Navigating the Dark Eldar transfer sheet

Hey everybody!
Back when I was starting up my Dark Eldar force, I remember being pretty chuffed at discovering the Kabal I had chosen had its own transfer on the sheet included in almost every box. Remembering also the amount of time spent on trying to research what all of the different symbols are for, I thought I’d share the fruits of those labours with you all now, and hopefully save some time in the future!

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

So let’s take a look at the sheet, from top to bottom. We’ll start with the Kabals (on the left).

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

The first one looks a bit like a weird kind of fish – the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue, led by none other than Lady Malys herself.

Next we have possibly the most familiar symbol, as it was also used as something of a generic faction symbol by GW for the army – it’s the Kabal of the Black Heart, whose leader is the all-powerful Asdrubael Vect.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

Thirdly, a weird eye-like shape with what looks like lightning running through it represents the Kabal of the Slashed Eye, naturally.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

The fourth icon is close to my heart, as it is that of my own kabal, the Kabal of the Obsidian Rose. Beneath them, it’s the Kabal of the Flayed Skull.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

We have an interesting cluster of symbols here: from top to bottom it’s the Kabal of the Last Hatred. Underneath these, it’s the Kabal of the Baleful Gaze, and then the Kabal of the Dying Sun, the latter of whom have that beautiful deep blue with red trim colour scheme.

And finally, the white icons down the right hand side here represent the Kabal of the Broken Sigil.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

At the bottom of the sheet are two further kabal sigils, those for the Kabal of the Lords of Iron Thorn, and on the right, the Kabal of the Black Myriad.

In the middle of the sheet, we have some Haemonculus Coven seals (all in white circles), which we’ll go through next:

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

The hand symbol is that for the Prophets of Flesh (those haemonculi led by Urien Rakarth), while the swirl is (unsurprisingly) that of The Everspiral.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

Up next, we have a strange insect-like symbol is that of the famed poisoners The Altered, while the symbol to the right is that for The Dark Creed.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

Lastly, the star-like design is the symbol of The Hex.

Let’s trundle on down the right-hand side of the sheet now, where we can find the symbols of the various Wych Cults of Commorragh!

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

I won’t lie, the Wych Cult symbols are much more difficult to make sense of, but in the middle-left here, we have the paired blades of the Cult of the Blade Denied.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

These symbols outlined in red are very common on vehicles, but I can’t seem to find any reference to them belonging specifically to any Cult. I guess they’re just generic Eldar glyphs that can be used at will!

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

Next is the Cult of the Pain Eternal, and the Cult of the Red Grief, which most closely resemble my own Cult.

Dark Eldar transfer sheet

The last trio represent, from top to bottom, the Cult of the Cursed Blade; the Cult of the Seventh Woe, and last but by no means least, the Cult of Strife, which is of course led by none other than Lelith Hesperax.

2 thoughts on “Navigating the Dark Eldar transfer sheet”

  1. cheers fella that saved a lot of sniping from puritanicals on the modelling front. More power to you.Cheers Roperdope

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