More Champions

I just can’t seem to stop waffling on about Marvel Champions lately, can I?!

I’m very excited though, because I finally got round to reconstructing the Nebula precon deck, and so I’m just itching to give it a try…

Marvel Champions

I picked the deck up shortly before Christmas but, whereas I sleeved up the others I had got at the same time, Black Widow and Valkyrie, and have enjoyed both in their precon formats, I didn’t really have the same intent with Nebula, so stripped it down and filed her away. She’s not exactly a favourite character, but she comes with a Justice precon, and I think that is probably my favourite aspect, so she definitely has that going for her. Secondly, I’m not massively impressed with the other Justice Guardian, Venom, so I’m looking forward to trying her out at the earliest opportunity!

Unfortunately, I’m away for work next week, so I think my chances for card games will be slim to none, but at least it’ll give me time to plan some team-ups!

Marvel Champions

My current favourite team up has got to be Iron Man and War Machine, though. Iron Man is an aggro deck that can end up packing quite the whallop, it has to be said – in the game I played recently against Mysterio, I think he actually did about 18 points of damage to the second stage, bringing him incredibly low with just one hit. War Machine is the leadership precon, though I have now swapped a couple of cards as it didn’t seem to be running very well. In particular, he has a lot of high-cost cards without the Power of Leadership resource card, so I’ve put two of them in. It’s still one of my favourite combos to bring out a strong ally like Captain Marvel or Black Panther, beat up the villain a bit, then use Go Down Swinging to discard them, dealing 5 or 4 damage (respectively) as I do so. Glorious!

Anyway, next week may be quiet on the gaming front, but hopefully I’ll come back all the more energised for it!!