Arkham Horror: The Card Game

This is the page where I will be logging all of my plays with the Arkham Horror LCG, updated as I get through each campaign!

The Dunwich Legacy
playing with Roland Banks and Akachi Onyele

Extracurricular Activity
The House Always Wins
The Miskatonic Museum
The Essex County Express
Blood on the Altar
Undimensioned and Unseen

Where Doom Awaits
Lost in Time and Space

The Path to Carcosa
playing with “Ashcan” Pete and Daisy Walker

Curtain Call
The Last King

Echoes of the Past
The Unspeakable Oath

A Phantom of Truth
The Pallid Mask

Black Stars Rise
Dim Carcosa

The Forgotten Age
coming soon!

The Circle Undone
coming soon!

The Dream-Eaters
coming soon!

The Innsmouth Conspiracy
coming soon!