I am Kroot

Following on from my recent return to the Tau, I’d been thinking of getting a third box of Fire Warriors until I realised that I have the Kroot from the Kill Team box, which can all be built with Kroot rifles if I so wished. And lo, it came to pass, my third troops choice just presented itself for the princely sun of 60 points!

Kroot are perhaps the more plentiful of the Tau auxiliary forces. In the lore, the Tau bring The Greater Good to the aliens that they come across, and many become client species, fighting alongside their Tau commanders in the wars of expansion. Many humans enter the Tau army as auxiliaries, of course, and the codex gives us the avian Vespid, with ancient models that really are on the verge of shocking in this day and age, and of course, the Kroot carnivores.

The carnivores do have a plastic kit, but I’ve been really enamoured of the new Kroot models from the Kill Team box, as they’re really quite characterful. Of course, there are plenty of options for making weird and wonderful operatives for kill team, but I’ve tried to stay as straightforward as I can.

I think they should be quite useful, as they can both shoot and have a reasonable line for melee too. So it might end up as a nice surprise – each model does two attacks hitting on 3s, they’re S4 and each wound is AP-1, which I do enjoy. It’s not Earth-shattering, I know, but they have a stratagem to allow the squad to perform a heroic intervention, getting +1 attack each when they do so. 30 attacks hitting on 3s and wounding likely on 4s at AP-1 is going to do at least some damage.

I think they should be fairly good, especially for the points, so I’m looking forward to trying them out!

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