Post 600!

Hey everybody!
It’s my 600th post on my blog! I’m actually still pretty aghast that I made it to 100 posts, if I’m honest, but still! In times gone by, I’ve tried to do something that has a bit of of a celebration about it, such as some short fiction or whatever, but this time I thought I’d do something that is more looking towards the future sort of ramble (rambling is what I do best…)

First of all, I absolutely want to do more of those short stories – they may not be very good, but I do enjoy that whole thing, so I’m planning to devote some time to that in the coming weeks and months. I’ve been off-and-on writing a loose cycle of short stories set in the Star Wars legends universe, something I’m very familiar with from having grown up reading all the novels out there, and back in February last year, I made a start on a new cycle (here) that currently remains unfinished. This is because I lost my notes on the stories I wanted to write, and time just ran away with me. While I make no pretensions at being “a writer” in any kind of serious vein, writing this stuff does please me, so now that I found said notes once again, I do want to get back into doing all that stuff, and see where it can take me. The degree that I’ve been studying is coming to an end this June, so while that has eaten into a lot of the time that I would ordinarily have had to devote to this stuff as well, hopefully I’ll be able to kick myself back into gear from this summer, if not before!

Star Wars logo

Star Wars feels like it has somewhat fallen by the wayside for me lately, with my life seeming to be all about the Warhammer stuff. I suppose this is in part because of the fact I’ve been spending a lot of time up at my local GW over the last few months, getting to know the folks and the game. I’m hoping to get more of the balance back in 2017, and catch up with the recent comics and new canon books, as well as a healthy dose of re-reading some of the now-legends stuff into the mix! I’m still wading my way through the Clone Wars animated series, having left off with season three back in July, so hope to have finished watching season four soon enough.

And of course, Episode VIII will be gracing the blog here in December!

I’m still not sure about what to make of the name – it sounds a bit… flat? Ordinary? I don’t know. There’s also a legends novel with the same name that I haven’t yet made my way around to – not that I expect to glean anything from it about the upcoming movie, but I do enjoy these Dark Times offerings! Might see if I can squeeze it in soon.

One of my first reactions to seeing the title was, “so Luke dies, then?” But it has been pointed out that ‘Jedi’ is both singular and plural, so it might have more of a buddy cop feel as we see Rey learn the ways of the Force from Luke in more of a practical arena? I doubt it, but you never know… Despite the fact that I think the title is ordinary or whatever, I do think it’s gearing up to something quite dramatic and dark, a la Empire.

warhammer 40k

Of course, Warhammer won’t be going away completely, as I continue my quest to learn the game and whatnot! Two things I wanted to do with 2017 are, Paint More and Play More, and while January hasn’t been too shoddy with the former, I’ve not done anything with the latter! We’ll see if that can change soon enough, though. I want to try to get to grips with my Dark Eldar force, as well as continue to build up my Novamarines, and continue to look after the Necrons, finishing off the plethora of half-built and half-painted kits that I have hanging about, as well as revisiting those first models that I painted for the army. And that’s before I even start talking about what I’m doing for Age of Sigmar!

I seem to have been quite intent on my Dark Eldar for a while now, as I’m really fired up for the army and can’t wait to get my space pirates ready for action. Next week’s game day blog will feature some of my research and whatnot, I’m even hoping to have played a kill team game with them by then, so fingers crossed that will be in the blog, as well! I actually managed to slink off to Warhammer World at the end of January, and treated myself to the fancy tanks that are exclusive to plastic heaven there, so look for a bit of an unboxing type of thing coming for those soon!

Space Marine HQ Command Tanks Warhammer World Exclusive

It seems like this blog of mine is becoming entirely split between these two IPs lately, and while that’s largely because of the fact that I’m so heavily involved in both, I will absolutely be rambling without direction on a variety of other topics as the year progresses, so if that isn’t reason enough to stick around, then I really don’t know what else I can tell you!

Aside from 40k, I also want to try to play more games, generally. I do have an extensive board- and card-game collection, though seem to rarely play any of these with any frequency these days. While my degree has been eating into a lot of my available time as it ramps up to the end now, I’m thinking about instigating something where I make sure I play at least one game every month, and seeing where I go from there.

In the meantime, thank you so much to everyone who reads these posts that I throw up every whenever I can, you are clearly a handsome bunch of discerning individuals, and I am always happy to see the odd like and/or comment!