Looking forward to Tzaanuary!

Hey everybody!
It’s been a few days now since Games Workshop dropped all the news about the forthcoming Tzeentch-related goodness that is coming our way in the new year, and I’ve finally gotten round to digesting it all!

I’ve kinda been neglecting Age of Sigmar for a while now, what with all of the amazing 40k releases coming from Nottingham. Following the Season of War campaign that took place over the summer, and the defeat of Chaos by the forces of Order, it looks like the mortal realms have been fairly settled for a while now, as cities are built and human populations have been moving back. All of this seems to be detailed in the upcoming battletome, Disciples of Tzeentch. This sounds like a great addition to the lineup of AoS books, apparently created from community feedback. Sounds like it should be a lot of fun, anyway – I’ve been a big fan of the Age of Sigmar books, so I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in this one.

Warhammer Quest Silver Tower Ogroid Thaumaturge

It looks like the stuff from Warhammer Quest Silver Tower is coming into AoS formally – there are already warscrolls for these chaps available of course, though it looks like there are going to be some significant upgrades and stuff for the Tzaangors, at least!

Aside from the fact that the beastmen return from the Silver Tower game, we’re getting Tzaangor Shamans and these Skyfire guys, who have ranged attacks and fly into battle atop discs of Tzeentch. Much like the recent Thousand Sons release for 40k, these guys look very ornate, but pretty beautiful all the same. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to be investing in these things though, as it seems to be a bit of a theme coming out of the recent models that they’re really crazily over-ornamented. I’m all for some nice detail, but when your regular troops have this much detail…

Kairic Acolyte

The Kairic Acolytes were some of my favourite things in Silver Tower – Ogroid Thurmaturge and the new Pink Horrors, notwithstanding! Of all the upcoming releases that we’re expecting, I’m most looking forward to seeing what we get of these guys. New Lord of Change be damned, I want to see what these guys have to offer!

I’m intrigued as to what the mortals of this army will be offering, as well. I think I’m not alone in assuming it’s just Slaves to Darkness stuff, though I suppose it could be a surprise and have some kind of upgrade kit to have them look more individual. Maybe. I don’t know. It might be a thing, of course! But I somehow doubt it…

Out of all of this, of course, we’ve also been told that there will be new human populations for the mortal realms in the wake of Order’s victory. I’m assuming that means we’re actually going to have some new chaps for the Free Peoples, which could be pretty exciting!

Looking at the other rumours that have been doing the rounds for a while now, I think I’d trade all of this stuff for the idea of a plastic Keeper of Secrets!