New Andor trailer!!

Andor is shaping up to be the kind of story that I’ve wanted for years. Decades, even. The formation of the Rebel Alliance has long fascinated me, and I can remember back before Revenge of the Sith, possibly even before Attack of the Clones, dreaming of the possibilities of a novel that pulled together all of the lore that we knew at that time, such as the secret meetings in Chatham House between Mon Mothma, Bail Organa and Garm bel Iblis, and giving us the story of how the Alliance became a military push back against the Empire.

Of course, I wanted that novel to be written by Timothy Zahn.

However, Rogue One gave us a truly tremendous look at the life of the rebels “on the line”, the ones getting their hands dirty as opposed to the bright symbols such as Luke and Leia. Rebellion is a dirty business, and I think we’re going to get a good look at that through the eyes of Cassian Andor, while Mon Mothma does all of the political schmoozing, saying everything and nothing, and getting involved in those kinds of high-stakes games in the corridors of power. Skellan Skarsgard seems to be playing a chap who bridges the two worlds, being Andor’s mentor or somesuch, though perhaps not quite so front-line. A spymaster? Maybe.

I’m very excited for this, it has the kind of feel of a James Bond spy thriller about it, but with my favourite franchise. I know there have been some ruts in the road since we had The Mandalorian, but hopefully Andor will serve to get back on track. I’m really hoping that I’m not getting carried away with myself on this one, and expecting too much from it before it drops!