Hobby Progress, week 42

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody!
I feel like not a lot of progress has been made this week, due to work on my degree stepping up a notch, but I have still managed to do some interesting stuff, so let me introduce you to the latest project: Alpha Legion Reconnaissance Squad!

hobby progress 42

These chaps are Forge World resin, and are my first foray into this stuff this year – the Contemptor Dreadnought having been built last year, of course. These things were a bit of a pain, sadly, as resin isn’t my favourite material, and tidying them up was annoying, then getting the things to stick together. But after two dunks in washing liquid, they were still a little shiny, and I was concerned the release agent may still be on them so tried to scrape a bit of that off as well. In short, I didn’t have much of a good time with them!

Luckily, I had no problems with the primer, but as I’ve been painting them with my traditional Alpha Legion scheme, I’ve begun to notice a lot of flaws in the resin that I’ve missed in cleaning them, particularly on the sniper rifles.

But still, there they are!

So, in addition to the usual stuff, I’ve painted the inside of their cloaks with Kabalite Green and shaded with Coelia Greenshade. The outside of the cloaks is going to be done in Abaddon Black, perhaps with a vague highlight of something green-y. Haven’t quite decided yet. For Omegon, I’ve also painted his head with Doombull Brown, and I’m considering going for a dark tone with maybe purples in there. Again, haven’t quite decided yet…

So that’s pretty much it for the week!

I’m expecting the progress to somewhat slow down in the coming weeks, at least while I get immersed in the degree, but I’m still intending to continue with the painting while I get moving there. Having been reading through the latest White Dwarf, and the Tale of Four Warlords feature again, I’m thinking about adding a bit more structure to what I’m doing, particularly with my Alpha Legion.

As I mentioned last week, I now have 800 points of Alpha Legion miniatures, and the recon squad will add a further 175 equipping them with sniper rifles and cameleoline. Omegon doesn’t actually have rules, but I’m planning to use those for Exodus from the Age of Darkness book, which will be an additional 115 – 1090 points in total once these are finished! Wonderful!

So, what’s next?

Currently at the top of my list is a Rhino – I’ve still got the Ultramarines Razorback going on of course, but still! I bought the Legion Rhino doors last year for my birthday, so I’m quite excited to see what a Rhino would look like in the scheme. So I’m hoping to pick one of them up soon! I also need to work on some basic tactical marines of course, as I do actually need some troop choices for this thing to actually work! I’ve been looking at list-building for it, and have 180 points of that to work on (plasma pistols for flavour!) to bring it all up to a total 1305 points. Inching closer to 1500!

So here’s my pledge – by the end of this month, my Recon Squad and Omegon will be finished. By the end of November, I’m then going to have a Rhino finished, also. Somewhere in there, I’m also hoping to get some tactical marines done – I guess it’ll depend on how the Recon Squad goes first…

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