Stocking Up for Winter

New stuff!

I think you’ll agree, I haven’t really got a lot of stuff going on at the minute. So it was only right and proper that I stock up with some projects to see me through the winter!

I jest, of course. I’ve got almost too much stuff to contend with, so you may well think me mad for getting yet more! I’ve made a bit of a concerted effort to catch up with the Necromunda releases, of course, after finally picking up the Ash Wastes box last month, and I’m really excited by the new promethium tanks that have recently come out. It’s a kit very much in the vein of last year’s Underhive Market, the sort of nobody-expected-it thing that Necromunda seems to do so well!

It’s great to have the Goliath bikes, of course, after I’d had so much fun building the Orlock buggies. I’m kinda looking forward to trying out this new branch of vehicle combat in the game, though unfortunately my regular Necromunda buddy James doesn’t seem too keen. I might have to try to convince JP to give the game a try, in the same way that he infected me with Middle Earth SBG!

Speaking of which, I’ve also treated myself to the Mordor Troll! I wouldn’t say that my painting of the Mordor army is going well, but it’s slowly getting along, so I thought I’d get this thing to help inspire me! It’s a beautiful model though, so I’m looking forward to getting round to it soon! I find the older models, such as the Orcs, very difficult to paint because of the fact they’re so chunky and, to some degree, lacking detail. It’s hard to work out what to paint, what stuff is meant to be, etc!

New stuff!

As I said though, I’m very excited for the promethium canisters. I’ve said before that I was initially a bit hesitant about the Ash Wastes stuff because the board seems so open and stuff, so getting additional bits like this is really quite exciting! I’m sure the addition of some containers and barrels will round it out nicely, anyway! I’m also deeply impressed that the box actually contains four of these tanks – I thought it was only two! So that’s very good!

I’ve not had a massive opportunity to read through the new campaign book yet, but having the briefest of flick-throughs has shown it to be very impressive. It has the rules for Escher and Goliath vehicles, which is nice, and has a new campaign, which is always welcome! Tantalisingly, it is part one of the Succession Campaign, so I’m really excited to see what’s in store for us next!

Reading through the first few pages of the lore and background has been very good, though. I really like the fact that the great rift has come to Necromunda, and it is correspondingly crazy – with full-on Chaos uprisings and all sorts! Reading the short bit that I have so far took me right back to my teens, and Judge Dredd and stuff. Very excited to read up on all of this, I have to say! I think the lore parts of any Necromunda book are woefully under-read by me, much like with the codexes as well, so I’m hoping to try to turn over a new leaf here and really delve in to this stuff!!

Suffice it to say, I’m a very happy boy today!