The High Republic, phase two

Oh, this is interesting, folks!!

Celebration Anaheim 2022 has given us a look at the next phase of The High Republic publishing, which is taking a bit of a left curve and going back 150 years prior to phase one. Wasn’t really expecting that one, so I’m wondering what’s going to happen following the events following the Starlight Beacon crash.

Phase 2 is ‘The Quest of the Jedi’, and it seems like things are going to be really low-tech. Makes me quite intrigued about how the history of the universe is evolving under Disney, as this is about 400 years before The Phantom Menace, but if we’re in this low-tech environment now, how does stuff like The Old Republic factor in? Or Tales of the Jedi? I don’t understand it…

However, we’ve got this coming, and it looks amazing.

I love Rogue One, and the upcoming Andor has got me very excited. The potential for learning more about Jedha is really intriguing!

I do also wonder if Yoda will be making an appearance in the series. Hopefully it’ll be awesome if/when he does!!

Exciting times, at any rate. But what’s going on with the people we already know from phase one? Maybe phase three will tell us…

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