Eldritch Moon spoiler season!

Wow. I’m not really intending to post a whole bunch of blogs about this, but I wanted to say something about this today, at least, because I’m kinda blown away by how interesting this new stuff is for the upcoming set, Eldritch Moon. If you’re not following the spoilers, then turn back now! Otherwise, take a look at this video that went up on Wizards’ website yesterday:

My goodness, meld cards!

When I first watched this video, I wasn’t convinced. I mean, it just felt way too gimmicky for my liking, and I didn’t think I would ever want to bother with it. I mean, sure, the card is a beast when you can get it melded, and recent spoilers seem to support that other cards will be similarly insane, but I couldn’t really see me playing a deck with these things. I’d much rather have won the game by the time any such meld shenanigans could have happened.

But I’ve been mulling it all over today, and I think I might be convinced.

First of all, I still think it’s a bit gimmicky. And mechanically, I think it could be a bit of a nightmare. Knowing how poor my luck is, I don’t think I would ever be able to get to the point where both of the required cards are out, and even if I could, I would probably end up having one or both bounced or something happening to them! But I really like the fact that one “side” of the card is a perfectly good card, and allows you to meld if you have the required other “side”, while that second “side” allows you to essentially bring back the first from your graveyard, if it should have ended up in there. Definitely leads to a tactical play, and I think it could be a whole other level as you try to mind game your opponent. Just play Gisela the Broken Blade and watch the panic whether you have Bruna the Fading Light in your deck or not! (I think my favourite play would be to play them the other way around, just to confuse the issue!)

Thematically, however, I think it’s really cool as a demonstration of the insanity that has invaded Innistrad after Emrakul’s arrival. It’s a crazy mechanic, let’s make no mistake, so entirely fitting with the craziness that’s going on there!

I’m scared for the pre-release, of course, but I’m also more than a little bit excited now, I have to admit!

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