Creeping back to Tau

Hey everybody,
Slowly but surely, over the last few weeks I’ve begun once again to think about my Tau army, and have been wanting to make a return to painting more for the army. I didn’t get very far with the project, in retrospect, as I would have liked – I do have a weird kind of patrol detachment painted, with the Commander, 10 Fire Warriors, and then two units of 10 Pathfinders, but that was pretty much it.

I’ve got more built and now primed for the force, which is not really a position that I wanted to be in when I made a start on it back in January, but I suppose it could be a lot worse! It was always my intention to buy a unit, then paint that unit, so I’m a bit behind on that front already!!

As it is, I still have a Cadre Fireblade and Ethereal, 10 Breachers, a full Crisis Suit team, and a Ghostkeel battlesuit primed up and ready to go. In total, the army weighs in at 1270 points, although it isn’t currently a proper army due to the missing third troops slot. I suppose I could field it as a kind of double-patrol thing, but my plan is to get a third fire warrior team and make it into one big happy battalion.

Doing that, however, does make me feel a little bit guilty because I’m just adding to the backlog, whereas I had always planned for the Tau project to be a case of buy a unit, paint a unit. At least if I were to buy the third fire team, that then would be my final addition for quite some time…

Although I’ve recently realised that the Kroot kill team from Into the Dark could potentially function as a squad of Kroot carnivores, which is interesting because I’ve never really been all that interested in using auxiliaries. Kroot are a useful unit for their relative power in melee (relative to a Fire Warrior!) and so I am having some vague ideas on that front…

There’s definitely something that really just excites me about the Tau, though. I think I like the fact they look kinda modern and space-y in comparison with the ultra-gothic Imperium and such. I’m also a big fan of my colour scheme, which I know must make me sound so egotistical, but I’ve been very pleased with how stuff like the drones, and the Commander have turned out. Hopefully when I get round to the next batch of painting, they will continue to be as good-looking!

I had initially planned to move on to the Crisis team next, so I am eyeing them up for paint. However, as it has been a while since I have painted anything for them, I might make my return with the Breacher Team, as painting up ten infantry models (and associated drones) should help, I think, to get me back into the swing of it all. I can then look at trying to do a beautiful job with the Crisis Suits so that they look a bit of a centrepiece unit. True, I have the Ghostkeel (I even have a Riptide waiting in the wings!) but there is something very Tau about the Crisis Suits, and I love the way they look when you have them all set up with their accompanying drones. Very Tau.

I may even treat myself to some more of them, in the fullness of time!

However, in the interests of being a grown up about all this, I think I need to limit myself to just getting that core battalion painted up, and then work on adding to the list from there. I know we seem to be on the brink of tenth edition, and who knows how that will affect the force org chart, but it’s as good a place to start as any, so I suppose that’s what I need to go for!

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