Hobby Progress, week 36

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody!
As the weather has suddenly started to turn much colder, and once again poses a more serious issue for when best to prime models, I’m finding myself a bit surprised, but also really impressed that I’ve actually kept this update blog going for every single weekend! Last September, I essentially took a month off from painting stuff, so it’ll be interesting to see if I fall into that trap again, or manage to power through and keep the progress going!

That said, this last week has been fairly slow for me, as I’ve once again been building more than I’ve been painting. Let’s begin with more Deathwatch stuff:

These guys are the last bits from both Overkill and Death Masque, and while I’d been thinking they were the ones I’d not really been looking forward to painting, now that I’ve built them, I think they’re some of the more impressive models in the range! The White Scar biker in particular looks incredibly awesome, and I love the look of Captain Artemis! I’ve been considering getting a Watch Master mini to round out my force, and then start painting this second batch, but I’m already a bit overwhelmed with minis here, so may have to split them into two groups to feel like I’m getting anywhere when I get round to them.

The only actual painting that I’ve done, however, has been some of the details on the Deathwatch venerable dreadnought:

I love dreadnoughts, but for some reason, always find them heavy-going to get painted. My Deathwing venerable dreadnought took months (or at least, it felt like months!) to get finished though, while I’m sure there is still a lot that could be done with that one, I really like how it turned out. I’ve had two other dreadnoughts on the go pretty much all year as well – one for my Novamarines, and a third venerable dreadnought for my Ultramarines, so I should probably get them all together and just try to get them finished, dammit! With the Deathwatch chap in particular, I think it might be the fact it’s black that’s causing me some pains, as I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere – it still looks only primed, you know? Anyway…

The main part of my week, as I’ve said, has been building stuff. In addition to the Deathwatch guys, I’ve also built up three more of the genestealer cult minis from Overkill, as I think I’d like to try the boardgame before the end of the year, though at this rate I probably won’t get round to it! I suppose I could always use proxy models for the cult. Anyway! The most exciting part of the proceedings, however has been this:

Yep, it’s Tomb Kings time! After the failure of getting the Necropolis Knights primed back in the day, I’ve gone for some skeleton warriors as I’ve been watching (well, listening) to the Tabletop Minions live shows while I paint, where Adam talks a lot about his skeleton horde army. Since taking the picture above, I’ve actually primed the minis with Corax White, and I’m pleased to say they’ve come out really well! Since talking with the manager at my local GW about the problem, and having his words of wisdom on priming, everything I’ve primed has come out beautifully smooth and clean-looking! So that’s a real success there.

I’m really looking forward to getting to work on these chaps as well. I was only going to do them five at a time, but as my skeleton scheme (from the Spirit Hosts I painted up two years ago) is really easy, I thought ten is hardly going to push the limit. The scheme is basically Seraphim Sepia over the white primer, and then a little bit of drybrush with something like Tyrant Skull if I’m feeling the urge, so knocking out ten of these bad boys should be the work of an hour or two, tops! The weapons might be a bit more interesting, but again, I’m not planning to do too much with them, so hopefully it’ll all go swimmingly, and next week you’ll see ten completed Tomb King skeletons!

Since doing these chaps, I’ve also been thinking about how I can rescue the Necropolis Knights (well, it’s been on my mind for months now). I feel like they’re too delicate to strip just in a the usual dettol bath, so I’ve actually been thinking of buying an ultrasound cleaner for the job. Again thanks to Tabletop Minions, Adam’s done an excellent job of putting the idea in my mind! I like it because I feel it would be more efficient at stripping the paint off, and while it seems like a weird investment for just three models, it is certainly cheaper to spend £25-£30 on a cleaner than just re-buying the miniatures on ebay! I do have a second box, though, but I need to make the most of this finite resource!

I’ve also been looking at a lot of the Necrons I painted up back in the early days of the hobby – two years ago, now, in fact. If I’m totally honest, I’m not happy with them, and it’s getting to the point where I don’t really want to play with them as I’m a bit ashamed of the paint job! I’ve already mentioned how I’ve been feeling like I need to regress my painting whenever I do another batch of Lychguard, so that they all match, so I’ve been thinking about stripping the paint off of them and starting again… So I suppose an ultrasonic cleaner would come in real handy here, as I have a lot of models I’m unhappy with!!

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