Almost there!

I am so close, you guys!

As I previously mentioned here on the blog, I’ve become obsessed again with Star Wars LCG, a game that I hadn’t really been playing while it was still actually a living card game. Because of that lack of table-time, I stopped collecting when the game shifted to include content from Rebels, which was a dumb move in retrospect, because that was the game’s penultimate cycle. For years, the game was just stored up in the loft, though, so it didn’t really bother me.

But this Easter, I somehow managed to convince Jemma it would be a good game to try, and we’ve played it twice, as Empire (her) vs Rebels (me), each of us winning a game.

In all honesty, I don’t think we’d even played it once before the obsession took root, though, and I began to search out those remaining Force packs…

In pretty short order, I’d snapped up almost all of the Opposition cycle, and the very final pack from the game. It didn’t seem so bad, after all! But no – I exhausted all of my online resources in the UK, and couldn’t find any more packs on this sceptred isle. Time to broaden the net!!

This past week, in the middle of sitting my health and safety exam, I took delivery of these beauties – two from the US, and two from Belgium (of all places!) I couldn’t believe it! I had begun to think that the Alliances cycle was a creature of myth, but I’ve now got 2/3 of that, and have finished off the Opposition cycle to boot!

That just leaves Aggressive Negotiations, which I have seen for sale recently, just for about double the RRP, and Allies of Necessity, the golden goose itself! I have tried for weeks to find the latter, particularly once I’d heard it was so rare in the wild, but it seems that I may never get to own that last piece of the puzzle.

If anybody knows where I might find copies of either of these packs, PLEASE let me know!! Until then, I think it’s time to get some more games in!!

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