The Essex County Express

The Dunwich Legacy

Hey everybody,
I’m on scenario four of the Dunwich Legacy campaign!

The Essex County Express

This one was a lot of fun. It’s quite different from any of the previous scenarios in the game up to this point – the premise is that the investigators are on the train from Arkham to Dunwich, when a rift opens in the sky, and the train cars begin to get sucked into the beyond! The investigators must move to the front of the train to attempt to get the engine moving forward again. It’s not so easy as moving from location to location with each action, however, as each train car must be fully investigated before moving on to the next one.

The Essex County Express

As I said, it was a lot of fun, this one. When it was first released, I was a bit baffled: a Lovecraftian adventure centred around a train? However, the storyline of the rift in the sky, and the mechanics of moving forward from one side to another, while battling the emerging monstrosities, somehow works really well! Additionally, there are passengers that you must deal with, and you can either choose to rescue them or leave them to their fate, causing you to lose sanity if they are sucked into the rift! See, when the agenda deck advances, the leftmost train car is removed from the game, as it is sucked into the beyond!

I mean, there are more enjoyable scenarios in this campaign, from my memory of playing last year, but this was definitely a good one, regardless!

Campaign Log
Not a lot to say on this one, really. Got 3VP, and did a couple of upgrades to Akachi’s deck after picking up some more mythos packs for my collection. I took a break for the Dream-Eaters cycle, as I hadn’t been playing the game so it had fallen a bit out of favour. Well, it’s time to catch up now, for sure!

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