Throwback Thursday: When Netrunner ruled the world

Android Netrunner

I don’t write enough #throwbackThursday posts. Is that conceited of me, to think my past content is worth bringing to the fore again? Well, possibly. I do sometimes read over some of my older posts, often because I want to link back to something that is relevant to the current post, though sometimes I’ll stroll through the list of published blogs and be surprised by something, having no memory of having written it.

Anyway, enough with the preamble. I’ve recently had a max hankering after the Android Netrunner LCG that was published by Fantasy Flight between 2012-18. It was without a doubt one of my favourite games to own, let alone to play, and I would often spend hours building decks that, sadly, I had very little chance to play. Indeed, I think it was my enthusiasm, coupled with the lack of an outlet, that eventually drove me away from anything beyond solo/coop games because they were proving to be just a waste of money.


I love the game, and I love the idea of the game, and I’ve been looking at buying it again, which is such a fool’s errand when you think how long it’s been dead for. There’s a brand new, still-sealed core set on eBay right now for £80, and if I had any fair chance of playing it I would absolutely snap it up. But there really isn’t that fair chance, so I’ve just had to step away.

Maybe one day, it will get a new version, and I can try to seduce either my other half or, if they’re old enough by then, the kids into playing it with me. Until then, let’s just bask in how wonderful and amazing this beautiful game was!

3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: When Netrunner ruled the world”

    1. Haha, surprisingly well, actually! I still want it, but I’ve not bought it as there’s really no chance of me playing it any time soon. Sigh!

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