Hobby Progress, week 26

Hobby Progress

Week 26 is here, and I’ve been doing a few bits and pieces – finally!

First of all, let’s take a look at the Bloodletters!

Hobby Progress 26

I’ve been working quite a lot on these guys, but you can’t really see any of the results compared with the original picture of them from two weeks ago! I’ve used Carroburg Crimson to shade the recesses, then a light drybrush of both Astorath Red and Kindleflame – however, my Kindleflame has turned into something approximating rubber, so I didn’t really get the effect I wanted. I’m considering doing something with perhaps Troll Slayer Orange instead, but have left off for now.

I got talking with the manager of my local store the other day about these very guys, and he talked about shading them with green rather than red – by this time, I’d already used the Crimson, but I liked the idea of the green contrast, so decided to put some Kabalite Green on them, starting with the fins that run down their spines. That looked really nice, so I went ahead and did a similar thing on the horns – they’re kinda drybrushed, more to “dust” the colour onto the surface, rather than actually pick out details etc. I kinda like it, as it brings me back to when I originally sprayed the minis red but you could still see the black through there, it had a nice visual effect, anyway!

Hobby Progress 26

I’ve also been building more Stormcasts! I’ve had these chaps hanging about for a while, so it’s time to get down to business. I’m still holding off getting the Stardrake itself, but I’ve got a few plans for the dracoths, so looking forward to getting round to them!

We’re halfway through the year now, and to be blunt, I’m nowhere near where I’d hoped to be! I still have so many things hanging about that were still in progress on week one! I have some time off work coming up, so I think I might start making a serious effort to get that stuff finished. It’s been nice to have a variety of projects to work on, of course, but I’d like to be a little further forward with some of them, you know?!

Hopefully, you’ve all been having much better progress in 2016 than I have!

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