. Nothing too fancy, but it’s nice that GW have given us this sort of thing – the opening blurb does say that normally these guys would only be present on the table if the gang stronghold was being invaded, so it’s good to have more options, and all. But probably not essential!

Issue 467 (August 2021)
Lair of the Archeotek: a series of three linked scenarios that pit, ideally, the Van Saar against another gang, as the Van Saar seek the outcast Archeotek Kavos Druun. The other gang is basically a gang he has gathered around himself, the Agents of Druun. Some interesting rules, including the possibility of the Agents gang getting to use an experimental weapon, which allows you to give a ranged weapon two additional traits. Released alongside the Van Saar guy with three cyberachnids, which all play a role in the final confrontation.

Issue 476 (May 2022)
Underdog scenarios – that is, scenarios for gangs whose rating is 400 credits or more under that of their opponent. Three scenarios, as seems to be the norm for White Dwarf presentations, that are designed to give the Underdog a chance to redeem their former place in the pecking order of the Underhive, or just to get ahead if you find yourself lagging behind in a campaign. So there is a basic assassination mission, there is a “steal the loot” mission, and there’s an interesting one where the Underdog is defending three cogitators that are being purged of incriminating data. That one was really interesting, as the opposing player can attempt to hack these cogitators to win instead of merely being an all-out brawl.

Warhammer Community articles

FAQ and Errata (July 2020)

Web exclusive Tactics Cards

Chaos Cults (now superseded by Book of Ruin)

Genestealer Cults (now superseded by Book of Ruin)

Badzone Delta-7 rules (originally included in Gang War II)

Gang Stronghold rules

Solo scenario: The Hunt

Underhive Architect – Zone Mortalis build tips

Painting Guide: Zone Mortalis tiles
I quite like the finish on these tiles – hopefully when I get my own set, I can get something quite decent-looking, as well!

Painting Guide: Gang Stronghold
Getting the Stronghold looking as good as the tiles!

The Arbitrator’s Guidebook
Part One: The Role of the Arbitrator
Part Two: Choosing Matchups
Part Three: Forging a Narrative
Part Four: Adding New Gangs
Part Five: Creating Scenarios
Part Six: Campaign Newsletters
Part Seven: A Smorgasbord of Choice
Part Eight: Fair vs Fun
Part Nine: Arbitrator Gangs
Part Ten: It came from the Sump!

Apocrypha Necromundus
Dust Falls
Port Mad Dog
House Helmawr
Sump City
Rust Town
Heretic’s Hole
Hive City
Navis Mortis
Dust Wall
Lingua Primus (1)
Lingua Primus (2)
The Fist

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