8th Edition is coming!

So, this is apparently the huge announcement that we’ve been waiting for, except – it’s not really announcing anything we didn’t already know?

The new website, warhammer40000.com, has launched today with a lot of glossy stuff, but very little substance behind it from what I can see right now. The main meat that I’ve managed to glean shows that the game is being split into a factional conflict between the Imperium, Chaos, and Xenos, which we’d kinda been expecting for a while, and a new General’s Handbook-style rulebook with three different ways to play.

The big news comes from the three-page FAQ that has been posted, that tells us all of the miniatures currently on sale will be fully compatible with the new edition of the game (which is currently not being called 8th Edition, but then 7th Edition was never officially referred to as such), including all of the Forge World models. Codexes are out, but points are still in. To me, that seems to be the sum of what we know for sure…

You may have thought I was underwhelmed when you started reading this blog – and I kinda am – but I’m actually curiously excited. I’ve been amassing a fairly sizable collection of little plastic dudes for quite a while now, so I’m looking forward to potentially getting into this game from the ground level, rather than coming to the game at least a year after everybody had learnt how to play 7th, and feeling distinctly daunted by the dense ruleset. Having an easy way in sounds great, so I’m really kinda looking forward to seeing what this actually ends up being!