Summer of Star Wars!

I’ve been thinking lately about Star Wars legends, specifically the Prequel era books and comics that I grew up with back in the day. While the movies were coming out, Dark Horse Comics and Del Rey were publishing a load of good stuff that I really enjoy. Some of the novels I have only read once, when they were initially published, while others have been read and re-read so often that I’ve lost track. There are plenty of comics and graphic novels that tell the tales of the Clone Wars better, in my view, than the cartoon series, which often disappointed me. So it’s about time that I once again delved into these books, and chronicled my reading adventures here on the blog! Along the way, I’ll also be sharing my thoughts on the films, to continue the narrative being told, although I have already re-watched them (doing so has, in fact, inspired me to do this massive re-read!)

Now, I’m not going to attempt to read everything that was published in the Prequel era timeframe, because there were some really boring books among the gems. All told, I think I’ve got around 35 pieces of media to work my way through, starting 67 years before A New Hope with James Luceno’s Darth Plagueis. This one I actually read for the first time only quite recently, but as it is the starting point for the whole thing, and it really was an excellent book, so I want to read it again.  

The full timeline of what I’m going for is presented below, and I’ll keep checking back in to update this with links to my blogs as I go.

The Tenebrous Way
Darth Plagueis

Darth Maul: Restraint

Jedi Council: Acts of War
Republic: Prelude to Rebellion
Darth Maul: Saboteur
Darth Maul

Cloak of Deception
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Darth Maul: Endgame
Republic: Outlander
Republic: Emissaries to Malastare

Republic: Twilight

Republic: The Hunt for Aurra Sing
Republic: Darkness
Republic: The Stark Hyperspace War
Republic: The Devaronian Version
Republic: Rite of Passage

Outbound Flight

The Approaching Storm
Episode II: Attack of the Clones
Clone Wars: The Defense of Kamino
Clone Wars: Victories and Sacrifices

Clone Wars: Light and Dark

Clone Wars: On the Fields of Battle
Hero of Cartao

Dark Rendezvous
Clone Wars: When They Were Brothers
Clone Wars: The Last Siege, the Final Truth

Labyrinth of Evil
Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Clone Wars: Endgame
Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader

So there we have it! There are a lot of graphic novels in here, fortunately, so it isn’t perhaps as intimidating as it might look at first glance! Also there are a few short stories that I’ve not read before, so that should be interesting. I was toying with the idea of more, including the Kenobi novel, but I think I might be setting myself up for a fall here!

Stay tuned for a stream of blogs to come out across the summer with all of this glorious stuff, at any rate!

In other news, my blog turned 8 today! What an incredible 8 years it’s been…

9 thoughts on “Summer of Star Wars!”

  1. Best of luck. I really enjoyed my time with the EU and when Lucas/Disney killed it, I was done with star wars then.
    Looking forward to what you think of Shatterpoint…

    1. I’ve been trying to not be too disappointed with the new canon so far, but as far as I’m concerned, it can’t hold a candle to the old eu.

      Shatterpoint was rough, I seem to recall, but it’s been 20 years since I read it, which in itself is quite alarming! I’m looking forward to seeing what I think of most of this stuff this time around, I must say!!

  2. Looking forward to the updates. I loved the EU stuff but only really delved into the post-Return of the Jedi books/graphic novels. Wish I’d gotten into the prequel-era material, so I’m excited to hear another fan’s take on it.

    1. Thanks! I love so much of the EU stuff, the post-RotJ is what I grew up reading way back in the day, so I have so much affection for that. The prequel stuff is really good though – you should definitely check some of it out if you ever get the chance!!

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