June 2022 retrospective

Well, June wasn’t quite such a busy month as May turned out to be, in the end! I suppose it would have taken a lot to beat though, posting every day throughout May.

It’s been quite a month for Star Wars this month, starting with gaming. I have been on the look out for the remaining Force packs to complete my collection of the Star Wars LCG, and after a fairly interesting search, I’ve been able to get 10 of the 12 I was missing. Searching game stores across the UK, the US and, of all places, Belgium, I’m now much closer to the finish line! However, those last two will forever elude me, I think, as they are possibly the rarest left in the product line. Ah well. Maybe one day…

It’s nice to have a good collection like this, though, as it gives me so many options for the future, so long as my wife continues to humour me by playing it!

It wasn’t just all about the LCG, however, as I finally started to look into the earlier card games – the juggernaut CCG from Decipher, and the TCG from Wizards. This has been really interesting, because they’re games that I’ve been aware of forever – I even have a huge chunk of the TCG in my collection – but I have never really taken this time before to actually see what I’ve been missing. While I have not been tempted to buy into the CCG, I have nevertheless thought (fleetingly!) about trying the TCG out. Maybe…

Star Wars card games may have been the star of June, but I did begin to look at my Magic collection once more as well, and have given some thought to a red/black deck that I’ve had in varying states for a long time now. Magic is a lovely game, and I think if you’re only playing casually it can be a real treat to get out the decks. I don’t get to play Magic anywhere near as often as I used to, since moving away from the easy reach of my buddy Tony. It’s always nice to get back to it though, as it reminds me of some great times either playing with friends, or generally being fairly immersed in that particular hobby. I’ve not really been keeping up with it at all, though, despite trying twelve months ago to see what I had missed since the whole Nicol Bolas / War of the Spark thing was going on. While I was probably on my way out back then, I still dabbled enough to have a rough grasp of what was going on. Now, however… no idea…

But it’s fun to look at what I used to play with, every once in a while.

40k has barely had a look-in, though, and there are a few reasons for this. I went to Ireland in the middle of the month for my youngest daughter’s first birthday. We stayed with my brother in law, and it was really nice (even if Ireland wasn’t getting the weather we missed over here in the UK!) but gave no time for any hobbying, of course! I’ve also been trying to lose a bit of weight, and have been taking some fairly significant steps with cleaning up my diet, which wasn’t exactly awful to begin with. But I’ve been learning a lot about nutrition and the like, and researching healthy meals and whatnot. With all that, and a focus on Star Wars in both literature and gaming, it left me with barely any room for plastic in my life!

However, I have still been doing a few things, mainly focused once again on the Black Legion. I want to do another update blog for these guys shortly (if I had been better with my time, it would have been ready this week, but never mind!) Now that the Chaos Marines codex is on its way, I’m quite excited to see what I’m going to be able to use, and I have a third group of Chaos marines waiting for this arrival so as to be built. Maybe I’ll wait until I pick the codex up, then, and then I can do an update and maybe some list thoughts.


It’s taken me just over a year to get the first ten Khorne Bloodreavers painted, but I finally finished them this month! Took a lot less time to paint the second batch of five than the first… I want to have a small force of Khorne mortals for Age of Sigmar, but that’s kinda on the back burner for now. I did nearly get to try the new edition of AoS this month as well, but that game was cancelled so hopefully I’ll have better luck in July. Indeed, I didn’t have much luck with games at all this month. I think my buddy JP still wants to convert me to playing the Middle Earth miniatures game at some point, too…

I had a brief play around with Kill Team, to try and get a feel for how the game works prior to trying to introduce it to my friends. I’ve been steadily buying each Kill Team release, so it made sense to finally give the game a go, after all! I think it’s a good iteration of the format, and will definitely take some getting used to. I’m definitely going to need to try this again before attempting to sway anybody to play it, though!

I’ve also finished painting these objective markers, which I had started sometime around Christmas, but just hadn’t done anything further with them. Not the most earth-shattering of paint jobs, but I think they’ll do!

Hopefully at the weekend I can write up some reflections on the first six months of the year in terms of the hobby, comparing my completed projects with the hobby goals blog from January. That sort of thing is always pretty hilarious, in fairness!

But there we go! Due to the trip, there hasn’t been a lot going on this month. We shall see what bounty July has to offer, though!

3 thoughts on “June 2022 retrospective”

    1. I went to Ireland for my youngest’s first birthday – cunningly, I had scheduled a couple of blogs to come out across the month so there was no break in service!

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