February Plans

Hey everybody,
After a pretty productive January, I am determined to try and keep going with this throughout February as well, so thought it might be good to get some ideas laid out in advance. I probably won’t be doing this every month, but it’ll hopefully be useful to me during these winter months to keep the motivation!

To begin, I have the fairly hefty project of the Promethium Forge that I want to get started. This is by no means intended to be finished this month, but after getting it all primed up and ready, I think it would be good to get started on it. I’ve also been thinking about playing some Sector Mechanicus scenarios in Necromunda, so it’ll be good to have a decent portion of terrain painted, and with two big structures already done, it makes sense to try and get the third finished as well!

In my head, I think it would look amazing to have a SM table put together with at least two levels above the board, and to this end I’ve been thinking about getting some of the Transterranic Gantries to further fill things out. These could be used, in my mind, to link the bigger structures that I have but up a level, so standing these on the bigger things to form a kind of bridge. It might not be all that good, but they could be an interesting investment. I do also have the Ferratonic Furnace that came in the Kill Team Nachmund set, so it could be used alongside that to create something wonderful, as well. We shall see!

At any rate, the Promethium Forge was one of the first terrain kits that I bought and put together, back in June 2017, and I would really like to get this one painted up after all these years!

This will, of course, be a fairly big project, although I’m kinda hoping I might not end up taking the seven months it took me last year to paint up the Galvanic Magnavent!

In addition to that, I want to try and finish the Escher gang that has been taking me a lot longer than I’d initially expected! I think I mentioned this before, but I’m really not enjoying this project as much as I did the Goliaths – a combination of the miniatures not being assembled well, not being primed well, and also not being equipped well has kinda put me off a bit. However, they’re nearly finished now so I hope I can make a final push and just get them done! That’ll then give me, what, four fully-painted Necromunda gangs (along with Delaque, Ash Wastes Nomads and Goliath). My Orlocks and Van Saar are probably the next ones waiting for the paint treatment, but I might take a short break from the tiny people and see about getting something different painted. Well, I suppose that Promethium Forge is something different, but still!

Yesterday, I finally got myself organised and have glued together a bunch of the barrels and crates that come with the armoured containers. Having initially bought a box of these years ago, then getting more via stuff like the weekly magazine and the older Kill Team killzones, I have quite a lot of these things that were never seeing the light of day because every one of them was an individual piece. Setting up the terrain for a table meant stacking individual crates and barrels together, which always ran the risk of being knocked over during the game. However, I have now made “clumps”, for want of a better word, with mostly crates or barrels, although one piece uses both elements, to use as modular scatter terrain. They’re all pretty low, but can be stacked up nicely to create proper barricades and line-of-sight blockers. I think this stuff will be very useful in both 40k and Necromunda, so I’m very pleased now to have it in a much more workable place! Of course, I had already painted a bunch of crates back in the day, so it’s nice to have them a part of this as well. It seems like everything fits together really well, so I plan to chip away at these in the coming months as well. With all of this, plus the containers themselves that I primed up last summer, I should have quite the munitions dump available for games soon enough!

I’m definitely feeling in the mood for painting right now, though, so I think that’s definitely something I want to keep up. I do also want to try to play more games, of course, though interestingly I caught myself thinking earlier today about “having to get x out sometime this month” (I think it was Runebound). It was never the intention to regiment my gaming, of course, and I don’t want to fall into the trap of playing a game “because I have to” for the whole 10×10 thing. I have the evening to myself later though, and I think it would be good to have a game of something…