Hobby Progress, week 29

Hobby Progress

Week 29 already! My goodness, the year is flying by when I look at it through these hobby progress blogs. Today, I’m pleased to share some more exciting progress with some more completed models! Take a look:

Hobby Progress 29

More Alpha Legion tactical marines have been finished this week, which I’m really pleased with! They’re pretty much exactly the same scheme as I discussed last week, with the addition of the legion vexilla on that chap on the left having some Naggaroth Night on what seems to be the fabric of the thing, shaded with Carroburg Crimson. I was trying to get something that would more complement the armour and not stand out too much, but not being the same blue/turquoise as the armour itself.

I feel a bit like I’ve rushed these guys, as I didn’t take quite as much care with them as I did the first batch, so there was quite a bit of sloppiness that needed to be tidied up and whatnot, which makes me wonder about the reasons for that. I thought I enjoyed painting these chaps, and the sense of achievement has always been something I really like when I can see them coming together and all the rest of it, but there has also been a sense that I just wanted to get them done, without looking forward to the finished article. So that’s curious.

It could just be the fact that I have the huge chunk of resin that is the Contemptor Dreadnought waiting for me to do something with, and I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed by it… I’ve done a little to that guy, anyway, painting the main chassis in Warplock Bronze (so that the silver of the armour detailing stands out). But that one might need to be re-evaluated…

So I feel a little at an impasse right now. I don’t have anything built up that I’m particularly excited to paint, but instead feel a sense of obligation whenever I look at the hobby pile, so might be taking a break from it all this coming week… I guess we’ll see what next week’s update blog brings, anyway!

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