Hobby Progress, week 31

Hobby Progress

Hey everybody,
Hobby progress continues! While this weekend’s offering continues the theme of not a great deal of actual progress, some fun times have been had, nevertheless!

I’ve continued to work on the Slaves to Darkness, working on the skin tones and trying to make them look somewhat distinct from each other rather than just producing a group of chaps who all look the same…

Hobby Progress 31

So I’ve currently put basecoats on eight of the marauders I’d built up last week, as well as four of the Daemonettes that I built up weeks ago. So far, I’ve got four marauders painted with Bugmans Glow, three of whom were then shaded with Reikland Fleshshade; the fourth is that chap on the left of the picture above, I’ve shaded him with Druchii Violet as he has more of the Slaanesh about him with the Hellstrider head and claw…

I’ve then painted two with Mournfang Brown, and two with Rhinox Hide, all four shaded with Agrax Earthshade. The two Rhinoxes were also lightly brushed with Mournfang Brown, which has helped to make the skin a bit more interesting already. The Daemonettes have all been painted with – you guessed it – Daemonette Hide, and shaded with Druchii Violet.

Despite not really knowing what I’m doing, I’ve really enjoyed this so far, and I think the two Rhinox Hide guys look real nice already, so I’m feeling quite confident with this experiment already!

With all of the hoopla around the upcoming Deathwatch stuff, and especially after visiting my local GW store today, I really got in the mood to do some fancy Space Marines! Having had the Vanguard Veterans kit hanging around for what feels like forever, I finally started working on some new chaps. I don’t think I could ever grow tired of painting space marines, they’re some of my favourite models in the whole range – though as with pretty much everything, I do like the variety to spice things up!

The variety is very important, I feel, as I’ve noticed that I do struggle to keep going when I only have one project on the go – however many models that might contain. That said, if something really interests me, it can hold my attention all the way to completion, like the recent Alpha Legion project. At any rate, I’m just going to keep following my instincts as far as the hobbying goes for the time being, as I think that’s the best way to get projects done, rather than forcing myself to work on something that I may end up resenting. So for now, it’ll be full steam ahead with the Veterans!

I’m not quite sure whether I’ll be doing more Ultramarines, or whether I want to branch out with more second-founding chapters. I think some investigations may be in order!

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