GenCon 2017!

This year is the 50th anniversary of GenCon, the greatest four days in gaming, and I’m finally catching up on all of the new stuff that’s been coming out so far!

Star Wars Legion

I mentioned this yesterday of course, but the new big thing seems to be the upcoming miniatures game set in the Star Wars universe. While the miniatures come unpainted, unlike the old WotC game, they do nevertheless look pretty great, and I’m seriously tempted by this! Trouble is, I haven’t played Imperial Assault anywhere near as much as I should have by now, so I’m wondering just how much gameplay I’d get out of this… But it looks so good!

I mean, look at those tables! Nice…

This thing seems interesting! A GM-less RPG set in the world of Terrinoth and designed by one of the people who brought us Eldritch Horror?! Sign me up! People have been clamouring for years for a Terrinoth RPG, and while this wasn’t exactly what I’d been thinking of, it’s nevertheless sounding impressive as hell. Can’t wait!

Of course, there’s plenty of big news coming out of Fantasy Flight right now, including Legend of the 5 Rings, Fallout and Twilight Imperium 4th Edition. I’m not entirely sure about any of them… So many games right now! I’m finding it hard to commit to anything anymore, I mean I only have so much space to store these things, after all!

I do enjoy a bit of Firefly, and have been thinking about getting some kind of game to continue the experience! This looks pretty good, I have to say!

There are some cool pictures of the upcoming Forbidden Fortress expansion for Shadows of Brimstone, and we’re actually seeing some really cool pictures of the stuff that’ll be coming out from the kickstarter I backed all those years ago – maybe one day soon I’ll actually get a hold of it! We shall see…