Necromunda Ash Wastes revealed!

The Ash Wastes have finally been revealed!

This box looks phenomenal, I am very excited. It looks like we’re getting a box similar to Dark Uprising, with two full gangs plus expansions to those gangs, then the terrain and a hardback rulebook, which is very exciting. I mean, I’ve held off buying the book since I had the Dark Uprising softcover, but now it looks like I won’t need to anyway.

House Orlock vs Ash Nomads, with two full gangs but also vehicles for those gangs! If you can call the bug riders for the Nomads “vehicles”. Very exciting there, for sure. I was initially a bit worried about the notion of vehicles in Necromunda, though plenty of the old-timers were excitedly reminiscing about how things were back in the day. I imagine there will be plenty of other insanity coming as other gangs get vehicle expansions, jetbikes for Van Saar maybe?

The terrain, while it perhaps looks a little sparse at first glance, does actually seem really interesting, with a lot of stuff going on with those hab modules and such. I suppose the whole principle behind this expansion is opening the board out though, so it makes sense. Of course, the new Sector Fronteris terrain could also make for a nice board for this particular brand of Necromunda, so I’m excited to see when that will be coming.

I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on this, even though it’ll probably be a very expensive box, so will need to be planned out carefully. I mean, I’ve just picked up the Nachmund box as well! I do wish GW would slow down with the big expensive box releases!!

4 thoughts on “Necromunda Ash Wastes revealed!”

  1. I know right, it would be fair to say I’m a bit overexcited about this one! I tend to agree that Necromunda doesn’t need vehicles, but I want Necromunda vehicles anyway. The Ash Wasters are excellent and I really like the fleas. The Orlock buggies are cool too. I’m trying to picture the vehicles for the other houses. Fancy grav-flyer for Van Saar sounds like a safe bet. I’m guessing the Goliath buggy will just be a spiked bartering ram with an engine. Scrap-pulpit mounted on the back of a giant mutant rat for the Cawdor? And as for the Delaque the mind boggles! 

    1. I know – I’m certainly coming round to the idea of vehicles in Necromunda, it makes so much more sense in this setting than zone mortalis, but even then…

      I really like the terrain in this box too, and I hope we’ll get more to expand it with further down the line.

      It’s all a bit like the Underhive Market really. I never knew I wanted any of this until I saw it, whereupon I want it immediately 😃

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