Falling to Chaos…

It wouldn’t be the first time

Since the whole Blackstone Fortress thing has gotten me in a froth about playing with miniatures that are more esoteric, and yet somehow a lot more close to what, for me, Warhammer 40k is all about, I’ve been thinking about getting myself a small Chaos force. Well, it might not be that small, after all, as I’m thinking principally about using Chaos Cultists.

The Dark Vengeance cultists are no longer available, sadly, because the box has been replaced with Dark Imperium, and the goodness that is available there. Which is a shame, because the generic cultists that you can get now are a bit sad if you’re trying to build up a huge Chaos-worshipping cult. The Dark Vengeance lot only include a couple more variants, but between squad Anarkus (on the left) and squad Tetchvar (on the right), you get some really nice-looking sculpts that, with a decent-enough paint job, could be made to look quite varied and rag-tag. Which I suppose is what you want out of a Chaos cult in the Underhive…

What’s even sadder is that I’ve currently lost my Dark Vengeance bits in moving house! They’re bound to be somewhere, so hopefully I can get them sniffed out soon. As a side note, there’s a bunch of Necrons stuff hiding from me as well, so it might be high time to have a sort-out and see where everything has gotten to…


I spent a huge chunk of my time on Friday planning out my Cult for Necromunda games, as I thought it would be a simply splendid idea to build some of these chaps up for the skirmish game as well. That I was basically devouring the rule set like some sort of fanatical zealot was entirely on point, as well! The fact that the rules for these guys are free online is even better! As another side note, how amazing are GW for doing this? Free rules for stuff is amazing! I know they do it for Age of Sigmar, but the fact they also do it for other stuff is really good. Anyway!

So I worked out a starting gang list that includes a Demagogue (Tetchvar) and a Witch (Anarkus), along with two Disciples (the special weapons chaps) and then five Helot Cultists (the basic five-man box that is still available) for a grand total of 960 points. I’m currently not 100% sure on the Witch, as I could replace him with two further Helots, but I’ll see on that one for now.

Chaos Cultists

The Necromunda plans are all well and good, and I’m looking forward to trying them out soon, but the main point of today’s blog is to talk about my plans for 40k, and combining the Cultists with the contents of the Blackstone Fortress box…

There is, of course, a lot to be excited about with the upcoming Blackstone Fortress release. I just can’t seem to express how much this stuff speaks to me! For the most part, I’ve been ignoring the heroes, but even there we have such amazing ideas as Ministorum Priests and Navigators – yes, Navigators! I’m still trying to figure out the best way to include these in my Imperium army without seeming too cheesy…

But I’m thinking about Chaos today, and so I’m thinking about running a Servants of the Abyss patrol detachment alongside a second patrol detachment of Cultists, which would bring me to 496 points in total. If I can somehow work out 1000 points of Thousand Sons (ha!) then I would have a pretty great starting Chaos army, I reckon!

For informational purposes, then, the Servants of the Abyss detachment contains the following units:

This little band of wonderfulness comes to a grand total of 327 points. Not bad really, though as a lot of folks have pointed out online, the fact that they’re so prescriptive – especially the Traitor Guard – means that it’s unlikely many people will want to field them very much. Personally, I have no problem with fielding weird and wonderful stuff, and the flavour of this warband is just too irresistible for me to do anything else!

As an aside, I’m really hopeful that we’ll see these things realised as full plastic kits sometime in the future. My fervent hope is for some kind of Agents of Darkness Codex that would allow us to field weird off-shoots like the Negavolt Cultists and Chaos Beastmen without having to go fully into the Dark Mechanicus or whatever. I suppose this is what this army list is all about, for me; having a weird collection of Chaos and mutants that is more fluffy than anything else, but could still offer some really nice and flexible support to a Chaos army. But I don’t want to get into just what I’m doing with my other Chaos plans just yet…!


The second patrol detachment in the list contains two groups of ten Cultists – the aforementioned squads Tetchvar and Anarkus – headed up by a Dark Apostle. I have toyed with the idea of creating some kind of kitbash instead of going with the finecast model, but on reflection, he doesn’t look entirely too marine-y so I hope he can fill in quite nicely for me in the role of heading up the bands of Cultists.

