NeXt Evolution

The next big box expansion for Marvel Champions has been announced, and it seems the Facebook groups I’m in have gone into meltdown over it! Cable and Domino are heading up the X-Force themed wave of expansions, which will include 4 more hero packs.

I’m very rusty on my X-Men lore, so I’m even worse when it comes to the subsidiary teams. Seems we’re almost certain to see Deadpool though, more’s the pity.

We’re going up against the Morlocks, Juggernaut and Mister Sinister though, all of whom sound like they should be great, if tough. I still haven’t finished playing through Mutant Genesis yet, of course, but there’s a long time before this one comes out in August.

The really interesting thing about this expansion, though, is the player side schemes that are coming. Representing side quests that the heroes undertake to better help them defeat the villains, they’re basically side quests from Lord of the Rings, and I’m kinda surprised it’s taken this long for them to arrive in the game. I’m very interested in seeing how far this card type is supported, as it could be really good to have this kind of option open – though I’m not sure they’d want to flood the game with them.

I’m very excited, at any rate, because I’m always looking forward to more content to play for this game!

4 thoughts on “NeXt Evolution”

  1. Good news everyone!
    There’s more marvel champions 🙂

    Always glad to know the game is doing well enough for them to add additional game mechanics.

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