4 thoughts on “Leagues of Votann”

  1. Of course you do! I myself “discover” a new army several times a day that I had somehow been ignorant of but which now I’ve become aware of its charms is suddenly the most awesome thing ever and which I must own at once. The question is; will you still want it tomorrow?

    I’m in two minds about the Leagues personally, they’re cool models but they don’t look quite “dwarfy” enough for me nor do they scratch my itch for squat-nostalgia. Might be tempted to get a squad of the Hearthkyn at some point though and do a little kill team (although I should probably paint my Necromunda squats first…).

    1. See, I have no Squat nostalgia, being a relative newbie to 40k (does 8 years count as newbie?) so I’m just seeing a bunch of interesting-looking mining minis that kinda continue the theme from the GSC, which I love!

      I like their look, not every model but I like a lot of them, so I could see myself picking something up at some point, maybe. I’d probably need to actually look into the whole thing first, though, and do some actual research rather than buy some stuff just because it looks good.

      All that said, I think the Necromunda squats are the models that I like the most, so it might work out that I just buy the gang box and that itch is scratched…

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