February 2023 retrospective

Hey everybody,
Well, February has been and gone, and it was about as long as January in the end, all told! At the start of the month, I wrote a blog where I outlined some of my priorities for the month, which mainly consisted of painting the Escher gang, and starting work on the Promethium Forge terrain kit. Well I am happy to say that both of these goals were achieved! In fairness, the Escher gang wasn’t that far off completion by the end of January, so it wasn’t a huge job to get them finished.

The Promethium Forge is a lovely kit, and I have really enjoyed working on it so far. Of course, there is a lot still to do with it, mainly the weathering on the main structure, but also there is a wealth of stuff to go up top, with all the railings and chimneys to still paint as well! I hope that it will be a really nice piece when it’s finished, anyway, and I do look forward to seeing how the table is going to look with three big Mechanicus structures on it!

I really like this terrain. Using one of the smaller Kill Team boards, you can make a really claustrophobic set-up that I think would work really well for Necromunda as well. Adding in stuff like the plasma conduits and the haemotrope reactor is just gravy, really! In the set-up above, I’ve tried to make sure these structures are connected to have something of a running walkway around the whole board, however there’s nothing to stop me having the three just stand-alone, and maybe connected via ladders or something. 

I’ve been playing around a lot with terrain this month, fiddling about with several layouts for the Zone Mortalis board, as well. I think I was having a bit of a problem with the fact that I’ve made three structures with stairs, but have no idea how to link them all up in such a way as makes sense. Well, I think I am possibly getting somewhere, the more I’m using it all as well. I think it’s key to get a good balance of open areas and the more narrow corridor type of set-up. Especially now that I’ve started to work on the Underhive Market terrain, as well! It makes sense from a gameplay perspective to have a bit more open areas to work within, after all, so hopefully I will be able to strike a bit of a balance with this, moving forward.

And as luck would have it, I was able to test some more layouts in a game of Necromunda at the weekend! James and I are playing a Law & Misrule campaign, mainly as he has moved away from Orlocks and started to work on Enforcers. I’m still with my Goliath for the time being, as I’m enjoying getting to understand how to play them effectively. We played the Experimental Stimms scenario from a recent White Dwarf, and I made out like an absolute bandit with XP and credits! I have a proper blog coming soon on the campaign, though, so keep an eye out for that!

Gaming has otherwise been pretty good this month – I’ve already chronicled how I’ve managed to reach my goals for playing Marvel Champions 10 times this year, but as you can see, I’m making good progress with other stuff, as well! Only one game remains to be played now, Eldritch Horror, so I need to crack on with that I think and play some of the bigger games in my collection! The issue I’m finding, though, is that I really enjoy Marvel Champions, and so it’s almost all I ever want to play! I’ve started a separate tally of how many games with that I’m playing, as I think it might be funny to see just how many games I get to by the end of the year. I think it’ll be close to 100, but we shall have to see!

You’ll see from the chart above that I’ve also chosen game 10 now, Necromunda. We’ve played one game each month so far, and I think the way we’re going, it’s going to be quite easy to get a good number of games under our belt this year as we play through the campaign. Speaking of campaigns, though, I’ve not really found myself all that interested by the Dunwich Legacy re-play, oddly enough. I don’t know if it’s just a matter of riding this Marvel wave or something else, but while I have everything set up and ready, I just can’t bring myself to try it. Well, we’ll see what next month brings.

I’ve also started to keep a tally of the games that I’m playing overall in the month, because as time goes on I think the 10×10 thing is going to be a bit superseded, if that makes sense. So for example, in January I played 20 games for the 10×10 thing, however I played 22 overall because I’m not counting 40k in the first count. In February, I played 21 games in total, but only 9 of them count towards the 10×10 because, among other things, I also played 11 games of Marvel Champions, but only 3 of them were in that 10×10 count. As you may be able to tell, I am a bit of a stats geek.

In addition to painting the Escher gang, I’ve also managed to paint up the Crisis Suit team for my Tau, a project that got a bit derailed almost twelve months ago. But they’re finished now, so I’m happy about that, although I definitely need to get some more brushes before I move on to painting other stuff, as all of mine are pretty much rubbish now! It’s been really good to be painting more Tau, I have to say, as I do enjoy that colour scheme, and it’s nice to see the army taking shape. Hopefully next month I can get a few more models painted, and keep chipping away at things slowly but steadily.

This brings me on to the modified version of Hobby Bingo 2023 that I’ve decided to play! You may have seen this in White Dwarf in recent years, where you have a 5×5 square of goals to tick off as the year goes on? I’ve decided to change some stuff up for the 2023 edition, as I don’t really play with Lords of War and the like, and have got my square ready to go! So far, then, I’ve ticked three boxes – I’m counting the Escher in this, although they aren’t a traditional unit per se, but also the Crisis Team and the Promethium Tanks from last month! So that’s all good stuff. It’ll be interesting to see how far I get with this, anyway!

I’ve spent a few evenings building the terrain from Into the Dark, and I have to say, it is quite beautiful! I’ve talked about this recently, of course, but I do like the clustered walls and corridors feel of this stuff. I had initially bought Into the Dark with an eye to getting two boxes of this terrain for Boarding Actions games, but subsequent Kill Team releases have saved me a lot of money by just not being available in the wild. We’ll see if the story changes with box four whenever that is due, but I think I might well end up being the proud owner of just a single box from this season of the game! I suppose it can still be used for Necromunda, though, even though I’m not playing Kill Team, so that’s no big deal.

In terms of reading stuff, February has seen me finally catching up with all of the books that I’d read in January but not published any reviews on. I’ve also read the fourth Witcher novel, Tower of the Swallow, ahead of all my comrades in arms (mainly because I’d got it out from the library prematurely!) There will be a review of that coming at some point, possibly when everybody else on the team has caught up, the way I’ve been lagging with my reviews so far this year!! Suffice it to say, though, I thought it was a very good book, going against the grain of a lot of reviews I’ve read for it since I finished reading.

March is so far shaping up to be a bit more Star Wars orientated, as I’ve been catching up with Andor, and obviously building towards another Star Wars Easter! The third season of the Mandalorian is due out from tomorrow, of course, so that should be fun. I’ve also been thinking a lot about re-reading the New Jedi Order series, something I don’t think I’ve ever done since I initially read the series as a teenager when they came out! Unlike last year’s Prequel re-read, though, I might not try to read them all in such a short space of time, which should in turn leave enough room for me to read other stuff as the fancy takes me. We shall see. But don’t be surprised if a post comes up soon enough about Vector Prime, I guess!!

2 thoughts on “February 2023 retrospective”

  1. Yeah, be careful if you re-read the NJO. At over 20 books, it could be easy to burn out. But don’t you worry, I’ll be there for you every step of the way, always ready with a snide remark and some bitter hatred that only a former fan could harbor deep in their heart 😉

    1. Hey, three Luceno books in the series, I’m sure we’d have plenty to say on that alone! I could rhapsodise about my love for Star by Star, and how Destiny’s Way is one of my all time favourites… and you’d be there, every step of the way 🤣

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