All the plastic!

Hey everybody!
It’s a couple of days old now, but I’ve been mulling over the very exciting short video put out by Games Workshop earlier in the week, and thought I’d share my speculations/over-excited screechings with you all in a short blog on the subject of everything plastic!

The video looked a bit like a rush-job on Monday evening, in response to the photo doing the rounds of a slightly mashed-up box of the daemon primarch, Magnus the Red. As had happened back when they released the new Kharn preview in August, GW have raised the stakes with internet leaks in the best way possible, and I absolutely love them for it!

This time, they’ve seen the bent packaging doing the rounds, and raised us the actual model! More than that, however, there’s also the mention of plastic Thousand Sons marines coming – Rubric Marines! Hurrah!

Thousand Sons Rubric Marines

I’m not particularly excited about the primarch himself, but I do like the look of these chaps. There is currently an upgrade pack available for them, which is mainly heads and shoulder pads, along with a Chaos Marine Sorcerer, but it sounds like this will be going by the wayside soon enough, if we’re getting the plastic marines sprue – and the Ahriman sorcerer from that sprue leaked back in August would be a decent enough replacement for the sorcerer in that pack.

I do like the idea of having more individualised kits for the Chaos Space Marines, and I think it’d be cool to see a different look for these guys beyond the usual spikey people. It’s got me wondering what’s next for Chaos in general in 40k… I mean, is each god getting specific marines? Are they finally about to get that long-awaited Codex update for 7th edition? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see…

I am kinda excited to see what a daemon prince Fulgrim will look like!

But what about that final little tidbit…

Sisters of Battle

Ah, plastic Sisters of Battle! Hopefully GW aren’t playing fast and loose with the fans here – it would be a bit too much, after all! So let’s hope that comes to pass. Since I really got into 40k, the Adepta Sororitas have been a bit like some kind of golden goose, with a lot of vocal fans expressing a desire for the range to be updated.

While it’s been looking really sparse for years, the recent releases of Deathwatch and Genestealer Cults have shown the company looking to populate the universe in all the more unique and interesting ways, so it is looking entirely possible once more… Hopefully! These latest releases have been pretty amazing, and I’m sure I’d end up picking up a few kits!

Let’s see what the future brings…

6 thoughts on “All the plastic!”

  1. I wouldn’t get too excited. I suspect more likely that they’re taking the HH range into plastic and it’ll be 30k Thousand Sons. Doubly so after seeing that 1k Sons Sorcerer leaked.

    1. You’re probably right! The 30k Sorcerer has the HH-era shoulder pads of course, but with all these rumours pointing to Thousand Sons in the Betrayal at Calth sequel, I was expecting them to be more generic marines than actual TS sprues that the video refers to… Basically, I don’t know what to believe right now!!

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