The Black Legion update 1

Remember when I painted this glorious miniature, all the way back in the mists of time (August 2020)?

Well, he’s since been languishing in a box of otherwise unfinished comrades. After a lot of procrastination (even by my standards, it’s been a lot…) I’ve finally begun work on a fairly major push to get more Black Legion models finished. I’m starting with the 10 Shadowspear marines (I keep calling them that, but they’re probably now better labelled as the Start Collecting marines). It’s been a long road, but I’ve finally got some progress to share, and it is definitely getting me motivated to get more painted!

I’ve only been working on five of them, plus the Sorcerer, as the amount of details on these guys is quite overwhelming. However, as I’ve been getting closer to the finish line with them, while I wouldn’t say that it’s actually gotten easier, it is certainly becoming more manageable, as I pick out the bits that I can actually see, and not worrying too much about the tiny stuff that you can’t see.

They aren’t going to win me any awards, for sure, but I am enjoying getting more miniatures finished. It’s always difficult, I find, to come back to half-finished models and pick up where I left off, especially if it’s been a number of months or years! In the group of five, though, I had two that were barely touched, and it’s been good to actually see those “come to life”, as it were. At any rate, the five marines, plus the Sorcerer, are coming along nicely, and I can hopefully make some good progress with these chaps, and the remaining five members of the squad, and it won’t be too long before I can be showing off another finished unit here on the blog!

4 thoughts on “The Black Legion update 1”

  1. I share the struggles of coming back to half-finished projects. The baroque details on the newer Chaos Marine models can be a nightmare to paint. Well done on this crew!

    1. Thanks very much! You’re right, they’re so detailed that it is really tough – especially when they look so damn good, I just want to do the best job that I can with them! Hopefully they won’t look too dreadful when they’re finished!

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