My 2018 in books

I’ve been inspired to take a look back at last year through all of the books that I read, most of which I’ve made some rambling posts about on this here blog, I think – so without further ado, let’s get started!

I’d been hoping for better from 2018, if I’m honest. My wife Jemma is a voracious reader, and easily got through a lot more than the 50 I’d set myself! I think it’s to do with the fact that she has a very focused ‘want to read’ list on goodreads, whereas I had a more casual approach to that.

Dark Fire (CJ Sansom)
Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel (James Luceno)

The Devastation of Baal (Guy Haley)
Elephants Can Remember (Agatha Christie)
Cult of the Warmason (CL Werner)
Aquaman and the Others: Legacy of Gold (Dan Jurgens)

Sovereign (CJ Sansom)
Farsight (Phil Kelly)

The Axeman’s Jazz (Ray Celestin)
Darth Vader: The Shu-Torun War (Kieron Gillen)
Darth Vader: End of Games (Kieron Gillen)
Aphra: Aphra (Kieron Gillen)
Star Wars: Yoda’s Secret War (Jason Aaron)
The Screaming Citadel (Kieron Gillen)
Aphra: The Enormous Profit (Kieron Gillen)

Fear to Tread (James Swallow)
Star Wars: Out Among the Stars (Jason Aaron)
Star Wars: The Ashes of Jedha (Kieron Gillen)
Murder on the Orient Express (Agatha Christie)

The Ashes of Prospero (Gav Thorpe)
Fire and Ice (Peter Fehervari)

The Well of Ascension (Brandon Sanderson)
Last Bus to Woodstock (Colin Dexter)

Necropolis (Dan Abnett)
War of Secrets (Phil Kelly)
Five Little Pigs (Agatha Christie)

Specter of the Past (Tim Zahn)
Vision of the Future (Tim Zahn)
Third Girl (Agatha Christie)

Revelation (CJ Sansom)
Last Shot (Daniel José Older)
Consequences (Graham McNeill)
Dead Sky, Black Sun (Graham McNeill)

Of Honour and Iron (Ian St Martin)
Skitarius (Rob Sanders)

Tech Priest (Rob Sanders)
Crossfire (Matthew Farrer)
The Lion (Gav Thorpe)
Savage Weapons (Aaron Dembski-Bowden)
Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (Agatha Christie)
Call of the Lion (Gav Thorpe)
United States of Japan (Peter Tieryas)

Not a bad attempt, for sure! I’ve been reading a lot more broadly this year, in the main due to Jemma’s influence with trying to get me to read something more than Warhammer of Star Wars! So there’s a lot of crime stuff on here this year, historical crime in particular! For Christmas 2017, one of the things I had was the first book in the Matthew Shardlake series, Dissolution, and so have been reading my way through those, among the more regular fare. I’ve also read the second of the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson, Well of Ascension, while on holiday in Ireland for my now-brother in law’s wedding. The point of singling these out is that I’ve been reading my way through some quite weighty tomes, so I suppose that helps to explain the low numbers!

To help mitigate things, I’ve been reading some shorter stories, particularly the Horus Heresy stories at the end of the year, and also some comics – particularly when trying to catch up with the Star Wars books! Of course, I’ve been told off for calling these books by the wife, though I do feel there’s a lot to be said for comics, but that’s just me!! In compiling this list though, I was surprised at how many I’ve missed off writing up some thoughts, might have to try and get some of these done in the coming weeks!

Anyway, it’s been an exciting year for branching out, and all the rest of it, and I’m hoping for more excitement in the year to come!

One thought on “My 2018 in books”

  1. You and your wife sound a lot like me and my missus. Thanks to her ive reached out to diff genres and stuff apart from WH(no star wars sadly…). 43 is a good total tho. Page wise i think you kicked ass.

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