New Necromunda campaign!

Hey everybody,
We’ve sort of finished the Law & Misrule campaign with our Enforcers and Goliath, after things got a bit out of hand with the Goliath steam-rolling the Enforcers a few times, so James and I are planning the next campaign, for which we’re going for Venators and Delaque, respectively. After we had a couple more games the other week, it seems quite clear that the Goliath gang is running away with things, while the Enforcers are finding it difficult because of the fact most of the remaining fighters are rookie cops. I suppose we can think of this as an introduction to campaign play, perhaps, and the next one should be that much better. Well, we shall see!

James has put together a whole host of awesome looking Venators, using models from the breadth of the wider 40k range, including the weird stuff from Blackstone Fortress and Kill Team. The Enforcers haven’t entirely gone by the wayside, of course, as he has chosen the new Ashwood Stranger character model to lead them. So it’s a bit of a blend of the idea of an Outcast gang and a Venator gang, although I suppose he is a bounty hunter as well, so it kinda fits. It’s all about the narrative, though!

For me, I’m making a return to my Delaque after trying them out in a couple of skirmish games back in the day against his Orlocks. I think it’ll be interesting to see just how things can go for me this time, though, as I’m hoping to be able to use the whole gamut of stuff in House of Shadow. I’ve got a ten-man gang set up for 985 credits, which is quite exciting, with another 9 gang members to be painted up next, including the weird and wonderful stuff from the prospects box. I’m quite looking forward to seeing things like the psykers in action, and I think one of my first purchases as soon as I can afford it should be the Piscean Spektor! That thing is so delightfully weird, I just love it!

The main gang is a bit of a departure for me, really, in that I’m using a lot more juves than I usually do! I think this is possibly due to having played the campaign with my Goliaths, and seeing how advancements work a lot more. I think this is why I’ve been able to get so many bodies – I have a single champion with a grav gun, but everybody else has got really cheap weapons. Even my leader hasn’t got a great deal of cash splashed his way – he’s only the second-most expensive model in the gang because of the in-built cost of a leader! I suppose this is the ethos of the original Necromunda though, and why the basic gang boxes are equipped with the basic weapons, because with those sorts of guns and knives, you can easily get 10-man gangs from the off. Indeed, if I hadn’t been so extravagant with the champion, I could probably have pushed it to 11 or 12 fighters from creation!

However, like I said earlier, I’m most excited for adding more bodies to the gang as the campaign moves along, and I think there are quite a few articles out there that suggest numbers to start, then add in fancy guys as you build up through the campaign. So I will be aiming for a 200+ credits Nacht-Ghul or whatever once I have some sort of presence on the board! 205 credits for a Piscean Spektor? Yes please!

The Piscean Spektor is a house brute, a close combat monster with psychic powers, all wrapped up in a disturbingly alien shell. I have tried psychic stuff in Necromunda once before, using the Psy-Gheist model carrying a weird worm thing, but I didn’t entirely get how it all works, so I think it’s time for a refresher…

Psychic Powers are called Wyrd Powers in Necromunda, and are a type of action just like moving and shooting. In Delaque terms, the Psy-Gheists and Piscean Spektor are natural psykers; Leaders and Champions can be upgraded either for 30 credits at creation, or for 7XP during a campaign, to become psykers. For the Delaque, though, we’re not talking about huge displays of telekinetic mastery – they have a set of three disciplines of Psychoteric Whispers, which are all pretty nasty but all lean heavily into the theme of the gang. 

The Madness discipline is a delightful set of six powers that range from forcing enemy fighters to flee (with nearby enemies becoming Broken in turn), to removing ready markers. Delusion is wonderful, and can cause an enemy fighter to be treated as an enemy by their own gang, or allow you to take control and move an enemy fighter wherever you want. Finally, the Darkness discipline is a very sneaky way to give your psyker full cover wherever they are, or forcing all successful hit rolls to be re-rolled. It’s incredibly sneaky, and I can’t imagine it’s going to make me popular, but I kinda can’t wait to try these things out!

To use one of these powers, a psyker must first pass a willpower test. Delaque willpower isn’t awful, but for Psy-Gheists it’s an 8+ which seems odd, when you think they’re meant to be natural psykers. I suppose it reflects the impulsive nature of prospects, or something. The Spektor, on the otherhand, has a willpower of 6+, so shouldn’t be too difficult to pull it off. That said, all psykers have access to the Concentrate (Basic) action, which allows them to add 1 to the next willpower check they make, so that should help. Some psychic powers are labelled as “continuous effect” as well, which requires a Maintain Control (Simple) action first – this is another willpower check, though made at +3, so should be fairly straightforward to do. As in regular 40k, double 1s and double 6s cause Perils of the Warp, which is a 2D6 table of horrible things, including the possibility of daemonic possession!

I’m really looking forward to trying out some psykers in Necromunda!

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