While I’m not about to start drawing up massive lists already, I have been giving a little vague thought to eventually expanding this force out a bit more along the thematic lines and, while I hope to have more random Chaos stuff like the Blackstone Fortress miniatures coming out soon to bolster the list, I’m thinking about including a couple more Dark Apostles and Cultists just to keep the flavour going. I might eventually include some Black Legion marines, but that’s a long way off. I would love to get back into painting daemons, for sure, though I’ve never really managed to get very far with those before losing interest to other projects, so I think that might need a bit more thought put into it.

I have always wanted a Slaanesh army though, as I love the purples and the lilacs and just how weird those models actually are!!

I want the army to feel more like a Chaos Cult rather than an army, so I think having actual marines in there would take away from that a bit. The Traitor Guard are perhaps a bit of an exception, as they are supposed to be an army force, of course, but I think they look weird enough with the furs and whatnot that they don’t appear overly regimented. I may well stay clear of the marines, and instead go for Cultists and the Daemons that they have summoned. It might be fun to field an army of these, though as I said earlier, I think I’ll need to give it a bit more thought first…


So those are my thoughts on building up a small 500-point Chaos list! It’ll help me a lot with both small games of 40k and also Necromunda and Blackstone Fortress, which is always a delight, so I think it should be a decent project to keep me going through the winter!

15 thoughts on “Falling to Chaos…”

  1. I think it’s a wicked idea. I know what you mean about the available cultist. I even did a post about carbon copy models and what people do about them. The I have photos of my 40 ebayed, Dark Vengeance cultists which I swapped heads and legs on to get a bit more variation.

    I’m also super excited about Blackstone Fortress and the ability to and the cultists to the ranks of my Thousand Sons.

    If you want a way to include the weird and wonderful heroes in the mix then there’s an Inquisitorial retinue. They are renowned for their motley collections of unlikely allies. I’m also eyeing up the recent necromunda Delaques release for more potential Cultists as they look so creepy and as far as I’m concerned, perfect for my thousand sons.

    I look forward to seeing your army form and good luck on finding those missing Cultists and Necrons!

    1. I was wondering if I could maybe do some head-swaps to get some variation, yeah – what did you use? I was considering some of the Necromunda heads, or maybe some of those Genestealer Cult ones but with greenstuff hoods to mask the fact they have weird foreheads. Then I remembered I wasn’t good with greenstuff, so shelved the idea! Have you got a link? I did a quick look at your blog but couldn’t find anything 😦

      I’m hoping for new Inquisitor models soon, as part of Kill Team or maybe even Blackstone Fortress. There was a video from I think Chapter Master Valrak a few weeks ago where he mentioned chatting with one of the designers or something, and asking the question about Inquisitors, to which he had a really cagey reply. Hopefully that will happen, and we’ll get some more amazing one-off models rather than those that are meant to be a part of an army.

      Oh, the Delaques look amazing, don’t they?! I’ve been waiting for these since the whole Necromunda thing started (typical they should be last of the six original gangs!) and I’m looking forward to going all out getting the weapon upgrade packs and whatnot. Depending on the fit, I think they could work as really good genestealer cultists as well as chaos cultists, though I need to make sure I don’t go too overboard with them all at this rate!

      Thanks, anyway – I’m hoping to give the house a good going-over soon, and I can hopefully turn up all manner of interesting stuff that I thought I’d lost or gotten rid of!!

      1. https://www.krakendoomcool.wordpress.com/2018/08/09/clone-wars-being-individual/amp/

        I didn’t use Any Green stuff with mine and I just swapped parts among themselves. The GSC is a good idea, you could use heads cultists, guard or third party anything and put them on the GSC bodies. Even if the fits aren’t perfect, painting covers a lot of it up and you have so many you shouldn’t worry too much about that. Also, so what if the GSC have weird heads, seen the state of the renegade psychers in Blackstone Fortress?! Just file off any chitinous plates.

        Rogue trader/Inquisitor… I feel like the models are basically interchangable since either does what ever the hell they want and looks like it too. I want the Rogue Trader box for that reason too.

    1. Personally, I’d get it all! But I have noticed that Bits & Kits have got the various bits up for pre-order, and you can get all 14 Traitor Guard for £20. I’ve picked up some more Negavolt Cultists and Rogue Psykers from them, thinking I’d like to have more eventually, anyway!!

      1. A solid plan and certainly something I’ve considered (buying the whole boxed game) but I feel guilty enough having not even painting the previous two WHQ sets!

        I do know though that if I got the whole shebang that it would get played a lot (solo play!) but adding yet more miniatures to my collection is putting me off.

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