Hobby Progress, week 37

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody,
Another quiet week this week as I’ve been working ridiculous hours prior to my week off! I’ve done one or two things, but sadly not as much as I’d like. But anyway, I’m here to talk about the good stuff that I have been up to so, without further ado, let me introduce you to my Tomb Kings!

Hobby Progress 37

These guys have been an absolute blast to paint so far, let me tell you! After building them all up, I’ve sprayed them Corax White, which itself was a bit of a trauma as I’ve previously had really bad luck with that, but I shook it for an eternity, made sure it was really warm and stuff, and stayed about 8 inches away from my models, and they’ve turned out pretty well, by and large! There are some areas that look grainy, but it’s so much better than things like the Necropolis Knights, so that’s a good thing!

Anyway. My usual method for painting skeletons – that is to say, the method I used in the one time I’ve done this previously – is to spray them white, then use Seraphim Sepia wash on them, and leave them at that. It gives a lovely aged-bone look that I like, anyway. Sure, if they’re in the desert they should be more bleached, but I don’t mind.

From there, I also applied the wash to the backs of the shields, and some areas I knew I wanted to be painted gold, such as the icon and the sergeant’s headpiece etc. Basically, anything that would need a lot of work to be painted onto white. I then decided to do the shields a really bright – obnoxiously bright, actually – blue; Teclis Blue. Painted directly onto white, this colour is ludicrously bright! I’ve washed it with Drakenhof Nightshade, and it’s still too bright. I’ve highlighted it with Lothern Blue, but I’m thinking I may need to go back with something like Agrax Earthshade before they’re done. I’m not a big fan of weathering models, but these guys are undead skeletons, after all…

The golden bits have so far been painted with Balthasar Gold, and not gotten much further. I’d been toying with using Retributor Armour instead, but I think, while that shade looks fantastic on the Deathwatch stuff, it’s still a bit too much for my fantasy guys. I like the idea that the Deathwatch have the resources to make their armour and equipment super clean and stuff, but these skeletons are just skeletons, you know?

Anyway. I need to paint the spears and I need to finish the gold, then do the basing and they’ll be completely done! If I actually tried, I think these guys could have been painted in a day, they are pretty quick to paint in this kind of scheme. I think post Armies on Parade I might do a squad of archers, and I may actually test that theory. For now, however, I’m trying not to get distracted by things and just get the board done. So far I’ve primed it and done little else, but I have a couple of ideas, so I’m not exactly losing focus yet! The idea is that my Stormcast are invading the realm of the dead, so I want to get some of those ruins and arrange them with the skeletons defending them, and the Stormcast are just coming down in force. (Massive thanks to the guy at my local GW for the inspiration there!)

So I have a week off coming up and, while I am actually going away for some of it, I still hope that I can get some work done for the days I’m at home and see some models finished!

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