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Hey everybody,
Following on from my blog yesterday, which involved a lot of ranting about Sisters of Battle and a lot of general rambling, I thought I’d come back here and ramble some more, because it’s my blog and it’s what I do! I’m actually extremely enthusiastic about the hobby life once more, and I think it’s exciting to try to take advantage of that and see how far I can get before the inevitable burn-out kicks in once again.

Following a couple of defeats with my Sisters, I’ve kinda put them on ice while I go back to playing with my Necrons, which were my first army and will forever be my first hobby love. Even if the army is moving a little bit away from how I like to play it. I talked a bit about this in a previous post, but I think the range update for 9th edition moved away from how I think of the Necrons, as we now have pitted and scarred models rather than these pristine automata with self-repair routines far outside of the scope of the Imperium. I’m not going to have this rant again though!

I haven’t played with my Necrons for almost a year, though, so it’s getting me excited to bring them back to the table.

My list is trying to be varied, while fitting into the constraints of a 1250 point game.

To start with, I’ve gone for three HQs, I’m not entirely sure why. I think I kinda see the army being split naturally into three, so it felt right at the time to have each phalanx with a leader. The Command Barge will obviously be centre-stage, and is both the warlord (with the trait that reduces damage by 1) and the relic to jump across the table once per battle with another unit. I am toying with giving that to a different HQ though, but I’m not sure who.

In my mind, the Barge will jump somewhere useful and bring a squad of Lychguard with warscythes with it, and then proceed to just blend up the enemy with all of their attacks. The Barge is no slouch in shooting, of course, with three shots from the cannon and three shots from the Overlord’s staff of light; in the following combat phase, there will be 15 attacks at S7 AP-4 D2 coming as well, which I think should be quite deadly (even if I still lament the fact they used to be S8). Sticking close to the HQ will allow them to use the stratagem to get +1 attack, as well. The Barge, of course, has My Will Be Done, which gives +1 to hit, and while that would be very useful for the Immortals pumping out the gauss weapons, I think making Lychguard hit on 2s instead is very nice.

The next group will be the Cryptek with the Wraiths. It was a bit of a difficult decision, but I have changed up the usual choice of the canoptek cloak for the control node; this gives Canoptek units within 6” +1 to hit. Coupled with the piece of cryptek arcana that gives a Canoptek unit within 9” +d1 attack, this means the Wraiths will be making 15 attacks of their own at S6 AP-2 D2 each, with +1 to hit so that they hit on 3s instead of 4s. In addition, the Wraiths have particle casters, which are 2 shots each at S6 AP0 D1, so they should be fairly deadly. Wraiths are now core units as well, thanks to the balance dataslate, meaning they are eligible for the stratagem that gives them +1S, although the difference between S6 and S7 would be irrelevant against power armour, as they’re still wounding on 3s.

The third wave is made up of the Lord with as many Immortals as he can have within range. Any core units get +1M, which is useful given how slow Necrons are, and he can also nominate one unit within 9” to re-roll 1s to hit, which is very useful. I haven’t really used Lords in my lists before, tending instead for the Barge and Cryptek double-act, so it should be interesting. I’ve already talked about the stratagems available for the Immortals with tesla and gauss, of course, so there’s no need to go over that again!

That does leave the Tomb Blades, and sword-and-board Lychguard. I think the former are basically a harassment unit, with a 14” movement and a built-in -1 to hit, I’ve given them nebuloscopes instead of shieldvanes this time, because models don’t get cover against ranged attacks from the jetbikes. Delightful – I’m sure you’ll agree! The second group of Lychguard is a kind of flexible unit, either for objective-sitting or bodyguard duty for the Lord. They get +1Sv and a 4++ thanks to the shield, though somewhat upsettingly they no longer have the stratagem to bounce shots back at the enemy.

I’m very much looking forward to playing this force when the time comes. I think it should be fairly effective, though still fun to play and not getting into the realms of oppressive. I’m really hoping that my Lychguard can shine, and I think they should be able to hold their own much better than the Sisters have been doing so far – though it still requires me to roll dice, and we all know I’m not very good at that! The balance dataslate has been kind to the Necrons, allowing for a change to Command Protocols so that you always have one on each turn, and then the others cycle through as the game goes on. These Protocols have two effects, and each time one becomes active you get to choose which one you have; your Dynasty lets you have both effects from one of them, and the new rules from the dataslate specify that the “always on” Protocol can be your Dynasty-specific one, which is really quite something! For me, playing Mephrit, the Protocol is that of the Vengeful Stars, whose effects are to improve the AP by 1 for unmodified 6s to hit, and target units within half range of my shooting don’t get the benefit of cover. To have that for the whole battle is just a delight, and means that I don’t necessarily need to worry about the others, because that’s really going to be helpful having those effects for the whole battle.

We’re currently planning to have a game on Monday, so hopefully this time next week I’ll be reporting back on my unbridled success!! Stay tuned!!

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